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A helpful and unbiased buying guide for selecting the very best freezer model from among top brands. Compares Hitachi, Transtec, Samsung, Panasonic, and Whirlpool.

A helpful and unbiased buying guide for selecting the very best freezer model from among top brands. Compares Hitachi, Transtec, Samsung, Panasonic, and Whirlpool.

This is a useful DIY how-to on fixing dents and dings in doorways, including repair hints about damaged fiberglass, wood, and steel doors. Most refrigerator or freezer manufacturers also create stand-alone freezers.


If you have a tall versus vast space, you have two great choices of Hitachi vertical freezer. Capacity-wise, they are the same. Both versions have an automatic frost-free feature. The bells and whistles are the significant difference between both; one model prices TK 25000; the other TK 27000.

What exactly are you getting for that excess TK 1000? A temperature alarm program, a lock pop-out key, along an extreme freezer. It also includes a digital display style, digital controls, and even a door-jam alarm. When it comes to Hitachi fridge price in Bangladesh, the Hitachi with the 13-cubic-foot capability with manual defrost and drain, adjustable temperature control, a power-on light, and two elevator storage baskets come highly recommended.

Your distance needs to be 42 inches wide, 35 inches high and 29 1/2 inches deep. For small Chest freezers, Hitachi provides a “baby," a 5-cubic-foot freezer for only TK 15,000 that comes with adjustable temperature control and power-on light. All Hitachi chest freezers are manual defrost.

Others Electric

Others Electric provides three different uprights, all record at TK 35000. The initial version has a 20-cubic-foot capability with manual defrost but no adjustable temperature control, lock, inside lighting, nor recessed handle. It is 70 inches in height, 28 inches in diameter, and 32 inches in depth.

Another two uprights offer you automatic defrost but are smaller, at 16 cubic feet. Both have adjustable temperature control, a lock, and interior lighting. Dimensions for these versions are 64 inches in height, 32 inches in diameter, and 26 inches in depth. One has electronic controls with a reach-through handle. The other one doesn't but does have a recessed handle with a bulk slide-out storage basket.

Transtec Chest freezers, all with manual defrost; possess the maximum variety to select from, ranging in size from 24 cubic feet to 5 cubic feet in capacity and 50,000-80,000 TK in cost. There are 11 options in all.

Deep freezer price in Bangladesh is the best deal at TK 24000, with a 14-cubic-foot capacity, four baskets, adjustable temperature control, a power-on mild, lock, and inside light.

The Ideal Bargain for a “little guy" is the 5-cubic-foot torso for TK 17000, which has an adjustable temperature controller, one basket, a power-on mild, along a recessed handle.


Samsung's unusual black stainless-steel, 13-cubic-foot Fridge price in BD is frost-free, has electronic temperature controls, a power-on light, lock, eight shelves, and a slide-out basket. It's not Energy Star certified and has no fever alarm.

The Samsung upright freezer with manual defrosts includes a 20-cubic-foot capability but no temperature controllers, no digital displays, no temperature alarms, and is not Energy Star certified.

The 20-cubic-foot vertical choice is frost-free and Energy Star certified includes:

  • A quick-freeze alternative.
  • Digital screen controllers.
  • Lock.
  • Temperature alarm program.
  • Four glass interior shelves.
  • Two slide-out baskets.

Both 20-cubic-foot uprights are 70 inches tall, 32 inches wide and 28 1/2 inches deep.

The Samsung 24-cubic-foot chest version provides:

  • Three lift-out baskets.
  • A quick-freeze feature.
  • Digital display controls.
  • A frost indicator button.
  • A lock.
  • A temperature alert.

Its Energy Star certified.

It's the sole Samsung fridge price in BD with automatic defrosts, but it doesn't have a temperature alarm, nor is it Energy Star certified. It comes with a lock, a power-on mild, two paned baskets, and four lift-out baskets.


Panasonic's a fast freeze setting, defrosts automatically, controls that adjust the warmth, and a keyed lock. Two Chest freezers are offered: a 21-cubic-foot for TK 38000 and a 14-cubic-foot for TK 32000. The larger model has two baskets and a keyed lock on the exterior; the bigger one is Energy Star certified, using a keyed lock and body-mounted temperature controller. Both are manual defrost.


Refrigerator price in BD is a bit more compact than most uprights, in 61 inches in height, 30 inches in width, and 31 inches in depth. It comes with many whistles and bells: It is Energy Star certified, frost-free, comes with adjustable temperature control, a temperature monitor alarm, a fast-freeze attribute, interior lighting, a power indicator light, and eight inside shelves and five-door shelves. This model can be icemaker-ready if you have a water hook-up.

Whirlpool's Thermostat, power-indicator light, key-eject lock, interior lighting, Commercial-rated power cable, and four baskets. Your space demands are 46 inches. Like most torso Freezers, this version includes manual defrost.

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