Best tips and strategies for decorating home in Diwali

Best tips and strategies for decorating home in Diwali

Best tips and strategies for decorating home in Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and is related to emotions, joy, happiness, and celebration where people forgot their past and pray for their wealth and health in future. When Diwali is near, nothing seems more important over-celebrating it. Diwali is also one of the longest celebrations in the country lasting for five days. Diwali also stands for truth and win of good over evil. Definitely, it is important to celebrate such a festival by decorating the home in the right way.


With Diwali lurking around it is paramount to celebrate it in style by sharing sweets, crackers, and Diwali gifts with loved ones. Apart from sharing one has to also concentrate on home caring to clean and decorate every nook and corner of the home. Nothing can be more important than decorating the home with DIYAS which provide an aesthetic look to all the contemporary homes. Most people might find it difficult to decorate their home as elegant ideas on the internet can be difficult. Here are some of the basic ideas of decorations which can ease the stress of decorating a home for Diwali in the right way.


Throwing dirt and unwanted items

The first and foremost thing to do is to clean all the rooms of the home just like a traditional Indian housewife does at every year’s Diwali. Apart from cleaning the home, it is also important to remove unwanted items and scrap them to provide room for new furniture. Free-space in the home can also help people while shopping for new items during Diwali and is ideal for decorating home during Diwali.


Ergonomic lights for home

Diwali is the celebration of lights, and hence it is also a perfect idea for decorating home during Diwali. One can purchase conventional DIYAS from the internet or in local markets and place them across all the borders of their home. Most of the people also purchase sparkling lights to decorate the exterior of their home during Diwali.


Elegant thread lanterns

Purchasing a lantern made from a thread from the market is a common idea but making it on own is something special and fascinating. One can easily make their own lantern which can match the styles of interior designs in the home. The common tools required for making a homemade DIY lantern are

  • cotton threads
  • glue 
  • water and
  • balloons


One can add glue and water in a bowl and mix it well. Once the solution is ready, one can add threads in the bowl and mix the paste. One can make designs on an inflated balloon and can add a bulb of minimum watts to decorate the lantern. The lantern can also be a gift idea for all the people who are looking for Diwali gifts in Delhi.



Diwali decoration cannot be completed without flowers as they offer a natural fragrance to all the visitors. Flowers also create a devotional and spiritual environment perfect to create a puja environment in a home. 

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