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The Best Ways for Women to Wear Off-the-shoulder Tops

You may have seen the trend already - wholesale womens tops that drape elegantly over the shoulders or edgy styles that show some skin. Off the shoulder tops are a fantastic statement in almost any attire.

You may have seen the trend already - wholesale womens tops that drape elegantly over the shoulders or edgy styles that show some skin. Off the shoulder tops are a fantastic statement in almost any attire. Regardless of your size or shape, you can try out the look. Surprisingly, off the shoulder tops are extremely versatile. Your look can be modest or revealing depending on the size of your off-the-shoulder tops you choose and the direction you are heading. We also provide some tips to help you wear the trendy style with confidence.Off-shoulder Lace Trim Tie Dye Stripe Blouse

How to Wear Off-the-shoulder Tops for Women

Before you fill up your wardrobe with chic off-the-shoulder tops, it helps to know how to wear them. When creating an off-shoulder garment, keep the following tips in mind. They will help you put together a fabulous attire that flatter your shoulders in a fashionable way.

  1. Pick a Sleeve Style

    Cross Front Off-shoulder Solid Tee


    Choose different styles according to the season, if you want to wear anything over the top and more. Your sleeve options for an off-the-shoulder top should include a long, statement sleeves. From flared sleeves to ruffles, a long statement sleeve is perfect for looks that you don't want to layer anything over. These tops should be worn in spring, late summer or early autumn, as it's a bit difficult to get an outerwear on over sleeves with more volume.

  2. Choose the Best Bottoms

    The bottoms you wear with off-the-shoulder outfit vary based on your style. Usually, try to compare the fit up top with the one below. So if your top is flowing, which many off the shoulder shirts are in some way, then form-fitting jeans or leggings may be best your bottoms options. If your shirt does not have ruffles or any other details at the bottom, you can tuck or half tuck it into your trousers or skirts. You could also choose cropped varieties of off the shoulder tops that sit at or above the waistline of the pants or skirt, which is quite wonderful for warmer seasons or when you want a flirting look.
  3. Layer the Look

    If the weather isn't cooperating with your garment or if you don't want to show lots of skin, adding layers may mean you can still wear an off the shoulder top. Some laying options include a cardigan, a jacket and a romper with thin straps. Any of the above off-the-shoulder tops can create a stylish layered look. It's an excellent way to style the top if you don’t want to show off your shoulders, but you still want to get in on the trend.
  4. Add Accessories

    Cold Shoulder Vertical Stripe Cami Shirt

    If leaving the area around your shoulders, collarbone and neck exposed is not what you want, you can add something to your outfits with accessories. Cover some skin with something similar or attract attention in other places. A choker necklace will break up the space while still allowing you flaunt your bare skin. A scarf will keep you warm and comfortable since it can cover a lot of bare skin.

How to Choose an Off-the-top for Women

Off-the-shoulder tops can be in various different styles, which are perfect for almost any style or figure. When looking for off the shoulder tops, here are some tips you need to know.

  1. Pick a Perfect Style Based on Your Bust

    Off-shoulder Flare Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

    When you select a top in almost any style, you should consider how its details will work well with your figure. Off-the-shoulder tops for women with big busts are always flowing. They help balance your proportions and will embrace your figure. If you aren't as gifted up top, you can opt for a top that is a bit more fitting-well. Some layered details near the collar will give the illusion of a larger bust if that's something you appreciate in your costumes.

  2. Show off Your Shoulders

    Although you will flaunt your shoulder in any off-the-shoulder blouse, some tops expose more than others. If you are in the mood to show off what you got to the extreme, you can wear a shirt with elastic collars and shimmy it down your arms to reveal more skin. Or you can style your own off-the-shoulder top with a button-down shirt. Plenty of off-the-shoulder styles allow you to adjust the top to your preference, so you can wear them at any time. Whether you're going out for some events at night, want a frivolous makeup or are just feeling confident that day, show off those shoulders a little bit more.
  3. Keep It Modest

     Batwing Sleeve Off Shoulder Leopard Top

    Just as you can show off more skin, some off the shoulder tops allow you to make an adjustment to cover up a little. The elastic style is particularly easy to move upwards, so the collar rests on top of your shoulders instead of the sides of your arms. If you're going with a chic crop top or sweatshirt that you love, you can adjust the tailoring according to your preference, so that you have a less dramatic neckline rather than one with exposed shoulders. A modest off the shoulder top is perfect for everyday and casual wear. Wear a less conspicuous off-the-shoulder top when you feel like mixing up your closet. You'll give your appearance a bit more fun and personality.

  4. Style Hacks for an Off-the-shoulder Top

    Flare Sleeve Off-shoulder Stripe Blouse

    Off the shoulder tops may ride up regardless of your body shape. If you are going out to hit the dance floor or move your arms drastically, you may end up adjusting your top to keep it in place all night. When your hands are not waving in the air, you may want to save the shirt on your shoulders during the day and night. Some tops have elasticity on the arms and neckline, and if the size is right, they can help maintain the desired position of the item. You can also style the top so that it covers more shoulders, so if the shirt slides up while moving, the look will be more intentional.

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