Top International Schools in Dubai : Your One Stop Guide

Knowledge & Human Development Authority or KHDA, Dubai’s equivalent of OFSTED of UK, visits the best schools in dubai

In case you are thinking about moving to Dubai then you must be having a lot of queries about a lot of things. It would be a massive lifestyle change too. However topping the long line of questions, would be probably the topic of your child's school, in case if you have one. Pertinent questions like which are the best schools in dubai, the curriculum, credentials, fees structures and many other similar enquiries would be swarming your mind.

Knowledge & Human Development Authority or KHDA, Dubai’s equivalent of OFSTED of UK, visits the best schools in dubai every year and makes a list of schools according to their categories, "outstanding", "very good", "good" and "better". This article will try to give you a proper look at these schools which are ranked to be the top rated schools, which are all internationally recognized education institutions that provide the students with accredited curriculum. These top schools in Dubai boast of comprehensive facilities for their students and offer unique perks which enable them to stand out in the crowd. A student coming from these schools, can boast of the brand names in their CV forever. 

There are a large number of schools in Dubai which follow British curriculum which are in the top tier of school list, along with Indian schools of CBSE Curriculum, as well as French schools which are fast gaining a lot of popularity amongst the international students who are coming to Dubai to study.

King’s School Dubai

This school is categorised into the outstanding tyre in the list of best schools in dubai, it is an outstanding British primary school which is a neighbor to the iconic Burj al Arab.

The Dubai schools inspection Bureau has given only this school in the whole United Arab Emirates the rating of being an “Outstanding” school and they have continued doing so every year since their inspections have begun. This school not only has outstanding staff but also boasts of state of the art technology in their classrooms as well as hall rooms in the school. The extensive sporting facilities that are extended to the students include an Astro football pitch, a 50 am running track, two hard courts, a swimming pool and also a gymnasium where the students, after their school timings can spend their time doing physical activities. Along with providing fine British education in its large, 3 campuses, which are all strategically located with the aim of serving the most popular communities, all over the city, it also aims to elevate Dubai’s education scenario in front of the world.

The GEMS Wellington International School

This school which is based on architecturally refreshing design, has a very exciting environment that offers its students an enriched curriculum as well as facilities which are world class in standard. 

GEMS Wellington International School is known to offer its students the National Curriculum of England right from the Foundation Stage, where students who are barely infants till the time when they are 11 years old. the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, is offered as courses as well as careers programme in for the students who are 12 years old to the ones who are 13 years old.

Global Indian International School

For all the Indian Students and parents who are specifically looking to put their child in a school that is of Indian background and of CBSE Curriculum, then the Global Indian International School is the best option for them. Unlike other schools which focus mostly on academics, this school aims to bring upon comprehensive growth in their students that is not only limited to academics but also to all the spheres. This school has their fundamental educational belief in 2 core ideas, which are

Jumeirah English speaking school or JESS

Located in between two brilliant locations, which is the sort after Villa communities in Dubai and the Arabian ranches, this school is the top choice for many expats who live in and around this location as the educational institute for their child. One of the few schools who are dedicated in supporting the students who have special needs that is, Students with Determination, Jumeirah English speaking school, offers students a lot of choice like temperature controlled swimming pools, dance and drama studios, sports field and courts and even a recording studio for those who are going to be the future superstars of the world. Both its campuses, which are in Jumeirah and Arabian ranches, offer identical British education to children who are aged from mere toddlers of 3 years old to young adults of 18 years.

Repton Dubai school

UAE is a unique land of energy, culture and dynamism and Repton Dubai School amalgamates these features with the rich heritage and traditions of Repton school which is in UK, and create a unique experience for all its students. Easily said to be the largest campus with 1.33mn sq. ft in the region and students coming from 80 plus different countries, who practice curriculum from IGCSE, UK, IBCP and IBDP, Repton Dubai school is the beacon of the nation's academic excellence amongst all the international schools in dubai.




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