Some Greatest Tools for Writers worth considering

Some Greatest Tools for Writers worth considering

Writers know there is a lot more that goes into writing than just putting words on a page.


Working smart is given more preference over working hard in writing because writing is not everybody’s cup of tea. People consider it as just arranging the words on the page but to be honest, it is much more than that. Writing can be in the form of a novel, an article, a thesis, web copywriting, or anything but all it involves is brainstorming. Writers need planning, framing, rearranging, editing, checking, probably some hair-pulling while writing, along with Best Writers Tools. A good write-up should be organized and must have a creative flow from beginning till the end. To make the writing work organized, there are numerous tools available for the writers. With these tools, the writers can organize their write-ups in a better way, check the grammar and also generate new ideas for write-ups, and much more. However, choosing the right tool is also a big challenge. to solve your problem, here we have a list of a few amongst the Best Tools for Writerswhich are worth using.


This writing tool is on top of our list because of its capacity to boost the creative energy of the writers. What Braincat online writing tool does for writers is way ahead of other tools. With it, the writers can create plotlines, develop characters, exchange notes, and much more. If you have an idea in your mind, Braincat will help you in extending your thought process helping you in documenting every idea that crosses your mind. As you proceed with your writing you will get fresh heads as suggestions so that you end up writing a masterpiece. Braincat helps you in creative writing as it permits you to change your outlook as you build the template.

Basically, with Braincat you can work in the following steps:


Assessment: You get to answer a set of questions that are more or less like a guideline to your project. After answering you will have ideas out of the box and all the angles of the project will be assessed properly.


Input: Whatever other details you have or whatever idea that crosses your mind can be entered, no matter how irrelevant, just enter it.


Classify: Once you have a set of ideas and suggestions you can analyse each item individually and classify them into various categories.


Sequence: Now after classification, you can prioritize your ideas and suggestions in the order of their relevance.


Output: Braincat finally provides you a traditional template for your writing along with a mind map and multiple varieties of output styles. 



If you want organized storage tool for all your writing work, Scrivener is a great option. If you are working on lengthy writing projects, it has numerous folder and storage layers for storing complex data and a discreet layout for distraction free writing. With Scrivener, the writers can add notes and a synopsis with each document. Cloud syncing and compatibility with Dropbox is also available with Scrivener. Although Scrivener has got lot of features but it’s a bit expensive, but it can be considered because it is comprehensive and act as main centre for all of your writing works.

Reedsy Book Editor

What Reedsy Book editor does is, it makes formatting simple for the write-ups. The free version of this writing tool offers a variety of impressive features.  This software writing tool is ideal for novelists and writers focusing on huge writing projects and formatting.


Ulysses is an organizational writing niche that is exclusively for Apple users. The best part about this writing tool is that it keeps you focused on your writing till the end with its discreet interface and ability to stick to the basics. This makes writing smooth and error-free. Ulysses also makes use of the markdown technique for formatting purposes wherever needed. However, initially, the users may take some time for this markdown technique to become savvy, but once the users become used to it, they can easily speed up the formatting of their write-ups. Manual formatting can be easily replaced with this writing tool. However, the sad part is that it works only on Apple devices.


Plottr is one of the Greatest Tools for Writers exclusively designed for creating a template for writing a book. It has a colourful and lively interface which helps the writer to build multi-layered headings and to re-arrange plotlines easily. It creates notecards that are arranged in chronological order and each one can be used to add detailed or brief information. These notecards can be expanded and collapsed upon clicking. You need to pay for it once, no subscription required.


Whether you are a professional writer or a newbie, the Grammarly writing tool is for all. Even if you think that you are perfect with your grammar, this app helps you in saving time as it proofreads within few seconds. It checks on even those silly mistakes which you might miss out on. This writing tool keeps your writing on top-notch by suggesting usage of words to keep the content precise.


This is one of the best tools for writers which performs much more than simply editing. It offers grammar check and writing suggestions to hike up the write-up level. It points out high word density, vague or abstract language, transition betterments, and much more. It produces numerous detailed writing reports, along with suggestions to increase the level of your write-ups. If there are any turn-off points in your writings, the ProWritingAid will target them also and suggest informative videos for you to increase your knowledge as you write.


Milanote is a template creating software tool which helps the writers in creating the visual board of notes, videos, pictures, hyperlinks, and other files. Those who can think visually will find this writing tool extremely versatile for any kind of write-up. It has a user-friendly and collaborative interface which makes organizing things easy. The notecards can be dragged and rearranged, expanded, or collapsed with just a click.

Hemingway Editor

This editing tool is ideal for copywriting purposes because it emphasizes legibility, making the content reader-friendly and easy to understand. It also helps in customizing and optimizing the content according to search engines. This content editor picks out issues like length of statements, active and passive voice adverbs, etc. It has got a free web version or you can purchase it for some advanced features.

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