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The Ultimate Guide of Wedding Planner in 2021

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The Ultimate Guide of Wedding Planner in 2021


This is the ultimate guide to choose Wedding Planners in 2021.

In this guide, you will learn all about

  • Know everything about Wedding Planner
  • Do you need to hire an Event Planner?
  • Things You should Tell Your Marriage Planner
  • Best Ways to Prepare Your Wedding Budget
  • How to Choose an Affordable Wedding Planner?
  • Upcoming Wedding Trends Followed by Wedding Planners
  • Wedding Planning Checklist Are Finally Here
  • Lots more

So if you want to make sure that your wedding is at the next level, you should get a lot of value from today’s wedding planner ultimate guide.

Let’s get started.



Chapter 1

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Planners


Are you thinking about hiring a best wedding planners, but you do not know where to start? Especially in this chapter,  I am going to show you what wedding planners actually do, how much time they spend, and what to expect when working together.

We explain everything about how to do your wedding planning, and then your turn is how you coordinate with your Planner from expenses to expectations.


Who Is A Wedding Planner?


First things first, let’s get clear about who is a wedding planner…

On your big day, the wedding planner is the “project manager” for your big day behind your event. It is their responsibility to plan, maintain and execute all the logistics needed to maintain your event smoothly from start to finish.

Wedding planners are one of the most important factors in your wedding planning, because of their excellent advice, guidance and organizational skills. And they can handle decoration, handling guests, catering and entertainment and more.


What does a Wedding Planner Do?


Wedding planner can do anything for you like a family member. Just explain about your interests and your needs. Based on your needs and interests they help you to manage your budgets and timelines and recommendations. 

They will organize the wedding theme, colors and decor design & flowers  ideas, catering and entertainment shows, etc.to suit your preferences based on your budget. 

Wedding planners have a wide range of connections with vendors like decorators and entertainments shows managers and photographers and more. These commitments will help you to fit your budget and they will save you time and money. These Full-Services Wedding Planners provide from start-to-end assistance with your wedding. 



Responsibilities of Wedding Planners


So, what are the responsibilities wedding planners have? The role of the wedding planner usually includes:

  • Managing all needs and communications with your platform as well as sourcing ceremony and reception venues.
  • Review the entire budget.
  • Understand the style, colors, vibrations and tastes of this couple.
  • Discuss progress up to date.

The Planner can assist all the wedding planning services. Services can be a combination of functions depending on your needs and budget.



Are Wedding Planner Worth it


who hires a wedding planner will tell you that they are worth every time.They only know the value of wedding planners. If you are not already involved in this process, it can be difficult to understand how helpful the planner can be. On the wedding day, you can fully appreciate how much work is being done to organize and execute such an important day.

 It can literally take hundreds of hours and if you are too busy at work or not the organizing type, a Wedding planner will save you time, stress, and is worth financially.



Are Wedding Planners in Demand


Wedding planning is a profession, it is growing business rapidly. Think about it, hundreds of thousands of couples get married every year and many want to have full-fledged weddings to celebrate their new beginning. Based on that we need Wedding planners!

Based on changing culture and traditions and trends on weddings, the demand for professional event management companies and wedding planners is increasing.



Importance of Wedding Planner in a Wedding


You may never have planned a wedding before, but you can definitely see couples going completely disturbed when planning their wedding. This is not just about you, everyone needs to be prepared for the wedding. 

So your family and your partner’s family need to take good care of everything, including finding a stage photographer and makeup artist. , Caterer, Dress, etc. From all these needs you can realize the importance of a wedding planner.



How Can a Wedding Planner Help Me?


Wedding planners have professionals and experienced in all aspects of wedding planning, from helping couples to setting up realistic wedding budgets with details of what wedding planning is all about. 

From photography to catering and decorating flowers and  music entertainments, wedding planners manage you and your celebrations. And gives you a peaceful and stress free wedding. It’s amazing what wedding planners do and you can consider the cost of wedding planners when you decide whether to seek outside help.


