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Top 09 Unexpected Wedding Flower Ideas

Weddings and flowers go together because the wedding flowers are the most important elements that provide elegance, fragrance, and pop of colour to your special day.

There are several flowers that can be used in unexpected and extremely pleasant ways. 

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Below are the top 09 Unexpected Wedding Flower Ideas that make your big day more special and memorable. 


Garland-draped ceiling: If you are planning your wedding in a romantic outdoor tent which is muffled by the tent’s exposed support beams then just cover them up. For this, you can make use of ivy, maidenhair fern as well as amaranthus flower spray. 


Bridal bouquet succulents: You might think this to be very modern and stylish but the plants of succulents are a perfect piece of flowers to include in a bridal bouquet. You can make the bridal bouquet look more attractive and appealing by adding some fresh flowers. 


Floral fountain: Dropping greenery along with lush hydrangea presents a perfect and romantic overflowing fountain. However, you can enhance the look of the fountain pool by adding floating lily pads as well as candles. 


Floral backdrop: Instead of using expensive backdrop materials & accessories, you can make use of flowers for the backdrop because it will help you to save money and also ensure a stunning decoration on your special day. 

It is one of the simple wedding flower ideas that will make your stage look different and attractive when decorated with different types of flowers that go with your wedding theme perfectly. 


Fresh flowers on buffet tables: Tables, chairs along with buffet tables can perfectly be highlighted with fresh flowers. On each empty spot on the table, you can make use of single blooms. 

Tropical centrepieces: If you are planning a destination wedding or waterside celebration then you can make use of fiddlehead ferns, red pincushion proteas as well as tropical orchids flower for a perfect island-inspired preparation because this will completely enhance the look of wedding décor. This tropical centrepiece idea will surely leave your guests stunned. 

Floral monograms: By using the flowers on monograms, now get your wedding decorations personalized. Spell out your initials with monograms and decorate them with fresh, colourful, and beautiful flowers. The monograms can be designed in heart shapes, objects, and letters as per your choice. 

Floating florals: You might have seen several floral monograms before but hardly floating on a bed of moss in a deluxe water scenery which is surrounded by islands of candles and flower arrangements.

If your wedding venue has a pool or pond then do try this and get creative with the décor. This type of decoration will surely provide a jaw-dropping appeal. 

Hanging flower pomanders: If you are planning an outdoor wedding, then different sizes and colours of flower pomanders can perfectly dress up the bare tree. You just need to be a little careful while hanging them because they require little extra support. This wedding flower idea will surely amaze your near and dear ones at the venue. 

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