What is on the My Account Page?

Hello, I am Alina Stevens from the USA; I am a writer these days I am writing a blog for I work with a reputed company. I have a well-trained team who provide Office 365 Service.

With the page, users can download, install and re-install Office 365, Office 2016, and Office 2013, or manage their Office 365 subscription. Also, you can type your product key and get technical support from MS Office experts. 

 Go to the My Account Page, and you will have two options/questions as mentioned below:

 1. Do you already have Office? 

 * If you have an Office suite, you can log in with your Office account to buy or activate the Office setup. 

 * Get the link to log in with your other Microsoft account too. 

 * If you forget the Microsoft account you used, MS Support might help you recover the account and password. 

 * Do you have an Office product key? If yes, you need to enter your product key.

 2. Don't have Office yet? 

 * If you haven't Office, you can find one from or buy it from the Office store

 * If you have Office 365 login, then you are My Account page. You will be able to: 

 * Manage your account, share the subscription (Office 365 Home only), access services like Skype and One Drive, and get help and assistance.

Download Office Setup with Office.Com/MyAccount

1 Visit Office.Com/MyAccount through your chrome browser or any other system browser. 

 2 Sign in to your Microsoft Account. 

 3 In case you have not registered. Then, register your account on Office.Com/MyAccount and access your new account.

Installation Setup with Office.Com/MyAccount

1. Now, access your Microsoft product from the pull-up list provided inside the Menu tab. 

 2. download the Microsoft product setup, and it'll ask for the Product activation code. After entering the code. When you select Microsoft, the product setup will download to your system. 

 3. If you don't find have Product activation code. You can check on the product key and get to know how and where you can have it. 

 4. After the completion of the setup downloading process, 

 5. now, you can execute the setup and start the Installation. 

 6 When you start the Installation, A window will appear about the user software license. 

 7. You have to select "I agree" on the software license.

 8. Follow the steps and complete the installation procedure. 

 9. When the installation procedure completes. If your name can show on the left side of the application, you have successfully activated Microsoft Product. 

 10 If not, you have to click on the Microsoft logo

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