Difference Between Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator


Before you get engaged and start the wedding planning process, you may have heard the term “Wedding Planner” or “Wedding Coordinator”. A Wedding planner can do complete wedding service. And wedding coordinators can coordinate during the process of wedding planning.

The wedding coordinator: Wedding coordinator usually starts to help you prepare a month before the wedding and acts as the point person on the wedding day. They verify seller agreements and create a timeline of the day, as well as make sure payments and guest counts are regular, but do not participate in previous planning stages or keep track of your budget.

“Coordinators make sure everything you do is in good condition until they take charge.”

The Wedding Planner: wedding planner is essentially your dedicated event manager. Their role is to maintain and execute all the logistics involved in planning your day. The wedding planner ensures that your planning process runs smoothly from start to finish, from sourcing and booking suppliers to handling contracts and developing timelines.

Wedding planners have known for their excellent organization and multi-tasking skills as well as their attention to detail. 


Chapter 2

Do You Need to Hire a Event Planner?


In this section, we are answering a question that is  “Do I need a wedding planner?”

Yes of course, you needed a wedding planner, every engaged couple needs a wedding planner because wedding planning is stressful, and actually, they save money for you with their ideas and experience.

There are a lot of reasons why you need a Best wedding planner.

Let’s go inside.


You Don’t Have Time to Plan a Wedding


Wedding planning involves a lot of work. Not every couple has the time to manage their big day due to their jobs, interests and social lives. 

On a similar note, most vendors set their regular business hours on wedding planning, and should take place frequently during their working hours.

Again, most working couples cannot take the work needed to complete that planned task. A professional Event planners can handle the daily tasks needed to make sure your wedding is exactly what you dream of.



You Can’t Be in Two Places at Once


Even if the wedding and reception are at the same place, extra hands are often needed to make sure the event is set up on time. Most event venues have strict time limits where couples can access the venue a few hours before their wedding. So, choose wedding planners to fully prepare your event on time.


They Will Save You a Lot of Time


The difficulties in the planning of your wedding activities are mainly related to the timing, development and implementation, and this is an absolute fact! Moreover, they achieve more, better and faster.

If you are getting married soon and you don’t have an idea how to manage your wedding, do not have much time to make arrangements and everything. You have a wedding planner, they should definitely cross your mind as they will have all the details and supervision you need at that time.

“Time is precious. They work for you and save you valuable time.”


Keep Your Wedding Within Budget


We all are worried about spending money and struggling with allocating money for each and every need. The Most stressful thing in a wedding is the budget.

We all are worried about money to spend on a wedding, because everyone has their own budget plan for their occasion. 

So, wedding planners like to work under a given budget and make things stress free for you on the financial front and give you pre-details about different expenses when decor, food and other wedding arrangements come into their work.

Some wedding planners give you different packages to suit your finances and needs, so you also have a choice.


They’ll Help You With Your Specific Needs


The Wedding planner handles all of this, starting to complete their focus on selecting venues, meeting your vendors and coordinating weekend activities for your guests.

 This is the best option for those who are looking for multi day rituals and ceremonies and plan for destination weddings too. And the  wedding planner helps you to guide your wedding planning in detail.



Wedding Planners Are Quite Experienced


Wedding planners have the experience of effectively managing your big day events. They know a lot because of their regular business relationships with florists, photographers, hair stylists, caterers, stage providers and other vendors.

This is an added benefit to you. Wedding Planners are the best way to help get your marriage in heaven!


They’ll Bring Your Vision to Reality


Every couple has some desire and dreams for their wedding. Whenever you approach the wedding planner you need to tell them about your desires and dreams.The right planner can help you make your dream wedding come true.

You need to choose a wedding planner, who matches your expectations. Then only you are satisfied with your vision seeing in reality. 



