tandard Necklace Length Size Chart – Picking up Perfect Chain!

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Buying a Necklace is every woman’s dream. The Necklace is no doubt an essential part of any women accessory collection.  Buying a Necklace is an exciting and of course a fun experience but before rushing out on any website make sure you know what’s your exact Necklace size is. Knowing about Necklace size is not only the matter of knowing the size of the pendant but the actual Length of the chain as well.  A chain is considered a necessary element when it comes to knowing Necklace Length. Moreover, a Necklace Length also depends on the design of your outfit and your physical features too. Before we get started you must know that Necklaces or chains come in standard Length. For women five standard Lengths and four standard Lengths for men – Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart – Picking up Perfect Chain!

In this blog, I will try to help you through selecting the right Necklace Length that will lead you to the best showcase of Jewelry collection according to your physical features, Lengths that will suit your body, and frame of your face. After getting familiar with all these aspects when you will wear your Jewelry correctly, people will definitely give you eyes and attention.


Some Standard Necklace Sizes for Women-
Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart - Picking up Perfect Chain!14” Lengths Necklace
The first and smallest size. Go like a choker around your neck. Perfect with collard outfits.

16” Necklace Lengths
This is size is perfectly emphasized below the 14” Length and above 18”. It touches the collarbone. Suitable for the outfits which are neck is wider than the collar one. This Length is absolute for pendants that hang over a crew neck.

20” Lengths Necklace
This size is suitable, perfectly balanced, neither choker nor too lose. Allow you to breathe. Falls right below collarbones and touches to the neckline.

22” Lengths Necklace
This Length is ideal for comfortable wearing. You can easily wear them with any small or deep neck outfits. This popular choice falls at the low neckline.

24” Lengths Necklace
The second last Necklace Length that is mostly considered among long Length of Necklaces. It falls below the neckline and comfortable to wear.

36” Lengths Necklace
The longest Length of the Necklace, standard with pearls and falls into heavy Jewelry. This can be worn with multiple small sizes Necklaces to personalized design and attractions. You can also double them to make two 18 inches Necklace.

Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart – Picking up Perfect Chain!

Some Standard Necklace Sizes for Men-
Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart - Picking up Perfect Chain!18” Lengths Necklace
This is the shortest Length that falls just around the neck and choker. Apparently, they are the most common and popular among men’s fashion because they can easily go with beads and fewer efforts. Of course, they do drastic changes in looks.

20” Lengths Necklace
This is also a common Length that falls right to the collarbone. They are fine with pendants and can be more attractive on un-button shirts or with a slight V-neck t-shirt.

22” Lengths Necklace
This Length is longer than 20 inches but just a few inches below collarbone. This Length is most considered because it allows more room to breathe and gives space. You can go on with this Length if u wearing it under a t-shirt.

24” Lengths Necklace
They are the extra-long Lengths. Popular for their religious perspective and divine meaningful pendants to keep them close to the heart. They have often worn undershirts. They fall above the sternum.

Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart – Picking up Perfect Chain!


How to Choose the Right Length of Necklace?
The right Necklace can really be a curtail point when it is paired with an outfit that is meant to modify your looks. A perfect Length Necklace and outfit together become the focal point of a women’s body. Therefore it is important to consider how the Length of your Necklace will make your body more center of attraction. Here is some pioneer physical feature that will definitely help you to pick a perfect Necklace Length according to your unique height, neck, body type, and your face shape.

Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart - Picking up Perfect Chain!


Neck Height
Believe or not your neck height is an important factor to know your Necklace Length. Make sure to measure your neck height before rushing out to any Jewelry store or any website. Especially keep knot this note when you buying a choker.

Now, here how you can measure your neck height-

Take a soft measuring tape or any other tool.
Rape it around your neck
Whatever, your neck measurement is, add two inches more to that for a perfect choker.
Add four inches to your neck measurement to buy a perfect pendant Length Necklace.
Note– Chokers embrace long necks usually so if your neck is short then avoid chokers instead go with pendant Necklaces – Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart – Picking up Perfect Chain!

Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart - Picking up Perfect Chain!


Your Height
Your height is another most important factor to choose a perfect Length Necklace. Usually, height decides what type of Necklace more will flatter to your body.

Here how it works-

If your height is below 5’4” go with 16 to 20 inches Necklace Lengths. Here, understand that sort height means short Necklace Lengths.
Heights between 5’4” to 5’7” can go with the Necklace of any heights. An advantage for taller heights.
The taller height which is about 5’7” can also go with any Lengths. as they are tall enough chain style long Necklaces will look best on them because of their tall frame.

Body Type
Your body is another factor that helps you to analyze a suitable Necklace Length for you. Always remember that people’s eyes stop at the endpoint of every Necklace. The place where you Necklace end is really a big matter. So make sure if u don’t want them look at that part.

Apply such simple advice-

A long chain or layered Necklace would look great on the women with a small bust.
Full-figured women as the Necklace would not hang properly and won’t do its work must keep in mind that the Necklace fits right below the breast line should be avoided.
A Length of 18 to 22 inches that will fall slightly higher on the body will go perfect. You can try that.

Face Shape
We must say that a Necklace is just not meant you enhance your look but it is the only accessory that actually helps to frame the face as well. As the features described above, face type can also help you to highlight your sharp facial features and elevate your beauty – Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart – Picking up Perfect Chain!

Here are some common suggestions for common face types-

Shorter Necklace and chokers are not designed for round faces as they emphasize the roundness of your face.
The oval facial shape gets benefits here. An oval-shaped face can go for almost any shape, design, Lengths, and almost every layered Necklace.
Long shaped face always willing to widen and soften their faces, for this, they should choose small Necklaces or chokers. The short round Necklace will keep your look precise and enhancive. Hence long shaped faces should go with chokers or measuring Lengths between 16 to 18 inches.
The same sizes fit best for a heart-shaped face. They also look great in chokers or any other shot Lengths of Necklaces. Due to their narrow chin, they create the fullness of illusions that do not allow long Length Necklaces.
Guide: Standard Necklace Length Size Chart - Picking up Perfect Chain!

Choosing the right Necklace is the same as buying a pair of jeans or a t-shirt. All consideration, size, Lengths, shape, and features are contrary the same. So not just jump in next time straight to say-“Lest Shop Necklace.” But “Let’s Study a Necklace before Shopping”. No matter what body type, shape, or height you have. Beauty is individual in can be personalized!

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