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Why QR Digital Menu Is The Future Of Your Hotel Business?

In the Hotel business it is no secret that it is quite difficult to quickly and efficiently serve without the help of additional staff and an efficient hotel software systems because there kitchens are isolated from the restaurant, bar or rooms. Many hotel properties hire seasonal staff to service the balconies and open rooms, as the main staff cannot cope with the quick service of several rooms.

Garden, balconies, VIP lounges, smoking zones and swimming pools are seasonally crowded even more than the main restaurant. Maintenance of these areas is always a difficult task, mainly it is located in different locations from the kitchen, the Front office and the restaurant, and it is much more difficult to maintain pools and beaches during the season due to its crowd the large territory.

Hotels operating post COVID-19 is going to see a great change in terms of social distancing and Guests will care more for the security and hygiene value. It is more important for an F&B business cope up with their security and hygiene value and to offer contactless services to gain competitive edge.

Guests often start complaining about the slow service, employees complain about congestion, and the owner loses money and customer loyalty.

These problems can be solved easily and simply by placing a QR Menu on each table, room and other dining areas. Your customer can use there smart phone camera to scan the QR Code and with-out need for additional software applications they can view your digital menu, special offer of the day or chef’s recommendation and place the order from their own device.

What are the benefits of a QR menu?

Enticingly Delicious Visual Menu — You will be able to make your menu irresistible, Increase your sales by selling more items by showing attractive pictures and providing item description, ingredients and calorific value. Run promotions and generate more sales and revenue.

Reduction in Operational Costs — No more spending on designs, printing, and frequent re-printing after updating the menu. QR Menu will inevitably, improve the customer experience and ensure savings on cost overheads. And that will result in reduced operational costs.

Social Media Promotions — Now you can easily publish your QR Code digital menu online with your social media community and attract more customers.

Digital Payments — Guests can avoid paying through cash and use their own device to securely pay for the order using UPI, Net banking, Cards etc. This will enable them to receive contactless delivery in case of a take away and as a hotel owner you can build customer trust and loyalty.

Future-Proofed Operations: While hotel operators may experience some torment guides moving from paper toward digital, doing so will set hotel operations for future achievement. Now is the ideal opportunity to set up these techniques as we get ready to increase request. Technology will just proceed to develop, and those hotel operators who oppose grasping new systems will consistently be two stages behind the competition that is either in sync with or on the cutting edge of tech. When hotels go digital, operations are set up to be progressively coordinated later on as things change and more features are presented. It's an ideal opportunity to jump aboard with the goal that you can be at the bleeding edge and can get straight down to business as tech changes.

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