Make Sure They Can Help You Enjoy Every Moment


Due to your job and tight schedule, you may not have time alone to make wedding preparations. By giving all the responsibilities to the Wedding planner, you can enjoy the wedding and get pleasure from the dinner.

These wedding planners communicate with the sellers on your behalf and take care of all the tensions of the wedding.


They’ll Offer Advice on Tricky Situations


What should you do now because your mother and mother-in-law disagree about the details of the bride? Do you have to ask your bridesmaid how much they pay for their dress? When should you send your saved dates? An experienced wedding planner has seen all of this and they can guide you through any tricky situations that may arise during the big-day preparations.


 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Planner


Are There Any Surprising Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner?

This is the day when two people who are attracted to each other, decide to change their union permanently. But the real question is how to start planning this day of love. 

Destination weddings on the one hand in life, simple weddings, on the other hand, have a moment, such uncertainty! In the midst of all this confusion comes a sound from the theme of ‘Hire a Wedding Planner’.

They all have a way, tell them what’s on your mind about your Wedding Day and they provide surprises in every moment in your wedding and the next thing you know is they turned your vision into reality.

What to Expect From Your Wedding Planner?

Weddings are happy and joyful occasions but sometimes, it is a pleasure to plan one. While it is natural for you to want to control everything that happens on your wedding day. 

It is sometimes a good idea to leave the task of planning the wedding to professionals so that you can enjoy your big day with your friends and family. If you decided to hire a wedding planner to plan your wedding, you can expect the following from him / her:

  • Your wedding should be budgeted first and foremost.
  • The wedding industry is enormous, and finding and trusting the right service providers by managing the minute details of your big day.
  • Whether we like it or not, it is very common for something to go wrong or happen on the day of the wedding to manage all the issues.
  • One of the most comprehensive parts of a wedding day is the memories you create in the form of videos and photography.

Are You Available For Our Wedding Date?

This is the most important question you should ask your wedding planner. Especially during the peak season, the wedding planner takes on several projects in the same day. So you need to make sure that your planner stays with you throughout the planning process and on the wedding day.

Can You Work Within Our Budget?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a wedding planner, “can you plan my wedding within my budget”? Make sure your wedding planner is realized with money so they can help you push your budget an extra mile.



You Should Know How They Communicate With Clients?

You and your wedding planner are going to talk a lot between now and your wedding, so it is good to understand the method and communication style they prefer. 

Do you have a good time calling them, or do they call you? Do they like to talk by phone, texting or email? Get on the same page for clear and open communication.

What’s Your Emergency Plan for Bad Weather?

If they do not have Plan B above their head, they are definitely not right for you. They need a backup for everything. They need to know what solutions work for each problem. Ask them if they ever had a wedding disaster and how you handled it. 

How Many Weddings Have They Planned?

Experience counts for what. This is one of the first questions to ask a wedding planner. More specifically, “How many weddings have you planned for my size and budget?” 

You also need to know how long they have been in the wedding planner business, what kind of weddings they have planned in advance and whether they have earned any certificates or degrees related to wedding planning. Ask them to look at their portfolio and get some hints for a better measure.

What are The Services Does Wedding Planner Provide

Make sure you know all the services they offer so that you know about the different angles they can help with. Alternatively, if you have already booked your venue with the help of the venue coordinator, you may want to force the wedding plan on other topics not provided by the venue coordinator. Find out about their packages and what is included in them. 

Also, ask about specific tasks that you need help with. Ask the planner if his strength is in coordination, design or both. You need someone who can balance the two.

Chapter 3

Things You Should Tell Your Marriage Planner


Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and you will be able to fully enjoy every moment. Many couples hire a wedding planner because they know in advance that the wedding planning process.

With that in mind, here are some key things to inform your wedding planner like “We Don’t Want to be in the Middle” and “Follow Traditions and Customs” and “Manage Guests” and more.


We Don’t Want To Be in the Middle


Weddings are fun and very beautiful events, but there is so much more to plan for that. The fact is that it takes more time and work than most couples realize.

