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The Never-Ending Benefits of Small Cardboard Boxes

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Cardboard boxes itself are known to be the most applicable boxes you could ever find. With their multiple brown kraft paper. Cardboard was first invented in 1884, by a Swedish chemist, Carl F. Dahl, who created the process of mincing wood chips into a strong paper that isn’t easy to tear or split.

Being strong and cheap, cardboard boxes have never-ending uses in heavy industries as well at our homes. Here in this blog, we will discuss a few of the many benefits of cardboards.

Environmental & Economical Benefits

Cardboard is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It degrades itself completely within a year. It is basically a complex carbohydrate material, it decomposes in no time, and if it provided with a little bit of moisture, its degradation accelerates even more.

It minimizes waste generation. Its feature of being reused and recycle, make unnecessary consumption of cardboard very less. Like other materials, when the cardboard is recycled it doesn’t lose its durability, quality, or any other property. That also makes the most economical material to use in the packaging industry.

Recycling of cardboard also saves a lot of energy that can be used to spend on other energy-consuming processes. As compared to other materials 50% less electricity and 90% less water is used to manufacture them.

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Uses of Cardboard Boxes

Small cardboard boxes are proven to be more beneficial as compared to wood boxes, and other fancy material. It is protective enough to be used in the transportation and packaging of mass products. You can see this by counting the number of objects that are packed using small and white cardboard boxes around us.

  • Floor protection: cardboard boxes can be used as floor protection whenever there is rainy weather out there and you don’t want any wet step on your fancy rug.
  • Composite material: Cardboard makes a great composite material when you need to balance out brown and greens. Use this to increase carbon compost.
  • Toy Storage: Small or big, cardboard boxes can be a great toy storage boxes, whenever your child is done playing with toys, get them to arrange in a strong cardboard box.
  • Lightweight: As cardboard is able to bear heavyweight, it itself is a very light material. That comes in handy when you are an exporter and weight can cost you a lot in this industry.
  • Flexible:  unlike any other strong material, cardboard is the most flexible you can get on the market. As it is made from multiple layers of kraft sheet, you can bend and mold them in any desired shape or size.
  • Keeps the product safe: When you opt cardboard for your product, you get yourself 100% assurance of the product that is packed inside. Whether you need to send it across the street or halfway around the world your product is completely safe inside the cardboard box.

Since its invention, cardboard as gained popularity due to its uncountable benefits. Once you start cardboard in your daily life you will explore more of its uses and benefits that we didn’t mention in this blog.

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