Rock sugar

Rock sugar uses for cough and sore throat

Rock sugar is found in south asia countries such as pakistan,india, and persia. Rock sugar or koza Misri is herbal remedy for treatment of breathing problems and throat infection. Also beneficial for mothers to stop bleeding and improve vision.

When one is having a cold or sore throat, Rock sugar can be an effective remedy. The Rock sugar helps to provide relief from sore throats and cough. It is one of the most commonly known home remedies for colds and flu. However, is Rock sugar used for sore throat and cough or is it just a folk remedy? It is true that there are many people who use Rock sugar for cough and sore throat. Rock sugar is indeed an effective cure for a sore throat. However, the salt intake must be in moderation. Too much salt intake will also cause you to have diarrhea. In addition, too much salt intake may also cause you to have a high blood pressure. Therefore, it is best to consult your doctor before taking in too much salt. There are certain things that you should know about Rock sugar uses for sore throat and cough. First, it is important to know how to properly take care of your body. Second, knowing when to take in the salt and when not to do so can also help you avoid complications. This includes avoiding putting salt on the sun burned parts of your body. In case you have a cold or fever blister, you can use Rock sugar to treat it. Rock sugar can help reduce the inflammation caused by a cold or fever blister. It does this by soothing your throat. By applying the salt to your cold or fever blister, it can help you reduce pain, swelling and decrease the duration of the cold or fever blister.

You can useRock sugar when you are having a cold or a fever blister in order to help you treat it. Since salt helps to reduce pain and swelling, you can also use the salt to treat any sore throat and cough that you may be having. Salty can also help reduce the mucous membranes that are related to a cold. The mucous membranes of your throat are important. These membranes act as protective coverings for your lungs and help prevent viral infections. Mucous membranes protect the lungs from any foreign matter that might enter in and cause an infection. Because these membranes keep viruses at bay, keeping them out can be very helpful. Rock sugar can be used to help keep these tissues moist and thus minimize chances of viruses entering in. Rock sugar can also be used to help with cold sores. This is because salt can increase the ability of your body to heal itself. It is a common treatment for cold sores. If you want to know more about its healing properties, consult your doctor or pharmacist. It may even be able to help you get rid of a cold sore. There are many other ways that salt can be beneficial to your body. You just need to know how to use it properly. Rock sugar isn't too coarse like regular table salt. It is actually fine to sprinkle it on food or on your body. Try sprinkling a little bit on a slice of bread after you eat it to get a cooling effect, or you can even sprinkle some on your sore throat and cough for immediate relief.

It can also be applied directly to a cold sore. Simply take some and cover it with a bandage. This will help reduce swelling, making it easier for you to open up your mouth. If you have any feelings of pain, you can apply additional pressure to the area. Do this every hour or so, until the sore throat and cough are gone. Another wonderful benefit of Rock sugar is that it is natural. You can even make your own, by simply mixing it with water. You can even put it in your drinking water if you wish. Rock sugar has many uses. Of course, it is great for treating various sicknesses. It can also be used for relief of cough and colds. If you prefer not to use it straight, you can also try using baking soda. However, be sure that you know what is safe to use and what is not.

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