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The Process Of Producing Sod Grass By Atlanta Sod Company

You are curious about how the sod is produced by Atlanta Sod Company because it is real grass and it takes a few weeks to a month to properly establish on a lawn.

When you order the sod grass; you get the ready product from suppliers. But you must have wondered as to how the grass is cultivated? It is a very long process that takes from months to years to produce the sod.

How Sod Is Produced At Atlanta Sod Company?

You are curious about how the sod is produced by Atlanta Sod Company because it is real grass and it takes a few weeks to a month to properly establish on a lawn. So prepared sod grass goes through the following production steps.

Land Needed For Sod Production

The quality of land is the first thing that suppliers think of because the best soil will produce the highest quality sod grass. The land should have the nutrient that is essential for sod growing.

The Ground Quality Is Important

The ground on which the sod will be cultivated by Atlanta Sod Company in Georgia should have uniformity in the quality from one end to the other. The depth should also be the same as the whole land so it is checked by experts.

Soil For Plantation Is Prepared

This is more or less the same process as the preparation on the ground on which the sod is established. The soil has to be prepared 4 to 6 inches deep so that nutrients can reach deep in the ground.

Seeding For The Sod Grass

Next comes the seeding step of the sod grass. As the areas in which the sod is cultivated is large; the companies like Atlanta Sod Farms use various machinery to scatter the seeds for best results.

Seeding In The Late Summer

The most appropriate season for cultivating the sod grass is during late summer. The ideal months are August and September as the conditions of growing sod is the most suitable.

Spring Time Is Also Appropriate

Many of the sod suppliers seed the sod grass in the spring season. But they can face serious issues like the growth of other grasses and weeds because spring is the season for a new life.

Quality Of Seed Is Uniform

The sod companies have to be sure that the quality of seeds is the best and the seed suppliers supply them the same quality seed every time they order it. The seed has to be mixed into the soil properly.

Proper Irrigation Makes Great Sod

Properly irrigating the sod grass is the key to producing the best sod. Approximately 24 inches of water has to be supplied during the growing season. But not more than that because it can stop the supply of oxygen.

Fertilization For Growth

Nitrogen is very helpful in the rapid growth of the sod grass. Although other fertilizers are also essential nitrogen is the main nutrient for the grass.

Spraying For Protection

Insecticides and fungicides are sprayed so that the sod is protected from diseases, fungus, pests and insects that damage the sod grass during cultivation and after establishment.

Harvesting The Sod Grass

The most important step of all sod procedure is the harvest as Atlanta Sod Company focuses on this step the most. The reason is that the sod can get damages during harvesting.

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