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The Role of Real-Time Communication APIs in E-Commerce Apps

In this article, we will take a look at the features of real-time messaging API e-commerce apps and understand the implementation through various levels of customer service and sales.

Today’s customers expect immediacy in customer service, information exchange, and sale due to the extensive use of smartphones and other communication devices. Real time communication solutions for e-commerce apps or any other kind of online platform offers enterprises the expediency to engage with their potential customer that could result in sales and be more profitable. This is the ultimate reason why brands are using real time communication APIs to not just innovate, but also uplift commerce.

However, in this article, we will take a look at the features of real time messaging API e-commerce apps and understand the implementation through various levels of customer service and sale

Real Time Communication Features for E-Commerce Apps

Integrate real time chat API for commerce apps and offer app/website visitors the most relevant and personalized content based on information provided by them. The agenda of In app chat API for e-commerce platforms is to create a real-time environment and deliver messages instantly.

The aim of having a real time messaging solution for e-commerce apps is to offer:


  1. Live, updatable and dynamic presence to the visitors
  2.   Favourable solutions based on the collected data
  3. arget audience based on user’s history and needs

Here are the Real Time Communication (API,SDK) Features of Commerce Apps


1.  One-on-One & Group Chat on Ecommerce Apps

Brands build chat solutions for e-commerce platforms to let the back-end or the front-end teams communicate with their customers. The idea is to boost commerce by motivating the customers to use the in-app chat solution for e-commerce apps and place inquiries, share feedback, or simply communicate with the representative of the brand.

Real time chat solution for ecommerce apps

Listed are few examples that explain how beneficial one-on-one and group chats are for e-commerce apps:

  1.   Be it one-on-one or group chats, they enhance mobility and accessibility among customers.
  2.  One-on-one chats can create a safe environment for discussion.
  3. Likewise, with group chats, multiple representatives can communicate simultaneously.
  4.  Integrate chat solutions for e-commerce platforms to save time, as registering complaints and manually enquiring will be time-consuming.
  5.  Real time chat solutions for e-commerce apps are also great to maintain records of the customers and increase conversion based on these records.

With a good communication chat API, developers can build amazing features for your e-commerce platform, such as:

  •   Text Indicators
  •  Emoticons
  • Media Sharing
  •   Auto Translation
  • Moderation Tools
  • Chat History
  • Push Notification

2.  One-on-One & Group Video Calling for  Ecommerce Apps

Video chat apps are extremely popular and have incrementally boosted businesses. Brands are using video calls to connect with their customer as the mode has become an integral part of today's communication. Moreover, enterprises offer real time video calling solutions for e-commerce mobile apps and websites so that they can enhance reliability and improve the entire gamut of customer relationships.

video calling api for ecommerce apps

Listed are few examples that explain how beneficial one-on-one and group video calls are for e-commerce apps:

  1.  Enterprises can host conferences or one-on-one online meetings with their clients from across the world and ensure that the data is secured.
  2. Video call solution for e-commerce apps lets users speak to representatives and allows them to make instant choices resulting in conversions or sales growth.
  3.   Video calling apps also intensify the productivity of remote teams and the process of decision-making within the enterprise.
  4. Live video chat solutions for e-commerce apps or websites makes it easy to offer online support, especially for high-end or technical services.

With the right video calling API, the most interactive features can be developed for any e-commerce app or website, such as:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Video Conferencing
  • Message Broadcasting
  •  VoIP Calling (Data Calling)
  • SIP Calling (App to Phone)
  • Cross-Platform Messaging
  • Push Notifications

3.  Live Video Broadcasts with Open Chats on Ecommerce Apps

Live video broadcasting or streaming offers brands a direct way to engage and connect with their target audience on various online platforms. Brands and their enterprises have several options to host live video broadcasts with open chats from social network streams to advanced channels. However, hosting a live-streaming video on an e-commerce app requires developers to integrate APIs that allow hosting secure live-streaming and broadcast solo or multi-source videos with the objective to interact with the audience.

