Technologies That Are Realizing The Dream of “Make In India” and “Digital India”

Online Bill Payment through XPay Life. You can make faster, easier and secure payment for all multi-utility bills such as Electricity, Gas, Water, Postpaid Mobile bill, Landline, Broadband, DTH Recharge become easier with XPay Life.

The quick online bill payment has been the talk of the town from last few months. The number of merchants onboard in increasing rapidly which in turn has improved the number of customers to willingly accept the changing technological landscapes. Everything is accelerating towards the digital shift in the country, right from peer-to-peer transactions, to utility bill payments and even booking tickets has been a very easy formula of going through the online. 

India is predominantly a country dependant on the physical cash transaction. Most people still prefer the cash for any financial transaction, even to make Landline Bill Payment, cash is preferred. This is proved by the Google BCG report that states that still 35% of the urban customers still prefer traditional modes of payment and 80% of the rural India is completely under tapped with less internet connection, no awareness about the growing trends and digital crippling.

To increase the digital acceptance of the people and make Easy Electricity bill payment, and other utilities, many fintech companies are coming forward with new innovative technologies. One such company is XIPHIAS XPay Life Pvt Ltd which is offering a full spectrum of multi-utility payment service through website, mobile app that is compatible both on Android and iOS devices. These serve the urban base and a small part of the rural India.

But to expand the reach in assisting the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s motive towards digital India. Although many schemes have helped in providing the electricity supply to the remote villages, the biggest challenge the government is facing is about the bill collection. The problem of walking miles compromising on their daily wages is a far-fetched idea for the rural masses. To resolve this issue, a new technology is taking a face up called as bill payment kiosk or Anytime payment kiosk that is coming to the customers for collecting bills through which Easy Postpaid Mobile payment can be made using cash but still the transaction remains to be digital.

The kiosk consists of a cash acceptor, POS machine and receipt printer. The touch-screen provides a enhanced user experience who are well familiarized with the smartphones. thus making digital more attractive. Pay gas bill online through the kiosks and experience the latest technology built on cloud, IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

The Mobile Vans is an idea conceptualized basically for this purpose, if insurance companies, health cares, salons and banks can come to people, then why not the most important sector of bill payment do the same. The van consists of a cash acceptor kiosk, a vending machine that dispenses sanitary pads and condoms for free and also mini-ATMs that can be extensively helpful for the rural masses.

The POS machines are not taking a launch at the bill payment sector where one can pay their bills through the credit/debit cards. Aldo the merchants can take the cash and confirm the bill payment. This step is bound to provide employment opportunities to hundreds of people. This is putting India to Work and helping to realize “Make In India” and “Digital India” in a faster innovative manner.POS machines owned can by merchants can be used to pay water bill online.

Also with the ease of the payment comes the security concern. But a company that is BBPS assured and has it’s seal is bound to be trustworthy as the seal itself represents the RBI( reserve bank of India). Look for this assurance seal while making a payment. The technologies are prone to cyber attacks and hence there is a need for maintaining the cyber hygiene. The most secure channel is always built on the blockchain technology. This is mostly used in the bit coins generation, but a mobile payment app built on this technology is bound to have fewer problems related to cyber attacks. trust the security provided by BBPS.

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