You don’t have any idea about wedding planning. That’s why you should tell your wedding planner, we don’t want to be involved on the wedding day.



Follow Traditions and Customs


Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment, and can also be a celebration of the couple’s divinity and culture. Marriages culturally unite two souls spiritually, mentally, and physically. Marriage is not only the unification of two people, it is the union of two families. 

With so many rituals and traditions, the ceremonies leading up to the main celebration day, it ties the couple and both families forever. So you should make sure to inform your wedding planner about your traditions and customs.



Remember What Wedding Day is About


Before the wedding you must plan one coordinator in your family or relatives, they need to coordinate with your wedding photographer.

When your photographer gets involved with your wedding coordinator, it would be so useful to you to never miss anyone in your wedding ceremony. Most people won’t ask for this info. But you might be proactive here and share the contact number of a person’s coordinator with the photographer. They might work as a team on your wedding day, which will give you unforgettable memories and never miss anyone as well as every moment and emotions.


Make Sure Coordination During the Day


Regardless of what you are doing in life, communication is usually one of your most valuable things. This is especially true when you are planning a wedding. In weddings, communication processes like communicating with friends and family and vendors. The thing you need to put a coordinator with you and your wedding planner for their comfortable works.

Manage Guests


Make sure our guests can see and hear from their seats. If people are sitting more than rows away from the ceremony you should arrange some alternative source for the guests. You will need to coordinate delivery and setup at that venue. And also you should serve all the basic needs of our guests.


Make Sure to Consider all Decoration needs


No wedding can really look complete without wedding decorations. No matter how simple they are, your decorations can turn a special event into the magical, lifelong celebration you have always dreamed of.

Now, wedding decorations do not come easily, they require a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. So before a wedding planner starts the wedding decoration you should inform all your decoration needs.

make sure consider all decorations

Chapter 4

Best Ways to Prepare Wedding Budget


Finding your wedding budget is not an easy task. Your wedding is the biggest party, you have never and ever hosted the most expensive day. In order to budget, you need to balance your savings, maintain a detailed spreadsheet, and be prepared for unexpected expenses, as well as make meaningful cuts if you exceed your total budget.

 It is very tough to manage our wedding expenses,but keeping time and energy now will ensure that you live happily ever after.Here’s how to maintain a wedding budget that you can stick to.



Know Your Budget Range


Each wedding planner may have different budgets based on quality of service and preferences. Not everyone will invest a high budget and not everyone will go with a low budget for Wedding Planning. Because everyone will prioritize their budget depending on income.

 Our recommendation is to identify your budget for wedding planning of your total wedding expenses. It’s not about how much you can afford, it’s about how much you want to allocate.

Focus on the Parts You Care About the Most


Are you in love with stunning bouquets and floral installations? Is the venue setting a major factor for you? Or do you want to capture the best wedding photographs in a way that will make the wedding the most memorable ever?

All of these are wonderful things to take care of, so keep your budget on your goods and services even heavier. You are dreaming of having little in your budget, ask your planner if they offer any payment plans!



The Wedding Planner Specializes in What You’re Looking For


Some Wedding Planners have specific skills such as cake decorating or dress styling. Others seem to fill out beautiful elegant weddings with target budgets. Others may have a flower shop or plan long-distance weddings in your chosen location for years.

Whatever your wedding preferences, make sure you know about them in advance. You may find that the planner has a unique experience that is most suitable for your wedding.



The Planner Has Time to Prioritize Your Wedding


Another reason to set your priorities before you start your wedding budget is that it makes each step so much easier. Have a clear idea of ​​what you want for your big day, allocate your budget. This is a meaningful part of your dream day.

Make Sure Take Expert Advice


Wedding planning works a lot, which can be stressful at times, but overall the process can be a lot of fun if you have the right decisions and the right advice from experts.


