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The Benefits of SEO Outsourcing and What to Look for in an SEO Company

An experienced and efficient SEO company Calgary can do wonders for the growth of your business. Get Digital Monk is a leading SEO company that guarantees providing great results from SEO, Social Media and more.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a complicated concept. Since Google is the primary search engine, used by over 90% of Canadians, SEO typically refers to setting up your online presence in a way that satisfies Google’s requirements for them to serve your content when a search is performed for information you provide.           


Breaking this down a bit more, SEO is the act of adjusting your various digital assets so that when a search is performed within Google, the Google algorithm will read over the many options available (often millions) and choose your information to return on the first page of the search results. This is done by ensuring your website functions exactly how Google wants so that it “trusts” your site. It’s done by making sure your website visitors stay on your page, read your content and that everything loads properly and quickly. Google also chooses pages it determines to have high authority, so that your site is popular, used often and carries the closest to exact keywords and terms the searchers requested.


Because the Google algorithm changes so often, most businesses in Calgary look to an SEO company to help them manage all of the 160+ requirements that Google looks for when returning search results. By outsourcing your optimization, a business owner is no longer spending hours a day worrying about algorithm changes, web development and writing good quality web & blog copy using important keywords and terms. You can count on the SEO company you have hired to ensure your business ranks high in the results for the keywords and search terms that are most important to your customers and your business. By outsourcing your SEO work to a Calgary SEO company, you can focus your efforts on turning the traffic that comes your way when your business is getting the attention it deserves into sales!


The case for outsourcing your SEO to an SEO company is Calgary is clear, but knowing what to look for can be a challenge. Truthfully, there are tons of companies that offer SEO services, but that term can be very broad and you could hire a company with wildly differing rates, work provided and therefore, vastly different results as well. We have seen a lot of companies be very disappointed in the results they received from a company that may not have been clear about what they would accomplish or from overpromising.


The first thing you want to look for when selecting an SEO company Calgary is that there is clarity around what you will receive in return for your investment. Not just a claim to get you on the first page, but some specific details of the work that will be done, whether that’s blog writing, development work on your website’s back end, content syndication and much more. Get clarity around what you’re paying for.


Secondly, you want to ensure the SEO company you choose can provide current references that were happy with the results they received. You’ll want to know that they got what they were expecting and that there is consistent communication between the SEO company and the key stakeholders within the company. SEO changes frequently, not just because of Google, but also because the needs of a business change as time goes on.


The final things we suggest looking for in an SEO company before you hire them is that you feel comfortable working with them. Would you want to have lunch with the team you will work directly with? Do you feel you can trust them?


If your gut answers no to any of these questions, just move on. There are a lot of great companies that do good work, deliver on their promises and can get your business noticed online!

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