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Top 10 Keyword Research Tools For SEO

From my personal research I have found top 10 keyword research tools that will help fellow marketers to grow in the industry.

Keyword research is an important aspect in SEO. It is important to pick the right keywords for your website that can compete in google rankings. If you do not choose the right keywords then you may end up failing in the google rankings. It becomes very important to choose the best keyword research tool within your budget.  We provide a list of top 10 keyword research tools which is free to use that will help to choose the best short and long tail keywords for your website.

What is Keywords In SEO?

One of the vital aspect in SEO is search engine rankings and keywords are one of the integral part of search engines. Keywords are words that enable the users to locate your website in Google. It is important to know how people are going to search your website content and it becomes equally vital to choose the right keywords and optimize the on page seo factors that will help you rank for those keywords. Below you can find the list of free keyword research tool that will enable you to choose the right keywords for your article or website pages.

Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tool

In this article I will be sharing my top 10 free seo tools that will help in the keyword research. As we know keywords are an important part in the content and seo strategy hence these best keyword research tools will help you choose one of the best long tail keywords which will help you rank in your website.

1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is one of the best free keyword research tool available in the market for marketers. I personally love to use ubersuggest for my keyword research and picking the best keywords and therefore is the top of the list of top 10 keyword research tool. Ubersuggest comes along with both paid and the free version. Paid version has a lot to offer and if you have the budget I would suggest you to pick ubersuggest paid version. If your starting out on your blogging career you can go ahead with the free version.

The free version has 3 searches per day. Let’s talk more about Ubersuggest and it’s features. Once you enter the keyword and your target location ubersuggest shows you keyword metrics such as search volume, seo difficulty, paid difficulty and cost per click (CPC) for that particular keyword. The best part for me is keyword ideas where it lists tons of keywords relevant to the main keyword so this way we can pick and choose the best and relevant keywords that has less competition and that will work for your business. Why is Ubersuggest so Popular?



Ubersuggest has been popular because it shows perfect data and more over it shows the top 6 ranking pages from google. This way you don’t have to look into a third party tool for a competitor analysis. In the same page it shows the estimated traffic to the top 7 pages ranking in the google serp results, number of backlinks those pages has also the total social share. So this way we can implement a strategy that will work for us to rank better in google serp with all those data in hand.

You can sign in with google in ubersuggest and find more relevant data on the same. Once u have logged in with your Gmail account, You can link your website and get a free website audit, traffic analysis of your website and how you can improve it. You can check out UberSuggest for More. Personally for me Ubersuggest is one of the best and free keyword research tools out there in the market that I have been using from many years.

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2. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool by google. You can find google keyword planner in google ads. I will share the method of how to gain access to Google keyword planner later in this post. Now once we enter the keyword, google keyword planner shows the list of keywords along with the average monthly suggest, unlike Ubersuggest which has much better data compared to google keywords planner.

Google keyword planner along with monthly searches also shows competition, top of page bid low range  and top of page bid high range for the keywords. This is used for the Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign.


We can also enter a competitor website and get all the list of keywords that they are ranking for. This way we can also analyse the keywords used by top ranking pages and websites.

How To Gain Access To Google Keyword Planner

  1. Sign in to google ads with your Gmail Account
  2. Google will prompt you to start a campaign by asking what’s you advertising goal. We can ignore that and right at the bottom you will find Switch To Expert Mode Select that.
  3. Google ads will again ask to set up a campaign for the google ads if we select one of this we have to spend money, therefore select Create an account without a campaign.
  4. Submit your business information and click submit.
  5. Now we are in google ads dashboard in the top right you will find tools select Tools and Setting – > Keyword Planner -> Discover Keyword Ideas – > Enter your Keywords.

3. KwFinder

KWfinder Free Keyword Research Tool

KWfinder Free Keyword Research Tool

KWfinder is third in the list of top 10 keyword research tools. Kwfinder is a paid tool but you have 10 days of free trail version to use. KWfinder has various data to show such as List of keywords, trend on how the keyword is changing over time, people search volume, CPC, PPC and the KD (That is the keyword difficulty). KWfinder is quite similar to ubersuggest. If you click the keyword you get the top 5 results with the page DA, PA, CF, TF and the links pointing to that page. This way it becomes quite easy for a user to check the competitor analysis without going to the third page.

Here they are showing the keyword difficulty with 3 colours like red is difficult, Yellow is possible, and green is easy. So this it becomes easy to choose keywords by determining the keyword difficulty of the keywords. If you see the image there are few results that has a search button and no keyword difficulty shown. For such words, when we click the search button it will run a analysis and display the difficulty level in the right side.


KWfinder has various other tools along with the keywords research tools like SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, Link Miner, Site Profiler. So let’s dive in deep to know what each of this term means. SERPChecker as the name suggest helps to the serp position of the keywords, SERPWatcher is Rank Tracking of the keywords in Google. This makes it  possible to track the article in google and its change in position.

