Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit South America

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit South America

There is a wide variety of places in South America but here are top reasons why traveling to this continent should definitely be on your bucket list.

There is a wide variety of places in South America but here are top reasons why traveling to this continent should definitely be on your bucket list.

If you want to see new places besides Europe, then you might want to check the under-explored continent of South America. South American cities have unmatched charm, grace, and style and are practically begging you to explore them. Many thrilling journeys and excursions await the more daring who want to wander off the beaten path. 

It's not impossible to be mesmerized by all that South America has to offer. From breathtaking waterfalls, thick Amazonian jungles, unparalleled food, exciting and enigmatic wildlife —and with more flights to the area than ever before, it's getting more straightforward to prepare a fantastic trip on this continent.

South America is an exciting continent to fly through, and its stunning mix of unique scenery, varied cultures, and tasty food is sure to leave any tourist craving more. From some of the world's most hardcore treks to ancient jungle villages, there are epic excuses why you have to take a trip to South America at least once in your lifetime. Sign up for Corcovado tours and even experience the various adventures that South America has to offer through Costa Rica adventure tours.

South America has many honest and enthusiastic people.

It's no secret that visitors from all over Latin America are welcome. If you ever find yourself lost in a city, they'll never hesitate to support you and give you some advice.

People's friendliness and transparency characterize Latin American culture. You will experience this at their major cultural events, particularly the Rio Carnival, the world's largest carnival.

If you want to rock your body and find your groove, Latin America is your spot. There are many traditional dances in South and Central America, including Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. 

You can dance and listen to Salsa music in any Latin region, but the most authentic place to dance in Cali. This region of Costa Rica is the unofficial capital of Salsa, a big part of the local culture.

If you're going to Costa Rica, you'll still see people live with music, which creates a delighted environment. Caribbean music and lyrics come from a variety of influences: Europe, Africa, and native people.

Besides music and dance's cultural value, soccer also becomes more like a religion in Latin America. Football games are often a perfect opportunity to have a party for friends and relatives. Every two years, "Copa America" adds a welcoming environment to all these countries during this month's international football tournament.

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South America has its plethora of historical monuments naming the lost civilizations.

From the Tehuelche people of Patagonia to Bolivia's Tiwanaku culture, and to the more modern Inca empire, which occupied most of the Andean regions in the 15th and 16th centuries, a multitude of cultures has left their mark on South America.

Follow the now emblematic Inca trail to meet the landmark that has become synonymous with South America itself: Machu Picchu, an example of the beautiful Inca citadels that once ruled the mountains of this area. The Lost City (Ciudad Perdida) is the archeological site of an ancient city in Colombia, which is thought to be over 650 years older than Machu Picchu and involves a 28-mile (46 km) round trip through the thick forest.

If you need more evidence that South America is a center with intriguing historical monuments, look at the Rapa Nui culture in the 900 monolithic moai figures that occupy Easter Island, 1,289 miles (2,075 km) west of Chile.

South America can become the place you take a swing to the end of the world.

Who wouldn’t want to be traveling to a death-defying swing at the end of the world? It is situated in the Casa del Arbol near Banos in Ecuador and has been attracting thrill-seeking backpackers for years now. Swing arcs over a steep canyon – dropping will spell the end! – and gives excellent views of the Tungurahua Volcano as well. It is easily the most epic swing in the country. With all the diverse ecosystems, landscapes and climates, there are ways to pursue many outdoor sports and exciting encounters.

Thanks to the endless coastline of the continent, there are many famous surf spots. It would help if you went to Mancora, La Paloma, and Arica to surf on the highest waves. You should try kitesurfing or paragliding as well.

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South America has vast and utterly awe-inspiring geological structures.

Visitors traveling to South America never refuse to be spellbound by the exaggerated scale of its stunning geological and glacial formations. Perito Moreno, a 19-mile (30 km) long glacier in Argentina, is a gigantic example. A reminder of the earth's ice ages, tourists can admire its immense size by looking at it from a walkway at the foot or an ice hike to the glacier's top.

Often known as the "river that fled from heaven," the narrow river Cano Cristales in Central Colombia's La Macarena National Park quickly lives up to its status as the most breathtaking river on earth. Between June and November, the river flows red like an uncommon species of algae, and the vibrant colors appear to glow under the direct sunshine.

If you're lucky enough to be there as the glacier calves an iceberg, you're going to see something that's true once in a lifetime. You can also put on the crampons and take a hike to Drake Bay.

South America thrives on culture and cuisine.

The abundance of thriving cities makes South America an unmissable destination for entertainment and world-class dining. Rio de Janeiro is host to the most famous carnival festivities. A two-week span sees the city lose with its unparalleled shows of Brazilian dance, music, and parades of dazzling costumes.

The bohemian capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is unmatched in its chic, tree-lined streets, traditional parrillas and stately squares full of tango dancers. You should not skip Santiago either, having developed itself as a center of gastronomy and excellent wines, while Quito's stunning colonial architecture attracts tourists from around the globe.

If you're going to experience the ultimate crowd, look no further than Rio Carnival, maybe the most famous street party in the world. But there's more to the South American party experience than Rio: Colombia is host to some of the biggest festivals you can imagine (including the second-biggest carnival celebration) and the nightlife in cities like Buenos Aires, La Paz, and Medellín is rightly legendary.

There are a lot of opportunities to go to when traveling to South America. This continent has a distinct and majestic landscape, fascinating history and culture, a vibrant nightlife, and exceptional local cuisine. It's no wonder that South America draws thousands of tourists each year.

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