Things to Remember About the Cost of Wedding Planners


Your wedding day will be special. The months and weeks that lead to you, however, can go as fast or as earlier as you want. If you remember anything from this article, keep these important things in mind when thinking about your wedding budget:

  • A wedding coordinator is available for virtually any budget.
  • Choosing a wedding planner depends on your needs, desires and certain qualifications.
  • When in doubt, book a day coordinator to arrange the actual wedding day activities so you can focus on having a good time.



Are Wedding Planners Expensive


Hiring a Wedding Planner is one of the smartest things you can do during your wedding planning. Yes, the cost of a wedding planner can be an additional expense, but planners can help you save a ton of money in the long run.

Wedding planning services cost an average, but it varies widely depending on your location. They can run tasks more smoothly and efficiently and find less costly staff, which are steps that can save money and meet their costs. They can also protect you from a lot of stress and tension.


Questions to Ask Your Wedding Planner About Budget


How Much Does A Wedding Planner Cost?

The Wedding Planner is the perfect life saver for a busy wedding schedule, ensuring that the planning process and the actual event run smoothly. As a professional who has been involved in this process before, they can also provide countless wedding planning recommendations and tips. 

Wedding planning is important to know that one service is not enough for all services – your wedding vision is unique and the wedding plan customizes their submission to suit your needs. Wedding planner costs vary depending on the level of skill of the planner, among many other factors, as more experienced pros usually come with a higher price.

Does a Wedding Planner Save You Money?

It may look negative, but spending money on a wedding planner will definitely save you money! A planner not only helps you stick to your wedding budgets and help you avoid high costs, but he / she has hooked you up with wedding vendors within your price range – and use his / her connections to get discounts on some / other products or services.




What is the Average Cost of Weddings You Plan?

Find out about their fees and charges, their minimum budget, etc. You need to know if their charges are within your budget. If you have an idea about their work and want to work with them, you can discuss with them the various options available for you in your budget.

How Do We Work Out the Payments? Are There Any Additional Expenses?

Don’t forget to ask about payment options. Find out exactly how much you want to pay for. Make sure there are no hidden costs. You can negotiate and agree on the payment amount and schedule. And also ask, are there any additional expenses?


Chapter 5

How to Choose an Affordable Wedding Planner?


Hiring the right wedding planner is one of the best investments you can make for your day.

Finding the right wedding planner means doing research and asking relevant questions. However, not every wedding planner is the same.It is important to know exactly what a wedding planner has to offer you before you make a decision.

This way, you can be sure that you have found the right planner to meet your needs. Fortunately, we have some useful tips when choosing the perfect wedding planner to help bring your dream day to life!




Experience Does Matter


The experienced Wedding planner plays a big role in the wedding ceremony. I’m sure most planners will agree that they often play the role of coordinator, planner, and master on that wedding day. 

Always try to choose a wedding planner who has already worked at weddings. Be sure to ask how many weddings they have covered since they started the business and how long they have been in the field.

If a planner has been in the business for years and has more experience, you can check out their services and have moved with the times and meet the expectations of modern trends.


Understand What Their Services Are


Most event organisers offer some key services, including complete wedding planning and day coordination. If you are interested in something special, such as budget management or stage design, make sure your planner is providing these things or not. 

If you are looking for help in a specific area, most planners offer services or plans per hour. Be careful with these because time and money can often add up quickly and you are better off investing in a planning package. 

Some planners also offer add-on services such as hotel guest bag creation, Venue decoration, and Stage decorations, and engagement party or rehearsal dinner planning.


Trust is Everything


When choosing a wedding planner, it is important to find someone you can trust. This person is responsible for making your dream wedding a reality and has a lot of control over where your money is spent. 

Choose wisely! Throughout your planning time, remember that you will meet them often, go to places together and call back and forth, so your personalities need to appreciate each other a lot. Make an appointment to meet them face to face to see if their style suits you.



Does the Planner’s Style Match Your Vision?


Many planners realize that each couple has different tastes and ideas when it comes to design. The planner’s job is to listen to their clients and provide appropriate advice for the couple’s style and budget. 

