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Samsung Freezer is just one of the most popular double door guide defrosting versions of the freezer with a regular appearance and innovative capabilities.

Samsung Freezer, together with refrigerator day daily need of freezer, is overgrowing. This chest freezer version offers additional space to store the meals and create more extended cooling than the standard refrigerator.

Samsung Freezer is just one of the most popular double door guide defrosting versions of the freezer with a regular appearance and innovative capabilities.

Let us have a Look at several features of the Samsung Freezer version.


- The extra-large size was supplying Maximum storage capability. Therefore, that is a standard version of a freezer for a big family of 6 to 7 members and your restaurant.

- The chest freezer, because it opens on the surface, is much more energy-efficient since it allows cold air to remain indoors and never come out. Additionally, don't need to open a wide doorway for removing food in the cavity.

- For positioning in space with limited Vertical capacities, the chest freezer is valuable.

- Thus you can stay strain free after the moth regarding power bill.

- Above all, a chest freezer is less costly than an upright refrigerator. And in the instance of Samsung, the cost is always affordable.


- Due to the natural cooling system, food becomes suspended and became problems to take out the cavity food.

- It's a broad shape large size torso Freezer version. Thus you want to have more room to maintain this item at your dining or kitchen.

- Fixing the chest freezer will even be demanding and some folks may require a step or step stool to become to the corners and bottom.

First Appearance

Samsung refrigerator price in Bangladesh is a blue color box contour double door version of the torso freezer. To maintain the floor firmly has a leg and also for altering the cooling Knob system was given. The whole mechanical device was installed on the rear side of this construction. It is a reversible foaming door function as an insulator and prevents heating leakage. This dual door has a method that has been supplying the option to start the essential section only and maintain the cooling inside the pit. This is a significant chest freezer, so you have to have good enough space in your area. That means you might not transfer refrigerator price in Bangladesh readily, as you enjoy often.

Storage Ability

Overall storage this is a significant size chest freezer version. That means you might comfortably place the mandatory food after another. On the right side of this pit have just two wire shelves plus a wire basket for maintaining the daily food such as fast food, chocolate, or ice cream and green water and food Dispenser for chilly water. This can be an extended storage capability base version of the freezer with contemporary refrigerant features.

Cooling Characteristics

This torso Freezer version utilized standard R134a refrigerant technology; aside from that, its aluminum condenser and Aluminum evaporator system has competent enough to make sure regarding the proper cooling of the pit. It may create less than -180C at the cavity that's very cool and its cooling system Climatic Sort ST is ideal for Bangladeshi humid and hot weather. Additionally, this ultra-modern harmful CFC and HCF petrol free cooling technology have made this merchandise Eco friendly.

Electric Characteristics

A freezer is a Daily utilizes appliance. For that reason, it's essential to understand more about the electrical characteristics of this model. Samsung Freezer is a daily appliance that could be easily combined with the standard voltage of 220V into 230v and 50Hz. This item only consumes 183-volt power. That makes Hitachi refrigerator price in Bangladesh energy efficient.

Cost and Accessibility

Samsung is the largest appliances manufacturer in Bangladesh. They have many own showrooms, Known as Samsung plaza, throughout the nation and several traders. Therefore you can easily find Samsung appliances in your closest Transcom Digital Showrooms.


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