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In these days of ridesharing and Netflix, ‘owning’ as a concept has become less vital. From homes to cars to electronics to clothes – millennials, today, prefer to rent anything and everything. This trend has now moved. After all, it is a commitment-free way to decorate your home and that too within the budget.


There is a variety of Home and Kitchen Appliances you can give on rent like Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Air Coolers, AC’s, Vacuum Cleaners, Induction Stoves, LED TV’s, Washing Machines, Indoor Fountains, Home Utility tools like Drilling Machine, Ladders Etc.

Renting is easy now with help of RYTO, you can have home and kitchen appliances on rent for a flexible amount of time. You don’t need to bother yourself by investing large amounts just rent it.

As a student or an employee when you move to a new city for study or job, where you live alone, all these things need to be taken care of by you. The one good thing you can do for yourself is rent these everyday appliances so you don’t have to struggle, RYTO will always be there to help out if you face any problems.


Renting furniture is an evolving trend that is both practical and cost-effective. Renting furniture comes with its perks. It is a boon for people with transferable jobs. It also offers the flexibility of renting and thus the burden of buying is gone. If you are shifting /temporarily moving to another place rather than buying, renting makes sense.

Renting doesn’t block your money at the same place while you are shifting/ moving it more flexible. Nowadays its been a trend where if you are Tired of the same look? Bored of things at your home? You can always get the furniture changed to upgrade the look of your home, without much cost.

Furniture includes a sofa and dining, beds and wardrobes, home and garden decors, other household items.


Along with the changing generation, our approach towards things is also changing. Youngsters like us want everything to be faster, smarter, and more effective. We have updated our self from ‘working hard’ to ‘working smart’ due to technology and one reason is our smartphones.

Why rent a phone? So you can use now and buy later, there are no. of brands launching new phones in the market with new updates and features. RYTO helps you to get a rental smartphone of your choice and budget. Say bye to buy and rent with RYTO.

Not only mobiles but laptops and tablets are also given/ taken on rent.


Book lovers I mean the one who loves reading a lot, you might have no. of books/ novels/ journals which you might have read once or twice but you would never really open up those books/ novels again for the third time So why not rent your collection of books at RYTO, so that other book lovers can take on rent your collection of books and even you can exchange the collection by taking some novels/books on rent that you might have not gone through.

From cycles and skateboards to tennis rackets and scuba gear and much more of your sports equipment if you are not using it on daily basis then go for renting. Rent your sports equipment's on RYTO.

You are a music lover and have a collection of musical instruments but due to the work-life aren’t able to have a leisure time with your music then why not you rent them for a while this will help others to take it on rent and have some music learning .

Let it be hobby or sports you can give on and take on rent everything, anything.


Yes it is weird renting pets however there are times when it make sense. Sometime you need a companion and that time you can rent a pet, say a dog or cat. At times it is not possible to purchase a new pet instead rent on with various breeds so you can have a fun time.


Kids have the most special place in our lives and we want to give them the best and new things every day! Due to many constraints like time, money or space not always possible. RYTO is a platform where you can take it all on rent Baby products like Baby Strollers, Baby Cribs, High Chairs, Baby Car Seat, Baby Gears, Toys like Trampolines, Prams, slides, swings. Battery operators like cars and bikes even kids furniture and more on Rent.

After your kid is a grown-up all these toys and products are no longer used so why not rent it out on RYTO. It is really practical as you rent the toys for a few months and can choose from a variety of toys available. And then give it back and get something else. Your kid gets so many options and you can change them after a period so they always have something new.


Its party time and If you want to arrange/organize a mini party at home then you don’t need to worry about the event items you can rent it from RYTO. Investing in the event equipment is not a point instead get a variety of things on rent. Our Event Rentals category has a variety of products including Tables, Chairs, Party Decorations, Marriage Event Decorations, Trampoline, Ball Pits, Amplifier, Serial lights, Party lights, Smoke Machines, Projector Screens, Microphone, Sound systems, LED TV, LED Wall and Gaming consoles, etc.

With the joint family, there are always some or the other party's going on like birthday party, an anniversary celebration, cousins party night, mini get-togethers, and much more get all the party items and theme arrangements with props and decors through RYTO.

Arrange any kind of party sitting at home by taking items on rent and enjoy to your fullest.


Health care is the most important in everyone's life. Healthcare equipment is a necessity. Patient care and clinical satisfaction are two of the top concerns of all. We have small kids and aged people at home where we can need Medical Supplies on Rent includes Wheel Chairs, Medical Beds, Folding Walkers, Elbow Crutches, Oxygen Concentrator, Oxygen Cylinders, Nebulizers, Ambulance, CPAP Devices, and Patient Monitors, etc.

Aged people have some minor health issues always and in that case, if we don’t want to put them in hospital, instead we want to keep our dear one in front of our eye then it is easy now as you can rent medical equipment. Sometimes the bills of the hospital for minor health issues are touching roof that time we can rent things and take care of dear ones at home and even save money. So no need to worry say bye to buy and rent with RYTO


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