Ranthambore National Park Tiger Safari Advice

So, you wish to go on a safari huh? You believe you can manage to see the tigers? Well the first rule of the safari is that YOU do not find the tiger ... the tiger finds YOU.

So, you wish to go on a safari huh? You believe you can manage to see the tigers? Well the first rule of the safari is that YOU do not find the tiger ... the tiger finds YOU. Okay possibly that's not entirely true, but it sounded great in my head. If you resemble me you wish to do everything possible to guarantee the best success at finding one of these majestic animals. And while there is no assurance, there are some things you can do that will increase your odds and make certain you get the right price for your trip.

We discovered ourselves in Jaipur and were intending on heading to Pushkar when a few of our Indian buddies inspired us to take a fast detour to Ranthambore for a safari. We chose the night before to head southeast rather of west and quickly understood that the majority of people plan their trip months ahead of time. We likewise discovered that the system can be tough to browse and a lot of the details online is a little out-of-date. That being stated, I found some fantastic tips and things to consider over at India Book My Safari site, this link right here. I will attempt not to duplicate excessive information but I wish to offer my observations and suggestions for getting your ticket and for getting a great zone.


Ranthambore National Park is admired as one of the best chances to spot a Bengal Tiger. It is not too huge of a reserve and there are many tigers relative to the area. The park is divided into 10 zones and people are arbitrarily assigned them to prevent overcrowding or destruction of the environment. A check in the office states, "Let us follows concepts of wildlife preservation. Do not insist for a particular Zone, to avoid overcrowding in that Zone". Sadly, not all zones were produced equivalent. If your factor for going is just to see tigers (or wildlife for that matter) consider zones 6-10 to be a waste of loan. Zones 1-5 are the good ones but, from what I hear and check out, Zone 1 is pretty weak too. Go for 2-5 if you can and know that 3 and 4 have a lake so you will certainly see SOMETHING in these ones.

You have two options for getting around the park. There are gypsies (6 seat open jeeps) or canters (20 seats outdoors ... buses?). It is only 200 rupees more for the gypsy and it will be more intimate and more agile when you are trying to track a cat. That being stated, we took a canter and it wasn't bad at all. If you want to get a gypsy in a great zone, plan on reserving your tickets way beforehand.

There are two safaris every day: one in the morning and one at night. They run for approximately 3.5 hours in total and this includes a 20-30-minute restroom break in the middle. I have actually consisted of a timetable at the bottom as the times differ depending upon the month. I received an excellent range of viewpoints when I asked when the very best times to see a tiger were. My guide says the very best months are April and May. As far as morning vs. night goes, I'm unsure. A single person explained to me that in the chillier winter months, mornings are much better due to the fact that the tigers are aiming to go out in the sun after the cold night. My guide likewise stated morning safaris were much better in the winter. However, about 60% of individuals I asked stated that evening safaris were much better ideal prior to sundown. At the end of the day, I state don't over believe it. Just choose the frame of mind that you will enjoy the scenery and other animals ... and a tiger is simply a reward.


You have 3 alternatives:

Schedule from your hotel/resort: This is shit and I extremely recommend you do not book by doing this. Not just will you overpay; however, you will also have less control over the zone you get. They actually do extremely little for you. They will get your ticket and arrange for pickup at your hotel, however unless you purchase up the whole gypsy/canter you might get last choice for the seats.

Online: This option is the best if you wish to be accountable and strategy ahead. It is also probably the only way you will have the opportunity to get a gypsy in among the great zones. The website isn't one of the most user friendly however they do supply a guide to assist you out.

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