However, it is important to know the type and style of wedding that the planner usually does. Take a look at the planner’s portfolio online to get a better idea of ​​his or her unique style and be realistic about how that style will match your vision.


Check the Reviews…and Word of Mouth is King


They definitely have a lot of testimonials and great references with experience. Ask previous clients to talk to you about how all this has happened and how they have fallen out with their services and make sure they are happy when their photos arrive.

See their Google reviews, reviews on social media pages as well as comments on their site and check reviews on third-party websites.



Get To Know Your Wedding Planner


Your marriage is not just an event that happened once in your life, it is very important in your life. So, as you begin to meet face to face with different wedding plans, don’t forget to ask some questions related to their wedding planning to get an indication of how they will handle the wedding. 

Make sure they are able to work even under stress and know that they can handle all situations confidently.



Do it Yourself

Start your research by reading reviews from recent newlyweds and browsing local lists. Take a closer look at potential wedding planners websites and blogs for other wedding photos they have taken, That will give you an idea of their style. 

Analyze yourself when choosing a wedding planner, look for someone who understands what you want on your wedding day. Choose who is comfortable with you, who will work with you, and who is committed to bringing your dream wedding into life.


do it youself

do youself

Fix The Budget According to Your Priorities


Every wedding is different and if you want to be a planner only for specific tasks, big days, or if you want the planner to be with you from the beginning, there will be a difference in price. 

 Also, find out if there is a payment structure and what is the billing method. Being at the forefront with the Wedding Planner is essential when it comes to budgeting to ensure both parties are happy.



Need to be Better Communication


Communication is comprehensive to plan your dream wedding. It takes into account the response time when you call / email / text the planner and when they return back to you. When the planner is too busy.

Do they take too long to get back to their clients? The planner needs to keep you fresh with the preparations and making sure you know exactly when to expect an answer can help reduce stress.



Browse the Wedding Planner Portfolio


Can you find a wedding planner that fits well? Take the next step with some online shearing to check out their website, portfolio, blog and social media. This is a great opportunity to grasp their beauty and style along with their “brand voice” and communication style. 

Have their works been published in any blogs or online journals? Look for “as seen” badges on their website as another reference to great work.


What Happened If You Don’t Hire Wedding Planner


Wedding Planning Takes Time

If you are getting ready for your big day, it is impossible to understand how much work involved and how much detail to take care of. 

If you work long hours, have a lot of interests, or want to look after children and not want to be completely immersed in the list of things to do during your wedding, a wedding planner who manages those things for you can be a real lifesaver. Also, you really don’t want to get in trouble in the office by getting caught up in planning a wedding on company time!

We Didn’t Know What to Look For in a Vendor

Other than a little Google research before asking wedding vendors via calls you don’t know what to ask. You don’t have any about the vendor, so you can’t look at what are the things in that vendor.

Wedding Planning is Stressful

Wedding planning is not an easy task. There are so many details to take care of, family and friends interfering can drive you crazy and vendors can be the source of drama. You are very tired of doing all the work before a month and after the wedding and can’t make a memorable day.

 And also you don’t have an idea about wedding planning. It would certainly make sense to bring a professional planner on board to help and take some of the workloads out of our hands.


Things Do Go Wrong at the Last Minute

The day before the wedding, we make sure of all those things like the cake buffet stated, decorations, guests receiving and more.

We didn’t have clearance on setting up the reception room that night, we realized that there was not a table setting, so we had to call the wedding planner. 

Small things, but they were necessary and we want normal stress free one day and we wanted to be charming and relaxed. A wedding planner who handles those details for us would be awesome.

It Can Be Difficult to Find Help Elsewhere

There is so much to prepare for your special day, so without a wedding planner, you will need to seek the help of others or manage everything yourself. Occasionally we ask for help from our family members and friends.

