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Reason for Which You Can Go for Bubble Wraps and Poly Mailer Bags for Packaging

Shipping with boxes are traditional methods are not cost-effective anymore. Most of the online stores are now willing to cut costs on shipping and transportation to make the business more profitable without ignoring the products' safe-transit factors. Therefore, most of the product shipping is switched to affordable measures such as poly mailer bag shipping and bubble wrap shipping.

In this article, you will know about some of the reasons for which these are the best alternatives for box shipping.

Highly Affordable

The bubble wraps and poly mailers are highly affordable, and it is their best property. The poly mailers' price per unit is $0.25 when you buy it in bulk for your shipping needs. The mailer boxes are somehow expensive and are now not anymore used for serving the purpose. The bubble wraps are also cheaper to use for the wrapping and shipping of the goods for additional protection.


Boxes are usually big, and they take up a lot of space while shipping. This again adds a lot of cost for transportation aspects. Make sure that you switch to bubble wraps or poly mailers as they reduce the space needed for loading on to the transit vehicle. You can always put more parcels at a single time and the cost of a single transportation trip.

The poly mailers equipped with bubble wraps add enhanced protection to protect the non-fragile items from breaking. The online stores do implement these packaging options for space-optimization but do not compromise on the safety aspect of the products to ensure customer satisfaction.

No Mess

The shipping boxes usually create a mess around the packaging area that becomes an obstacle course for the workers on the premises. So, it is better to use the bubble wraps over these wooden or cardboard boxes for transportation. Moreover, the assembling of the boxes for packaging needs a lot of time and effort.

There are many tools required for fixing hardboard boxes together. But for the bubble wrap or poly mailer packaging, you do not need a heavy workforce for assembling these packaging materials, and the work premises will also be safe from unwanted obstacles. The presence of hard boxes around the workplace can possibly increase the chance of accidents on the premises.

Common Nowadays

The use of the poly mailers and bubble wraps are common today as they are economy friendly for the businesses and also helps keep the packaged product safe from transit damages. Most of the top online stores today are using poly mailer bags for packaging their non-fragile products. This is what increases the demand for these packaging styles.

Slowly & steadily, all the companies are now adopting new packaging measures with bubble wraps and poly mailers to reduce the overhead costs of shipping and transportation. All the items that are flexible such as cloths or others, can be packed with poly mailers. It is so because the bendable objects can pierce the packaging. For items such as CDs, enamel pins, semi-fragile items, and others, the bubble wraps are used for the packaging needs commonly.

Easy Customization

The poly mailers are quite easy to customize as per the requirement. Customizing the boxes is pretty expensive for which the companies are now using poly mailers with customization aspects to ensure that the customers get more attractive packaging for their products. The top brands who take up poly mailer packing solutions usually imprint their brand quotation or logo to ensure an enhanced appealing look.

The packaging can now be made safe, cost-effective, and also a designer solution. The brands who prefer customizing the boxes with brand details usually pay more, and that affects the overall profit count of the company. The poly mailers cost less and are easy to customize with simple printing techniques.


These are some of the important factors that explain the efficacy of bubble wraps and poly mailers for packaging or shipping needs. Most of the online stores are now using these wrapping or packaging measures to ensure product safety, along with business cost-effectiveness. So, being a consumer, you will see bubble wrap and poly mailer bag packaging more often.

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