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Qualities and Traits of a Successful HR Professional

If you are planning to pursue this career, here are the top essential skills that an HR professional should have. 

Whatever profession you work in, it’s crucial that you be an expert in your occupation. If you want to meet this type of success, you need to possess a huge variety of social skills such as good manners, great attitude, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and good manners. A Human Resources Professional doesn’t only require those skills, but also several others that are niche to the industry. If you are planning to pursue this career, here are the top essential skills that an HR professional should have. 


Expertise and Understanding of Human Resources 


You need to have a central foundation in the numerous functions of Human Resources. A continuous requirement is that you must be great in handling daily challenges that arise. There can be instances that you have to resolve simple issues like how an employee is paid the wrong rate of salary. Or a more difficult problem such as a sexual harassment case in the workplace.


Whether the problem is something simple or a more complicated one, a credible human resources professional must know how to resolve all kinds of issues with a calm and fair attitude. 


Remarkable Communication Skills 


Are you familiar with the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”? Well, when we are talking about human resources, this is far from the truth. Your words can have a big influence on everyone around you. If you fail to communicate properly with what an employer wants from an employee or vice versa, both parties can simply be hurt by your words. To be successful in this industry, your words must be used effectively to communicate with all parties involved.


Strong Ethics 


When we talk about ethics, you need to be beyond reproach when it comes to it as an HR professional. There is confidential employee information that you are trusted to keep and your employer needs to be assured that you will not share it. For example, HR has a friend who is also an employee might ask about another employee’s pay. As her friend, you may want to share it with her, but as a human resource professional, your ethics will prevent you from doing so. In addition, one of your jobs is to set ethical standards and promote them in the workplace. 


Well-Disciplined and Knows How to Manage Time 


HR professionals usually have inadequate amounts of hours in the day to finish his or her work. Just like in any job, you have daily tasks that must be completed, but all of us know how that goes. If you’re working in human resources, it’s a huge thing to get tasks completed. Sometimes you’ll find yourself faced with sudden issues that come up and need your attention. Although there are days that you are faced with one or two incidents to deal with, there are other days that your whole time could be spent on these types of incidents. If this happens, your daily tasks get put on hold. But there are times that you have to pause and play catch up. With this, you need to have a great amount of self-discipline. This is why it’s imperative that you choose a time to complete your most important tasks on an everyday basis. 


Time management is also necessary for survival. There are deadlines that you have to constantly meet and serious workloads that may force you to work sixteen-hour days. You must learn to hold and manage time wisely so you don’t get burned out easily. 


Knows How to Deal With Conflict 


An HR person must have great conflict management skills since it’s never easy to deal with issues and problems in the workplace. It’s in your hands how to deal with conflict and how to use your critical thinking skills quickly and manage the problem. 


You need to be good in gathering as much information as you can, determine the problem, come up with achievable solutions, and negotiate a solution. Having conflict in the office is normal, and with the proper conflict management skills and ability to change perspective, you may keep the workplace running smoothly. 


Professionally Trustworthy 


This trait is very important when it comes to what every HR professional needs. Remember that people will only open up to someone they can completely trust. They must know that you will do the right thing and have their best interests at heart. Aside from trust, confidentiality is also important most especially if someone is sharing personal information with you. Employees will trust you that you will keep it confidential and not share it with anyone else. Being a trustworthy human resources professional makes you a credible person. And if you lose that credibility, you will have a very hard time performing your job, since most employees feel that they can’t trust you. If you do try to earn credibility again, it can be difficult, but it’s possible. So make sure you do your best to keep your credibility. 


Fair and Objective at All Times 


As a human resources professional, you need to be neutral in all things and in all times. Dealing with work incidents or employee issues, you need to stay impartial and objective. Any personal opinion of yours is discredited. Decisions are solely based on the facts presented. 


If you feel like you are not being objective and fair about a certain incident or issue, you may remove yourself from the situation and have someone else to deal with it. You are expected to work well under pressure and be able to come up with informed decisions based on facts only, not emotions. 


This is very important when unpleasant scenarios arise, and you need to present positive resolutions. The good news here is that you’ll learn at this time and gain more experience. 


Great Trainer and Mentor 


Human Resources professionals are the ones in charge of providing training to employees and management. Employees should have HR support to get them updated and educated with new skills and training required to perform their job. As the HR, it’s your job to help employees develop their skills to improve their work, knowledge, and performance. This will not only benefit the employee’s career but the company also. 


Employees would do just about anything to have someone teach and coach them. If the HR and company offer these services, they can help them to grow either personally and professionally. It’s a great accomplishment as an HR professional to help someone and make a difference in their lives.


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