Mydlink Login

mydlink login

Having difficulty while doing the D-Link login with the help of mydlink login address? You do not have to worry anymore. Here, you will get some easy steps to do the login and setup. To get started with the login process, you have to join your devices using the Wired method. If there are any issues, you can resolve them with some simple troubleshooting steps provided with the setup guide.

How to access your D-link router using mydlink login address?

D-Link comes with the best performing routers to provide you with a better experience. It helps you to boost your internet speed and removes the dead ends. You can enjoy HD video streaming and play online games without any lag. D-link provides the best services to its customers with high-quality routers. You can easily log in to your device using the mydlink login. Here, you will learn more about the login process and how you can change the login password.

Access your D-Link router using the mydlink login address

You can easily access your D-Link Router using the mydlink login address. Before you get started with the login process, you need to gather the things mentioned below.

  • D-Link Router
  • A Computer System
  • An active internet access
  • An Ethernet cable

 Given below are the steps to do the D-Link Router login. Follow the steps to access your device.

  1. Once you’ve gathered all the things mentioned above, you can start connecting your devices.
  2. Take the Ethernet cable and use it to connect your router and modem and also your router to the computer system.
  3. Then, open a browser of your choice on your computer and enter IP address in the address bar and go to the login page.
  4. If you do not see the login page loading, you need to check if you are entering the correct web address or IP address.
  5. Check if your device is connected properly to your home network.
  6. Make sure that there are no issues with your browser. Otherwise, switch to a different browser. 
  7. Now, when you are on the login page, you have to enter the default username and password as admin and then click on the Login button.
  8. Now, you are successfully logged into your device and configure easily.

 How to change your D-Link router login password?

For better security, it is best to change the D-link Router Login password. It is very easy to do with some simple steps. Check out the instructions below.

  • First of all, you have to open a browser on your computer and enter dlinkrouter.local in the address bar.
  • Then, you will go to the login page. There, you have to enter the admin login credentials and login to your device.
  • Go to the wireless settings and from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, you have to enter a new password in the password field. Save it with the Save button.
  • Then, go to the settings tab and follow the instructions on the screen and complete the procedure.
  • You are all done with changing the login password of your device.


The information provided in the article above will be a great help when you want to access your device using the mydlink login address. If you face any issues while doing the setup and login, you can fix them easily with some troubleshooting steps given with the device’s setup guide. To know more about your D-link device or if you have any queries, you can get help from our support team. Give us a call on our toll-free number and they will provide you proper assistance. 



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