Enjoy a Bike Tour to Leh Ladakh to the Fullest

bike rental in Chandigarh for Leh

Enjoy a Bike Tour to Leh Ladakh to the Fullest

Being humans, our hunger for adventure and exploration can’t be subdued. We always crave new things in life and solo motorcycling trips are a unique way to fulfill our cravings. We engage with locals, ride over mighty mountains and get the taste of regions we come in contact with. Motorbike trips are a thrilling experience, you get to engage around the world better.

Bike riders are always passionate about going on road trips, and a road trip to Leh-Ladakh is a dream of many. It is not necessary to own a motorcycle to go on such road trips, motorcycle rental companies across the country provide you with all-terrain motorcycles within your budget.

Bike on rent in Delhi to Ladakh

As the lifestyle in Delhi and nearby cities are changing, motorbiking has become a unique culture of the locals. Bikes are rented for different destinations such as Manali, Ladakh, Nepal, Chandigarh, etc. Whether being an Activa or a Royal Enfield or Avenger, you are going to enjoy the fun of exploring different places.

As going to Ladakh via bike is a popular choice for riders, there are services to provide bikes on rent in Delhi to Ladakh. A distance of approximately 2200 km is covered while going from Delhi to Ladakh. As the roads are rough and stony, you will need a heavy-engine bike. Therefore different varieties of Royal Enfield bikes are rented for Ladakh trips. You get a chance to self-drive the motorcycle of your choice experiencing the happiness you never felt before. Also, there is no problem to take a bike on rent from Delhi to Ladakh, because all motorbikes are rented at a low cost.

Bike rental in Chandigarh for Leh

Chandigarh is the most beautiful city in our country which is uniquely built by well-planning. The city is known for its fine architecture, quality of roads, and amazing lifestyle. This beautiful city is the epitome of modernization. The city has everything you need to have to live a modern life. The same is offered for bike riders also. Even the luxury and sports Bikes are rented at an extremely low cost.

There are services of bike rental in Chandigarh for Leh if you want to go to Leh from or via Chandigarh. The bike rental and lease are also well organized and bikers are provided with customized packages.  You can avail of the bike rental in Chandigarh for Leh with easy terms and conditions without any overcharge. You can hire the best bikes as you wish to and have an amazing and enjoyable riding experience.

About Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is situated at an altitude of 3500m. The main roads are the Srinagar-Leh highway and the Leh-Manali highway. These roads are open only on a seasonal basis. In winters, these roads are often blocked by snow. The place is filled with experience, environment, and philosophy.

The best time to visit Leh is generally from June to September. These months provide the riders to enjoy the best of Ladakh.

Things to Carry

The bike trips sound adventurous but can be as menacing if you do not go prepared enough. Here are some important things to carry while going on a bike tour to Ladakh.

  • Always carry a durable helmet.
  • Carry your driving license as well as copies of documents.
  • Carry enough clothes for winter including thermal wear, towels, socks, etc.
  • Keep essentials such as a torch with enough batteries, candles, the tools of your bike, etc.
  • Keep essential toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, sanitizers, cold creams, etc.

Bike riding is not only about the feeling but it is also tied to a deeper intangible thing - Freedom. You get the freedom to go on an open-ended voyage that affects your mind, spirit, and body in a positive manner and lets you wander in the best places.

Riding a bike is the best way to capture all the candid scenarios. You also feel free from the inflexible day-to-day world of your regular life and become a new version of “you”. Do not forget, this is the best way to travel if you want to feel connected to nature throughout your tour. Feel the cool breeze hitting your face, while you enjoy the scenic beauty around you.

If you have also got tired of the COVID-19 situation and want a change in your life, visit Motorcycle Rental India which not only provides the best motorcycle but also offers you the best tour packages.

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