Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly & PCB Method

This article is written around printed circuit board assembly and the surface mount technology method.

Printed circuit boards or PCBs are present all over the world. There is no electronic product in the world that does not have PCB contained in it. In this write, we shed light on printed circuit board assembly and on PCBs. Further, we talk about why SMT or surface mount technology is the most preferred method for PCB fabrication.

SMT or surface mount technology, generally called SMT, is a procedure of creating electronic circuits where the elements are put straightly onto the surface of printed circuit boards. A few of the SMT benefits for printed circuit boards are summed up under:

Rather than connecting through the holes in the board with the help of hole technology, the elements are positioned straightly over the board surface.

A few elements of SMT, more often than not known as SMD, are lighter as well as smaller as compared to their counterparts, more often than not owing to the lessened no. or complete elimination of leads which are required in TH fabrication.

With the assistance of standardization of elements over and above the design tools, the part assembling could be greatly automated.

By lessening the need for drilling over and above element holes, surface mount technology facilitates the engineers to create the boards with elements to be put over both sides of the board.

Surface mount technology moreover facilitates designing suppleness. In other terms, engineers could unite surface mount technology with TH technology which offers superior printed circuit board functionality over the same board lessening the requirement of manifold boards.

A few more great benefits of SMT for printed circuit board assembly are:

Both sides mounting – Because the requirement to design for drilling is eradiated, the need of associating through the board materials is moreover lessened. Owing to which the elements could effortlessly be put on both the surfaces of the printed circuit board.

The size of the elements – With the lessening of the size of the elements, more elements could be put over a single board, which in order has brought about fewer boards need per item. With the increasing need for lighter weight & miniaturized items, these traits are extremely decisive.

Trustworthiness – SMT associations are less susceptible to confront failure owing to the influence of shaking or vibration.

Expenditure reductions – With the lessening of drilled holes is reduced, the board size moreover gets lessened. In case the functions on the surface mount technology don’t get enhanced, it brings about the increase of inter package rooming. This further lessens the no. of layer counts in the printed circuit board. Owing to this price of the board moreover gets lessened.

Swiftness of fabrication – On uniting with adherence towards DFM or design for manufacture, SMT lessens its fabrication effectiveness owing to reduction or complete elimination of drilling operations together with lower establishment times.

Where to get Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

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