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An NGO or non-governmental organization is an entity which is not for profit but is created for the welfare of the poorer areas of the society or those who are backward or for a specific reason.

An NGO or non-governmental organization is an entity that is not for profit but is created for the welfare of the poorer areas of the society or those who are backward or for a specific reason. The motive of the NGO firm could be ecological, related to human or animal’s rights, enhancing the healthcare for youngsters, awareness about an art, etc. Numerous NGOs are sometimes fronts for political interests. But being a non-profit organization, these entities can’t pay out any benefits to the individuals or members rather, any benefit must be reinvested toward the cause for which it is. In India, a Process of NGO registration can be set up as a trust.

What are the methods for NGO Registration?

NGO Registration in India can be done as trust registration.

Trust Registration– One way through which you can enroll a Non-Government Organization is by enlisting it as a trust registration. This sort of technique is utilized by NGOs who work with annihilating poverty, giving medical assistance and education to them. You must be aware of this that trusts are unalterable. This implies that they can’t be changed without the authorization of the beneficiary. In spite of the fact, that there is no national law that represents trusts.

What is the Process of NGO Registration?

Under the Trust registration process, a person who has the power or property which is transferable can create a trust organization. Similar to NGO, trust also needs to get registered, and the process is very simple. If you begin the process of you will require the name of the trust, registered address, two trustees of the trust, one settler of the trust, you must have the object for the trust such as the charitable or religious property of the trust which is movable or immovable.

What are the Documents Required for NGO Registration?

When you have all the documents prepared, you are prepared to register your NGO. Make sure that you have every essential document for secure processing.

Following are the documents that are required to be submitted to the Registrar as follows:-

  • A letter asking for registration, signed by the members of the NGO. This letter will contain the purpose of NGO demonstrating that it is enlisted under an Act. The signature of all members is necessary.
  • A certified copy of the tenets and rules signed by the founding members with duplicate copy is a must.
  • The names, address, qualification, occupation of all the members with their signatures.
  • Address proof of registered office is required as well as a no-objection certificate from the landlord.

There are many reasons as to why it is better to register an NGO, one most important reason is funding. You will receive funds from various sections and the money that you will get, you will have to put in banks. And you can create your bank account under your NGO organization name. NGO Registration documents show that your funds are under the name of NGO. If you have any queries regarding trust registration then let us know by contacting our experts at Swarit Advisors.


Hence, it would be wrong if we say that NGO isn’t a profitable business. If we operate for the welfare of poor people or to bring positive change in society, then we can surely receive huge benefits from the government in the form of tax exemption, funding, land, etc. as well from society by their support in the activities of the organization.

The only thing you need to take care of while registering your NGO is the motive of starting the organization. You must ensure that your aim should be to work for the welfare of the backward communities and those in-needs.

For any queries or NGO registration, please contact Swarit Advisors or comment below. One of our representatives will call you soon.

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