This is very helpful to analyse how our article is doing in the market. Link Miner is backlink analysis of a website or article, they have these fancy names which is quite attractive to a marketer. In the end Site profiler is Site analysis. Once you enter your website you can see the Moz DA, PA, CF and TF, along with the Alexa rank, backlinking domain and Facebook shares.

4. comes in the fourth position in the list of top 10 keyword research tool that are free to use. As you can see in the image can be used for various search engines and platforms such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, eBay  etc. is a long tail keyword research tool for SEO and SEM.

Top 10 Free SEO Tools

Top 10 Free SEO Tools

It is hard to find long tail keywords that has less competition and can rank easily. picks the list of long tail keywords and displays them. We can export them and upload it in google ads to check the total searchers.

5. BIQ

BIQ is a free keyword research tool that come in the fifth position of free keyword research tools for the year 2021. There are various things on how you can use BIQ tool and benefit from it. Let’s have a look at few of them and know the tool better.

1. Find related keywords with a high SEO volume

You may find related keywords easily with BiQ’s Keyword Intelligence tool.

Just enter your target keywords in the search box, and you will see a list of related keywords ready to be used.

BIQ keyword research tool shows the relevant keywords to the main keyword, the trend of keywords, volume, CPC, Intent and value. Value is the average competition of those keywords. The higher the value keyword gives more value and has less competition to go ahead.

BIQ has more features into it like content intelligence, rank intelligence, and track website keywords. Content intelligence shows the on page seo of the content, rank intelligence shows the rank of the article or page in the google serp, We can also track the keywords in BIQ. BIQ tools Of course, there are many other ways on how you can benefit from the BiQ SEO tool. You can go ahead and try it yourself and explore more opportunity.

6. Google

Google keyword research tool

Google keyword research tool


Google Search can be used as a free keyword research tool for finding long tail keywords. Once you enter the keyword in the search box Google will autosuggest you a few other long tail keywords that match the keyword. This way we can find more relevant keyword that can be added to the post.

There is also LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords. LSI keywords are relevant keywords to the main searched keywords. Suppose we searched on page seo we got the list of LSI keywords or related searches like the image below.

LSI Related keywords

LSI Related keywords

LSI keywords or related searches is a nice way to find other similar keywords that can be combined into our article. So when I create a article on On Page SEO I will make sure I add all of these keywords maybe have On page seo checklist as one of my sub heading, on page seo techniques as other subheading. This way Google will rank our post higher as we are writing about all the related keywords that people are looking in a single po0st. Google comes in sixth in the list of top 10 keyword research tool. Also consider other factors while you write a content like keywords difficulty, Top ranking sites domain authority.

7. WordStream

WordStream Keyword Tool

WordStream Keyword Tool

WordStream is a tool which helps finding industry keywords with ease. Once the keyword and industry is entered it shows a list of keywords with search volume that can be used in the article for better rankings. The only disadvantage of this tool its quite limited to the type of industry, Like currently they have only 4 industries like apparel, arts and entertainment, autos and vehicles, beauty and fitness. Suppose you want to find keywords for marketing the keywords and the search volume is not that accurate.

8. AnswerThePublic

Answer The Public

Answer The Public

Answer the public is one of the free keyword research tools that can be used to find long tail keywords, Unlike other tools answer the public has a very simple layout and it shows only the long tail keywords and what people are looking for in the market for that particular keyword.

The homepage of the tool is quite simple we need to enter the keywords, location and the language and then we are ready to go and get the list of top long tail keywords that people are looking for, So this way our keywords will be more directly inclined to the people and answering the queries of the people.


In the image above, I have choose on page seo as my keyword and it shows various formations of questions based on the on page seo questionnaires like who, where, can, what, why, which, when along with different keywords that can be combined to form one long tail keyword.

The tool also shows various other keywords like related keywords, comparison based keywords, Prepositions all based on what the people have been looking for in the internet. So this one of the best tool for your subheading queries or finding long tail keywords.

9. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter

Keyword shitter the name might be sounding funny to many of us but it does the work of keyword research tool better than any other tool. As the name suggest, once you enter the keyword it goes into a infinite loop of picking random and relevant keywords to the main keywords.

It continuously starts fetching keywords and won’t stop until you click the stop button. This way we have a list of thousands of relevant keywords that can be added into the article with just one click. We can use keyword shitter to find keywords relevant to the article and then use Ubersuggest or google keyword planner to find the volume and competition of those keywords.

10. SEObook

SEOBook Keyword Tool

SEOBook Keyword Tool


SEOBook Requires you to signup for starting using the tool. The tool has a lot of features like when you enter the keywords it shows a list of metrics like keywords that are relevant to the main keyword, monthly traffic, daily traffic, traffic from google, traffic from bing, and all the keywords metrics related to CPC.

The best thing about SEOBook that I loved is the tool is showing the daily traffic, None of the others tools mentioned here had this feature build in it. But the data metrics does not show how difficult or easy is to rank in Google.


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