Live broadcasting api for ecommerce platform

  1. With live video broadcasts, brands can easily offer product information to customers and also provide live product/service tests to gain credibility.
  2.  With video chat APIs and video chat SDK for e-commerce mobile apps, sharing information is done instantly, plus open chat features ensure the communication to be clear.
  3.    Converting target audience to viewers and viewers to customers becomes easy with live streaming.

4.  Few Other Engaging Features on Ecommerce Apps

Real time messaging solutions for e-commerce apps are all about offering a convenient channel for enterprises to connect with their customers. Hence, communication API solutions for e-commerce platforms ensure to add some engaging features so that communication becomes easy and efficient.

Some of them are noted below:

  1. Reactions – Reaction is a great way to communicate and adds a fun quotient to real-time communication. Reactions are helpful for both brands as well as users, as it communicates whether a message, video or a live stream has been effective and if people are liking or disliking the same.
  2.  Polls – Polls are used to bring in new viewers, encourage participation and understand which subjects are trending. This feature is also used by brands to gather feedback and recognize which products or services customers prefer.
  3. Real-Time Draw Events – As the name suggests, this a real-time draw event that hosts lottery or live games to boost engagement or create brand recognition.
  4. Engagement Analytics – Engagement analytics is a powerful feature. It offers real-time analytical data to enterprises so that they can statistically evaluate engagement on every level of public communication. This also aids in understanding what type of content is engaging and how can communication be made more operative.
  5. Media & Document Sharing – Sharing documents and media files is yet another advantageous feature. Sharing presentations, brochures, and other such files on a real-time basis assists in communicating better.

Importance of Real time Communication in Direct-to-Consumer Branding

As the name suggests, Direct-to-consumer branding is enterprises or businesses directly catering to the needs of their target audience without the involvement of middlemen. Such brands produce, market, and sell products and services – plus are able to connect with consumers directly. Although, this module offers a lot of perks such as reduced costs, control of the supply chain, and a seamless buyer experience, yet, brands cannot simply fill-in orders and be at the top of the game!

With the help of real-time communication, brands have to expertly fulfill the modern expectations of their potential customers. Communication API solutions for e-commerce platforms generate this engagement and offer brand recall. Moreover, with real-time communication  the credibility of the brand also increases. Hence, it would be apt to say that real-time communication has a very important role in boosting direct-to-consumer branding.

Use Cases of Real time Communication for Commerce Apps:

Creating a human connection with potential customers and creating space for conversations is crucial to build a brand and innovate commerce.

Here are a few ways brands use cases to ensure in app chat  communication play’s a significant role on online platforms:

  1. Customer Communities : Influencers, brand ambassadors, and basically individuals with immense popularity on online platforms can be used to build customer communities. They advocate for the brand and ensure that a flow of positive conversation happens within the community. The aim is to uplift the brand image and guarantee brand recognition on various online channels.

  2. Buyer to Seller / Service Provider Chat : The objective here is to make the online marketplace simple, transparent, direct, and seamless. With in app messaging solutions for e-commerce apps, sellers or service providers can chat with their buyers or customers directly. This safeguards customers from any type of dubious transaction and offers an approachable environment.

  3. Customer Support Chat :  Customer support chat functions are one of the most widely used real time messaging solutions for e-commerce apps. They are apt for clarifying concerns, raising complaints, resolving queries, and offering feedback. Customer support chat systems also enable customers to connect with brands and humanizes the entire shopping experience.

  4. Face-To-Face Conversations with Customers: Face-to-face conversations are yet another amazing tool to gain credibility and personalize transactions with customers. Offering one-on-one customer video calls can be helpful in addressing uses more proactively and measuring the actual reactions of the prospects.

  5. Live Broadcasts for Product Demos, Launches & Endorsements : Brands use live broadcasts for product demos, to launch a new service, or endorse an existing brand on a different level. Live broadcasts are a proven method to channel sales, but they also assist in targeting demographic, creating brand awareness, hosting promotions, giveaways, and more.


It is quite evident that real time communication APIs have a huge role in boosting and innovating commerce. So, while several brands and enterprises are adopting innovative methods to communicate on a real time basis with their audience and increase engagement and sales – ensure that you are not left behind! adapt communication API solution for your e-commerce platforms and make the most of it right away!


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