Sri Rama Navami dos & donts

Sri Rama Navami dos & donts

Sri Rama Navami is a significant celebration for Hindus all over the world. People in India, as well as other countries, celebrate the day and remember Lord Rama.

Ram is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu on Earth, who is known to be the protector of Dharma. The avatar happens in Treta Yuga, where Lord Rama teaches people how they should live their life without breaking the Dharma.

Rama was the greatest example of a noble soul who didn’t let his own benefits come in the way of Dharma. He was ideal with everyone from his parents to his brothers, wife, and sons. He always inspired people to walk on the right path and live life with truthfulness and honesty.

He never lost his patience, and he always knew how to love and respect others even in tough times. The divine being was never harsh to anyone nor even his mother, who wanted him to spend his life in exile. These are all the reasons why people also called him “Maryada Purshottam.”

People who celebrate and worship Lord Rama on Rama Navami get blessed by clear thinking where there is no place for indecisiveness. The person gets rid of all mental chaos and chooses the right path to live while making the right decisions. He gets inspired to do good karma and never hurt anyone intentionally.

There are some Doss and Don’ts that if you follow them, you get the best out of Rama Navami. Let’s get to know them here:

Sri Rama Navami Dos

  • Lord Rama always believed in walking the right path following the right merits. Thus staying virtuous on the day helps in receiving his grace.
  • Honesty is the best policy, and Lord Rama is a perfect example of that. Be honest to your family and everyone around you. This helps you establish a better bond in your relationships.
  • Lord Rama always believed in following the Shastras and Vedic Scripts. These Vedas and Shastras comprise the ideal way to live life which promotes the happiness of one and the society. Reading such scriptures on the day helps seeking assistance from God.
  • Be dear to your parents and help your siblings. Lord Rama is a perfect example of supporting his people in tough times. You should respect your parents and offer them help when needed.
  • Lord Rama always controlled his senses; he didn’t let his senses drive his life. He never went against his father, even when he told him to go into exile. He was always loyal to his wife and didn’t seek any other woman. He even had good thoughts for his enemies and never harmed anyone on purpose.

Sri Rama Navami Donts

  • Don’t engage in wrong practices, which are pleasure-giving to the body but are not right. Don’t let your mind control you, but be the controller of your mind.
  • Don’t break practices that society has been following for years. Don’t break the taboo and try to be against nature. The practices have been set for the goodness of society; breaking them only leads to trouble for mankind.
  • Don’t cultivate hatred in your heart for anyone. Learn to forgive your enemy and believe in God. Be a man of principles and don’t get carried away by your expectations.
  • Be kind to every living creature on Earth because these are all the creations of God. Even a squirrel assisted Rama while he was on the path of finding Sita. So, every creature is important and feels pain. When you respect everyone and be kind to everyone, you automatically get the grace of God.
  • On the occasion of Rama Navami, choose the path of righteousness and motivate people to do the same. Devote yourself to chanting the name of the Lord and worshipping him. Doing so will let you feel the mental bliss, and you will experience the presence of the Lord.

Observing fast on the day also brings us mental clarity. One can fast during the day and break it in the evening after visiting the temple by accepting the Prasadam. You can consume milk and fruits during the observation. People can also observe fast while eating nothing if their health permits, or they can consume some Vrat-friendly food once.

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