To get a better insight into future technologies, we will explore the top, the most interesting trends to come, but also realistic.

Futurists usually controlled and promote unsustainable technology solutions. What about the very real opportunities that will come sooner or later affect us? We need to consider adjusting the existing pillars of our society. To get a better insight into future technologies, we will explore the top, the most interesting trends to come, but also realistic. Preparing such scenarios allows us to improve our education, infrastructure, and directions promptly.

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1. Zero-size hardware

The most important objective for technology solutions today is simple - less space, more power. Once we go a little further, we can expect more compact and more powerful devices. This more practical technological advancement, giving us more space and options to work with.

2. Automation

Each company faces time restrictions - no one can do everything at the same time. But if we could? The development of automation gives us the chance to focus only on the most essential tasks.

Automation is something every industry aspires to. In a few years, we have seen progress in process automation in all sectors. We will soon be integrated into our programs with the ability to communicate using thoughts. From shopping to closing commercial transactions, many processes will be much easier and much more effective because of this futuristic technology. It is the ultimate in efficiency.

3. Neurohacking

Many degenerative neurological diseases still plague mankind. We still have not solved the problem for one main reason - we cannot handle the nerves. When neurologists and neurosurgeons include nerves and their functions better, we could look at the hacking of real life. Just imagine the reactivated neurons after a car accident and suffers no damage. When this happens, you can expect the mental dexterity throughout the lifespan.


4. Mass data

With an increasing number of Internet users, the data transferred, uploaded, and created for one minute is immeasurable. One of the most interesting future technologies is mass data, giving us a chance to effectively store data and access. Imagine all integrated into highly secure and encrypted databases. While using your fingerprint, you will have access to everything that exists about your life and identity. While this sounds scary, mass data means more convenience. With an increasing number of Internet users, the data transferred, uploaded, and created for one minute is immeasurable. Recently, custom essay writing services have begun to use advanced tools to analyze thousands of tests and homework every day.

5. Quantum engines

Space travel is a short-term goal or long term in almost all countries of the world. The main obstacle on the road to colonize other planets is inefficient travel. We have not only powerful enough engines to power the big spaceships for long periods.  With a more powerful and durable push, we can expect to reach the speed of light.

6. Specialized smartphone devices

At present, there are thousands of different smartphones on the market. Each brand is trying to push their agenda, but we have not yet seen the development of niche devices. Specialized smartphones are a future technology that will change the more your daily life. Imagine a phone that can survive send radio waves as a form of distress.

7. Nanomedicine

laser surgeries have been a revelation in the field of surgery, but if we went further? In the future, physicians do not actively participate in the surgery, surprising as it may seem. For all conditions, there will be a special group of biodegradable Nanobots injected into the patient's body. They will perform surgery, treatment of diseases, the eradication of cancer and self-destruction.

8. Untraceable Networks

This future technology has sinister connotations to it. Some experts predict that Internet government control will encourage people to create architectural edge solutions for unbreakable encryption. Citizens under dictatorial regimes actively involved in the secret network.

9. Omnipotent translation software

Translation software has made impressive progress in recent years, but what is the ultimate goal? With the development of software that can understand everything, there will be no stopping of multiculturalism.

View an application to scan the speakerphone or a piece of text with a full understanding of the situation and the context. It should be a pretty powerful AI to learn an entire language in nanoseconds.

10. Hologram communication

Although we can fairly realistic holograms, futuristic solutions could cause all communications from real life to stop. Imagine moving your entire consciousness to a hologram displayed on the other side of the world.

The presence will not be necessary. Some particularly ambitious experts say that we will be able to integrate the holographic image with our senses and feelings.


There is nothing worse than excitement followed by chaos because of innovations. To avoid chaotic situations, people should think more actively and to develop viable solutions to existing inconsistencies. Once each of these future technologies is consistent, our dreams can become larger and our perfectly achievable goals.

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