Sun Transit in Aries and its Impacts (14 April 2021)

Sun will transit in Aries on 14th April 2021. This transit will affect every zodiac sign differently, bestowing them with positive and negative results, accordingly.

Sun will transit in Aries on 14th April 2021. Sun Transit will affect every zodiac sign differently, bestowing them with positive and negative results, accordingly. The day on which the transit is happening is considered to be very sacred in Hinduism. It is also "Baisakhi" on the day which is celebrated all over India with a great festive mood.

In some parts of India, the day is also considered as the new year; Aries moon sign represents the beginning of things. The Sun will be in its powerful position during the transit; the Sun represents father, Government, health, and status.

Readers should note that the reading is about their Moon sign. If you don't know your Moon sign yet, use a free calculator and get to know. 

Let's explore how this transit will affect each zodiac sign-


For the people with the Ram sign, the transit will give fruitful results in all aspects of life. For Aries, the Sun resides in the fifth house, and hence it will be transiting through their first house in an exalted position. This transit is going to be significant since it would bring many positive results for Ariens.

You people will experience pure bliss when it comes to your relationship or marital life. You will feel the support of your spouse and their love. If you have children, there would be more love all around, and you will feel a different happiness with them. This is a bright period for your children because they would progress in their academics, ultimately increasing your status and earning you a good name.

It's also high time where the bachelors might meet their special one. If you are already seeing someone and want to propose to them, this is your time; you will have more chance of hearing a "Yes" from your potential partner. You will earn a good rapport overall which would add up further in your happiness level. 

However, the transit is not completely on your side; there are some negative effects as well. Due to the Sun's position, it might make you arrogant and bossy. Your dominating attitude would have an impact on the people around you. The advice is to control such an attitude, and you will continue to experience bliss in your relationships.

The Sun transit aries will enhance your status by getting you recognition. This will also affect your professional life where you will feel more energetic and lively that you would finish many pending tasks. Your confidence will be at its peak during this period that will also make you initiate new projects. Your positive aura would be noticed by others as well, which would make them praise you.

There are no major issues health-wise; there might be some minor ailments as there is always a possibility. Just take good care of your diet and include some exercise in your routine; everything would be fine for you.

As you can see, everything is going to be great. It's up to you how well you use this period and how many opportunities you grasp. This is not a time to be arrogant, but use the energy to make progress in your career and your personal life. Sun's energy is on your side, which means you will yield the fruit of every effort.

Remedy: Recite the Gayatri Mantra daily during the Sunrise.

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