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Top 10 IT Services in Panipat W3AXIS

1.Website Development

   Website development is its job that it works to make a website look great.

Website Related Services

  1. Website Maintenance. 
  2. Website Changes Work.
  3. Website Content Writing.
  4. Website SEO
  5. Website Digital Marketing
  6. Website Analytics Report.


E-commerce Website 

We are making E-commerce website.


Catalog Website

Catalog website consists of a set of linked Internet addresses


News Website

News website get updates about daily news


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the practice of monitoring the performance of your website.


Website Changes Work 

Website Changes Work includes other important elements of your website like code, content, etc. to provide better service to your visitors.




2. Simple Websites

3. Mobile App Developing

4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing which we also call online marketing With digital marketing, we can make any of our products or any website accessible to the public through social media or email. By which we can attract people towards our product, this is an easy way by which we can quickly reach our product to the people.


5. GBL(Google Business Listing)

Google is the first we search for any business or need.

Is your Business present on google?

Can people find your business location on google?


6. Digital Card

????  Benefits ???? 

???? Your Own Unique Design.

???? Save Paper Save Money

???? Easy to send Business Card to anyone.

???? Clickable Links to your Website, Location, Whatsapp, etc.

???? Your Customer can easily reach your location.

???? This card is handy if the customer forgets our details.


This service is provided by w3axis


7. SEO

(SEO) Search Engine Optimization works to increase website traffic from search engines to a website or web page.


8. Domain Purchase

We sell our website in domain purchase.


9. Server for Web/ App Hosting

A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service.


10. Job ASsistance via becruits

❤️‍???? Becruits is a Website in which seekers and employers connect with each other.





❓ Why should use this website ❓


✅ Job Sahi Chal rhi h? Fir bhi Install kro , Hamesha Option Hath Me hona Chahiye.✔️

✅ Better Job Opportunities dhundte rehna chahiye.✔️

✅ Dosto ki madad krte rehna chahiye. ✔️

✅ Job Side se Mind free rehna chahiye. ✔️

✅ Notifications should keep coming for your job profile. ✔️

✅ Nobody should be without a job in your family. ✔️

✅ Mobile me Jobwale App Hamesha rehna chahiye. ✔️


❤️‍???? VISIT NOW  ❤️‍????





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