But of course, no one helped, so we were ashamed to ask. All of these are things that a one-day wedding planner can coordinate for us without being a burden to us or our guests.

don't hire wedding planner

Chapter 6

Upcoming Wedding Trends Followed by Wedding Planners


It’s the time to think about wedding trends. If you have desires in settled trends for your big day and we help you to match your desires and find the new and perfect trends for you.

We hope these Wedding trends will inspire you and take you one step closer to the most magical day of your life! Get into this for magical trends….

wedding planning trends

Safety is the Most Important Accessory


The wedding venue should be thoroughly cleaned before and after the wedding and sanitation centers should be set up.

Complete list, right? Well, it is only important for the safety of you and your loved ones. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with it! Many couples made their masks and gloves with a fabric similar to their dress and wore it during the wedding. Couples who are not ready to let go of their long guest list invite their guests in shifts, thus achieving a dual purpose. 


safety is th most important

Destination Weddings


With the progress of time and trends, destination weddings have largely captured the wedding scene. Destination wedding is a wedding that takes place in a setting / place away from our own town. It is an opportunity for the couple and guests to explore a new place with fun, rituals and memories.

Destination weddings are definitely popular, but recently couples have started to combine their magical moments. It is perfect for all your loved ones to enjoy a dream destination with countless celebrations in one place.



Cake Cuttings in the Reception


Undoubtedly, your wedding cake is one of the most important parts of the whole wedding. However, why is cake cutting such a great highlight at a wedding reception? 

Because the meaning of this cake cutting is a little symbolic. The groom’s hand is placed in the bride’s hand while cutting the cake, indicates his support for her and she makes sure of taking care of him and their family.

Furthermore, encouraging couples to cut from the bottom line indicates the longevity and continuity of their relationship. Last, but not least, the custom of the bride and groom feeding each other from the cake symbolizes their commitment to looking after each other.


Relaxed and Informal Weddings


Relaxed weddings topped the wedding trend list. Inviting everyone to your big day is no longer a trend, although it may have something to do with some small details and meaningful celebration with their closest and dearest. 

One of the big wedding trends of the season is for more intimate celebrations. Also known as ‘micro weddings’ these occasions have a short guest list. It can be formal or informal and can be in line with tradition or take a more modern approach – however, they are a combination of the two.



Entertainment Activities


When it comes to wedding planning, everyone’s expectations for entertainment are always high. Weddings are a celebration to spice up ritual moments with life and some funny elements and to add your personality to this occasion.

 Whether your celebration is held in the banquet hall or in your home, entertainment is an element that can be arranged everywhere. Also, your friends and relatives are looking forward to some fun with such hopes.


Eco Friendly Weddings


In this eco-conscious age in which we live, now more than ever, couples are looking for ways to host responsibly. This means reducing unnecessary waste and trying to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Wedding venues are becoming greener and more stable, with many venues offering interior catering making locally available products, as well as other areas of their business, more environmentally friendly.

One of the new wedding trends is couples cycling or committing to zero waste. It ranges from offering wedding flowers for good reasons, to going plastic-free on your big day.


Couple Photography Ideas Are Getting More Innovative


Trends, these days it is a very “trending” thing, whether it is in fashion or technology or photography, name it and you can find trends in it. It changes every month or every year. 

In addition to all the trends, there are also some trends in wedding photography that change every year and become more subtle and creative every year.

Some popular trends that you can add to your wedding photography ideas like first look photos, Proposal shots, Pre-wedding photoshoot, Post wedding Photoshoot, and more.


Chapter 7

Wedding Planning Checklist Are Finally Here


Discussion about weddings is easy, Making the process of wedding planning is more difficult and challenging. whenever you blindly get into the planning of a wedding and may have a chance to waste your money.

You think it is a simple guide, It will help you to organise your big day and to avoid unnecessary expenses and get more relaxation from the mental pressure. 

Well, I am here to help you with the Wedding Planning Checklist for your memorable day.



Select Wedding Destination

First thing first, you want to choose a perfect Wedding city Destination.

