PPC Marketing Strategies For Home Improvement Companies

Home improvement companies are now marketing online to gain more responsibility and to build up a good reputation online.

The remodelers are now much more concerned about their search engine rankings and high brand exposure rather than other marketing benefits. All such positive outcomes are only possible if you are prioritizing PPC marketing strategies in your business.

Studies have shown that 90% of traffic is generated to websites that are lying at the very top of the search engine result page. This proves how essential it is to focus on the PPC concept while crafting down your home improvement marketing strategy.

Are you ready to learn the tips and tricks on PPC marketing? Take a pen and a paper and note down the following points.

Rank-oriented PPC marketing strategies for home improvement companies

  1. Target the right audience using the right keywords: PPC gives you the opportunity to target the right audience through its campaigns. Suppose you are fed up with the irrelevant traffic generated at your doorstep, you can choose PPC to narrow down your filter and reach out to the right ones.

PPC ads, including search ads and display ads, appear only when relevant keywords are used for searches. Technically, there are four varieties of keywords – broad match type, phrase match type, exact match type, and modified match type.

For PPC campaigns, phrase match and exact match type keywords are used to target the right audience based on the specific keywords. Instead of broad match types that make the ad displayed to a wide audience irrespective of the keywords, experts prefer to use these exact phrases.

Moreover, negative keywords are also used to filter out the visitors who are not at all interested in the brand. That's the specialty of a PPC ad campaign. It tries its best to get the right traffic to the doorstep.   

2. Enhance conversions with a landing page: For a PPC ad, a landing page matters a lot. It has the potential to convert the visitors into potential clients or leads. Hence, developing an attractive landing page based on the brand ad should be the prime job.

The landing page is a separate web page that is usually different from the specific brand website. It contains a form or a specific content that compel the visitors to perform different sort of actions. For example, it can be a registration form, appointment form, remodeling service-related page, etc.

Be it a display ad or a search ad, don't forget to link up a landing page with it. It evaluates the users who are actually interested to perform any action related to the home remodeling services.

3. Optimize your ad content frequently: It’s wrong to use the same ad content over and over again and expect a huge response from it. Suppose, you have released an ad about your home improvement services and you feel to use the same ad during the spring season. To attract the homeowners, you can tweak the ad like "Spring is here! Do you want to remodel your home in this season?" Such ads take no time to generate heavy traffic and bring heavy conversions.

Optimizing your ad content based on the requirement and priorities is very essential. If you stop updating your content frequently, it becomes harder to stay relevant and customer-specific at the same time. For better click-through rates, you should keep on improving your content.

4.Leverage from ad extensions: Don’t you want your clients to connect with you immediately and hire your home improvement service? In that case, you must include ad extensions to every ad content you create.

Ad extensions are available in multiple varieties – call extensions, site link extensions, location extensions, price extensions, callout extensions, and many more. All these extensions are known for building high CTRs.

The location extensions will allow your prospects to reach out directly by displaying the address and directing the users on the Google Map.

The call extensions display the contact number, enabling the clients to make a call for any query.

In short, ad extensions allow potential clients to get the necessary information from the ad itself. They don't need to scroll down the contact page or the service page to find out the respective information.

5. Don’t forget to monitor your PPC campaigns: Finally, your PPC campaign does not get over unless you make an analysis report on it. Keep an eye on the overall campaign and monitor the performance so as to bring positive outcomes in the end. You can take the help of PPC management tools and techniques to ease out your job and measure different performance metrics like keywords, CTRs, conversions, traffic volume, CPC, and many more. Bring out the report and optimize the campaign accordingly.

The Bottom Line

PPC for home improvement marketing works great to bring high conversions and huge brand visibility online. By starring the ads at the absolute top it encourages the searchers to click on them and view the landing page for further action.

Proper PPC marketing for construction marketing company adds benefits to the business. The moment you include this marketing technique in your home remodeling marketing strategies you can witness a great huge breakthrough to make multiple business opportunities.

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