Google account recovery

Recover Google account without 2 step verification

For the smooth experience of every service like Gmail, Hangout and Google+, Google account hold immense importance in giving the efficiency of these linked services.

For the smooth experience of every service like Gmail, Hangout and Google+, Google account hold immense importance in giving the efficiency of these linked services. This account need to keep regularly updated in order to prevent the foray of suspicious threats or malicious activities. 

Despite regular updating and active security features, there are slight chances of losing the access of the account. For that, here find complete information to Google account recovery for android with the help of different methods.

Recover Google Account with https // for Help

    At the beginning of the process, first open Google search Engine.
    Type “Google account recovery” with https //
    A window opens asking you to sign-in to the account.
    Click on it.
    Now you may be asked to enter the associated phone number or Email address.
    Click “Next”.
    Enter the last password you remember.
    Unlock the phone to confirm that this account belongs to you.
    Do log in with the help of new password.
    password combination should be strong.

Recover Google account with the help of Phone number

    First move to the Google account page and enter the associated Email address.
    Click on the “Forgot password” option.
    Moving ahead, Enter the details of last password you remember.
    Now select the best option to recover Google account either via Phone number or Email address.
    Next, you will receive a code to the associated phone number.
    Enter the code and Hit Enter.
    Now you will be redirected to the page to create a new password.
    Enter the password with a combination of strong alphabets or letters.
    Do sign-in again with the help of new credentials.
    check whether the process you have performed is correct or not.

Recover Google account by answering the security Questions

This mode is considered easier than any other because the answer you feed here is somewhere related to you. So find a detailed process to recover Google account.

    First, head to the Google account page.
    Next, click on the forgot password option.
    Select the way to recover account.
    Choose “security question”.
    Now answer all the security questions to verify the ownership of the account.

Recover Google account with the help of Email

If you have active alternate email that you provide at the time of sign up, then it becomes easy to get in to the account.

    Head-in to the Google account recovery page.
    Enter the details of email address associated to your account.
    To get back the access of the account, Enter the details of the alternate email address.
    You will receive a code and hit enter.
    Create a new password with a combination of letter or alphabets.
    Now you have completed all the steps to recover Google account.

Besides, above all the points on Google account recovery, if you require further assistance, you can call directly to their support number to get the immediate feedback or assistance. Apart from that, you can ask your friends, relatives to help you in resolving this type of issue.

After finishing the above mentioned procedure, the user can easily recover the Google account in a highly secure manner. If you still have any query regarding Google account recovery without email and phone number, then you can contact the Google customer support team for better and quick assistance.

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