Confirm Legal & Residential Requirements

  • Determining the legal and residential requirements for marriage.
  • Understand the time frame and steps that need to be completed to see your marriage happen.


Select Wedding Date

Decide on which month you want to get married and choose a preferred wedding date.

Compile Guest List

Think about who you want to spend your wedding day with and compile a guest list.

Talk to guests as soon as possible to estimate attendance numbers. This will help you when talking to wedding planners, tour operators, suppliers and when choosing your wedding venues.

Set Wedding Budget

Decide how much you want to spend on your wedding. Prioritize different parts of your marriage. 

Decide if You Will Have Extra Activities to Celebrations

Most couples carry on extra activities and celebrations when they get married.

  • Decide if you have a rehearsal or dinner the day before the wedding.
  • Research and book suitable venues if you are hosting additional events.
  • Decide whether you will conduct group visitation activities. Investigate possible activities.
  • Decide if you have a party after returning home. If yes, add it to your budget, compile a guest list, investigate and book the venue.

select wedding destination

Select Wedding Suppliers

The following is a list of common suppliers you should book or use for your wedding day.

Wedding Planner 

  • Ceremony Venue
  • Priest
  • Reception Venue
  • Caterer
  • Florist and decorator 
  • Best Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Musicians for ceremony
  • Band or DJ for the reception
  • Wedding party transportation for the wedding day
  • Guest transportation for the wedding day
  • Wedding day or evening reception
  • Hair and dresser
  • Make-Up Artist

Plan Wedding Ceremony

  • Decide what kind of celebration you want to do.
  • Decide if it is possible to hold this type of celebration at your chosen wedding destination.
  • Decide where you want to hold your celebration and if this is possible. E.g. Beach, reception venue, garden.
  • Decide what customs and traditions you want to include in your wedding ceremony.
  • Choose music for your celebration.
  • Select or write your vows.

Plan Wedding Reception

  • Decide what kind of reception you want to get. 
  • Think about what type of reception venue will best appreciate the wedding style you choose.
  • Decide what time of day you want your reception to be. During the day or evening?
  • Decide if you want music at your reception. Decide what kind of music you want and when to play it.
  • Decide what kind of wedding dinner you want. 



Select Wedding Attire

  • Bride And Bride groom attire
  • Bridesmaid & flower girl
  • Bridal Shoes
  • Bridal accessories


Select Stationery

  • Save date cards
  • Wedding Invitations – Wedding Day & If You Have Party After Return
  • Wedding Ceremony program
  • Guest welcome letters
  • Place name cards
  • Thanks cards
  • Seating plan chart


Investigate Accommodation Options for Guests

  • Investigate and select a range of amenities suitable for your guests. Make sure you find accommodation that meets all budgets.
  •  Ask if hotels give your guests a special rate.
  • Make sure your guests book a date for accommodation.
  • Decide whether to pay the deposit. Will this deposit be refunded if the guest accommodation is not used?
  •  Determine if a hotel is willing to place information in your guest rooms e.g. Welcome Letters & Gifts.
  •  Do you book accommodation on behalf of your guests or ask your guests to book their own accommodation.
  •  You decide where guests are staying and when they arrive and depart.

Compile Guest Information


  • Compile an information pack or set up a wedding website. This information should be given to guests with their invitations.
  • Write a wedding welcome letter to keep in your guests hotel rooms. This is a good surprise for your guests and a good way to redirect the trip back to your celebrations.
  • Create a seating plan

accomodation for guests

Don’t Forget to Take with You

  • Wedding Attire
  • Favours
  • Wedding Ceremony Programs
  • Wedding rings
  • Gifts for wedding party
  • Camera
  • Video camera
  • Music, if needed for the ceremony, first dance, etc
  • Welcome letter or gifts for guests room
  • And more

After your Wedding

  • Return all rental equipment
  • Return of rented suites.
  • Write thank-you notes.








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