Take your business to the next level by developing an app like Uber for plumbers.

Starting a successful on-demand plumbers app can be difficult without a professional’s help. Get in touch with a reputed app development company for building a robust platform to control the strings of your entire business operations.

The on-demand services market is flourishing as more business ideas are flowing in. The market is expanding like never before as more entrepreneurs are entering this space. Most of our essential services are offered as on-demand service applications to make our lives easier. No one would believe that Uber was just another company in its initial days and was started by three friends to solve the problems faced by people in their day to day lives. But the turning point of the application was its very purpose of building it in the first place, which is to help make people’s lives easier. 

If you are into handyman services, then you should get the Uber for plumbers app for your business. As the name suggests, it works based on Uber. It is much similar when it comes to functionality and business model but differs in operations. The app can also be an excellent platform for freelance plumbers to enroll as they cannot find customers regularly. The platform connects customers directly with the service providers without any middleman. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself.

  • What are the features that I should add to my application?
  • Which is the best technology in the market currently to integrate into my application?
  • What is the overall cost of developing the application?

There will be three stakeholders in this business model: admin, customers, and service providers. So you will have to develop apps for each one of them. 

Admin panel:

You can oversee the overall operations of the business from here. The dynamic dashboard will display the ongoing requests and upcoming requests precisely. Some of the unique features that shouldn’t miss integrating with the admin panel are:

Booking management:

The admin should be able to track the previous orders of the customers and service providers. They should be able to get organized data about the previous orders and payments on the app.

Manage profiles of customers and professionals:

The admin should have the overall control of the customer’s and freelancer’s profile on the platform. They should be able to obtain, view, print the profile data in a properly formatted version. 

Site management:

The admin should be able to make changes to the site’s logo, content, and technical aspects anytime they wish. Elements like URL, meta description, etc., come under technical aspects of the platform. 

Cancellation details:

The admin will have the authorization to cancel requests made by the customers. A proper explanation from the customer side should be provided to move forward. 

Manage notifications:

Push notifications can be an effective way to increase the overall user engagement on the platform. Admin can send notifications regarding upcoming offers, discounts, promotions, and related news articles. 

Service provider’s application:

Service providers or handymen will be connected with people based on the service they require. They will have an exclusive app to manage their operations and work more efficiently. Some of the features that you shouldn’t miss on the handyman’s application are:

Add/Edit personal information:

The freelancers need to register their profile before starting to earn on the platform. They will be asked to enter their phone number and email address during the registration process. Furthermore, they will be asked to submit a proof of identity. This step is taken to ensure the safety of the customers. The admin team will verify the documents, and then the account will be created. They will be asked to enter their name, photo, expertise, working hours, etc., for customer’s reference. 

Payment method:

As there is no intermediary in this business model, the service providers will directly receive their payments for every work. A commission fee will be deducted from the bill amount by the admin, and the rest will be sent to their bank account. 

Report generation:

The service providers should be able to view their earnings in an organized way. Filters can help them get the right listings as they can sort it yearly, daily, weekly, etc.

Customer side application:

The customer side application focuses on booking services and payments. Here are some of the basic features in it.

One-click signup:

The registration process is similar to that of a service provider’s application except that the users need not have to upload their documents for verification. They can also choose to have social media plugins integrated with the app so that the users can easily log in with Google, Facebook, and other social media accounts.

Multiple services list:

The users can browse through the available services in the app and book if they need any. The users can also use the filter options to make things easier. 

Fare estimation:

The customers should be able to view the estimated price for the services they choose. By this move, users will know about the cost and give them time to make a choice.

Payment option:

The customers will have the option to pay via credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI, and PayPal. You can consider adding an in-app wallet to your application. 

In a nutshell:

Starting a successful on-demand plumbers app can be difficult without a professional’s help. Get in touch with a reputed app development company for building a robust platform to control the strings of your entire business operations. Their experience in market trends and tech-savvy developers join hands to create a reliable and cost-effective solution that enables you to get instant traction.


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