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The refrigerator has an equal distribution of storage at both the freezer and refrigerator section. This modern featuring refrigerator has been offering at affordable rates.

Samsung Refrigerator is a graphical looking model with a bright silver color outlook. This double door fridge has a maximum storage capacity of 263 liters. Unlike the regular version of refrigerator Samsung, The refrigerator has an equal distribution of storage at both the freezer and refrigerator section. This modern featuring refrigerator has been offering at affordable rates.

Let's keep attention at some of the crucial features of Samsung Refrigerator in a glance.


- No doubt the prognosis of Samsung The fridge is amazing. You'd like to have a Samsung Refrigerator In your location.

- Both the compartment gets an equal amount of space to put away the meals. That means you can remain tense concerning the maximum storage capacity of the freezer.

- This is an eco-friendly CFC and HCF Gas-free R600a making refrigerator. Not only taking care of the environment but also keeps the power bill inside the limit at the end of the month.

- High cooling performance testing Refrigerator capable of maintaining the food fresh using real test and aroma under a high temperature of 45 degrees.

- The provider is conscious of after-sales service. Therefore Jumna is supplying ten years warranty to their Compressor.


- This is a guide defrosting the refrigerator. You have to be awake at the time of removing the food from the compartment.

Layout and dimension

Samsung Granite is a golden color slick outside looking model of fridge. Its graphic design at the front of the door has made refrigerator price in Bangladesh much more attractive. To make the refrigerator structure durable, 80 millimeter Thick VCM (Vinyl Coated Metal) Door panels that use "Ultra Micro-Foam Insulation" been used. This is an extra-wide designing version of the refrigerator to keep more food at one time. According to the measure dimension of Samsung Refrigerator is 65.5L (cm)*61.5W (cm)*154H (cm). According to the dimension of the Samsung Refrigerator, you need to have well enough space at your location.

Cooling and storage capability

Unlike the Normal model of refrigerator, Samsung Refrigerator is the equivalent storage capacity Base version. The entire storage capacity is currently 263 liters. Both refrigerator freezer compartments are adorned with a multilayer transparent plate in addition to boxes for keeping the food secure with actual aroma and test. High define CFC, and HCFC petrol free R600a refrigerant made cooling is not just effective at creating the compartment cool but also keep the electricity bill within the limit. Samsung the refrigerator was analyzed at high temperatures. It will keep your food safe and fresh to eat in 45-degree temperature. This is the right appliance to maintain the food secure under the hot and humidity state of Bangladeshi weather.

Available features

This is a Modern refrigerator made of contemporary capabilities. Let us have a look at some of the crucial characteristics of Samsung Refrigerator price in Bangladesh at a glance.

Graphical Design: This is a graphical designing made version of a refrigerator with durable bodybuilding. Samsung Refrigerator is not only capable of maintaining the food safe but also caring for your location prognosis.

Extra-wide Design: This can be an extra-wide design made model with the capacity of storing maximum food at one time. So you also will need to have broad enough space at your place.

High Lighting Antibacterial Lineup: This ultra-modern technology retains the compartment clean and bacteria-free to keep the meals with actual aroma and test as well as retain the true color of the meals.

Anti-Bacterial Door Gasket: Both the compartment's door is constructed from a durable gasket with well enough space to keep the beverage in addition to dry food. This anti-bacterial gasket door protects the food from germs, besides, to make certain to hold the coolness with the compartment and maintaining the food safe for a longer time.

CFC and HCF gas-free: Deep freezer price in Bangladesh is made from CFC and HCFC petrol free cooling gas R600a. It will not only keep the food clean at the right temperature but also keeping the energy bill within the limit.

Electric features

This is the normal model of refrigerator with a capacity of conducting 220V into 230V. Its Compressor consumes 75 watts of electricity. So at the close of the month, then you may remain tension free regarding the energy bill.

Cost and Accessibility

Samsung is among the climbing, domestic brands. They have several sockets as well as dealers throughout the country. Therefore you could easily have a fridge price in Bangladesh in Your nearest Transcom Digital showrooms with the budget.

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