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On-demand alcohol delivery app: Benefits, business models, revenue models in the market

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Alcohol has been an essential part of human lives, and no party or social gatherings are incomplete without it. Imagine running out of beer in the middle of the night, and you cannot rush to your nearest store. During these times, an on-demand alcohol delivery app can come handy as you get your beer delivered to your doorstep within a few minutes. There are more than 3.3 billion smartphone users around the world right now. People use apps for almost everything in their lives, such as navigation, searching jobs, looking for recipes, movie reviews, etc.

Technology has made it easy for entrepreneurs to offer on-demand services such as taxi booking, telemedicine, online education, food delivery, etc. The revenue of the alcohol market was $1,528,745 last year. Experts predict that the sector will witness inflation of 3.6% during the course of the next three years and can be a successful venture.

How will an on-demand alcohol delivery app benefit the users:

  • With on-demand alcohol delivery apps, users can easily refill their homes with their favorite booze.
  • Users need not have to step out of their homes as they can get their favorite booze delivered to their doorstep.
  • The users will have a wide range of options available in the application.
  • These apps offer discounts and promotions regularly for the users and help them to save their expenses.
  • There is no limit for orders or any time constraints, so the user can effortlessly order on the application.
  • People can save their time in their hectic schedule as they need not have to wait in long queues anymore.
  • The app has every essential feature from placing orders, payment gateway integration, and real-time tracking.

How will  an on-demand alcohol delivery app benefit the customers:

  • These on-demand alcohol delivery apps can be extremely useful to increase their overall revenue.
  • These applications will be loaded with essential features required for the providers to handle their business operations. 
  • Having an app increases the reputation of your brand and attracts more audience.
  • The entrepreneurs need not have to worry about managing the stocks as they can easily manage it with the in-built inventory feature in the app.
  • It guarantees your ROI in the long run.
  • The entrepreneurs can choose to integrate cashless payment and other payment methods so that the users can select their preferred mode of paymet.

Types of business models in on-demand grocery delivery services:

There are three major types of on-demand grocery delivery apps in the market. Entrepreneurs can choose the one that is most convenient for their business idea and interests them.

Aggregator app:

            The aggregator model helps to establish a relationship between the consumer and alcohol dealers. The framework of this application is designed to provide a platform for the sellers to list their products and services. Customers can look for their preferred products and choose from the list. The customers can choose more than one product according to their needs and requirements. These apps are proved to get more revenue from in-app marketing, advertisements, endorsements of other clients, etc. 

Dedicated app:

  A dedicated app is the right choice for entrepreneurs dealing with alcohol is their only product in the market. The provider of this business model will not offer any other products other than booze, and this app can fit their business requirements. The owners can easily manage business operations, such as delivery, inventory management, reports, feedback, and reviews.

Marketplace app:

These type of apps creates an online marketplace for dealers and customers to interact and deal with alcohol. The providers do not own any warehouses or shops in this business model. They can manage deals, delivery, inventory on their own with this application as it is an online platform where any seller can post their products.

Revenue models:

    The revenue model can be described as a critical component in a business that is designed and modified to make money. The Uber alcohol delivery app has three popular revenue models. They are-

Commission board:

   This is one of the widely used revenue models as it is being used in almost every on-demand services. The entrepreneur will charge a certain amount of commission from the dealers for every sale made through their application.

Featured listing

:  As the platform will be flooded with sellers, dealers, and stores, it is hard for one to get especially recognized. In order to get the spotlight in the listings, dealers will pay to get featured on the top. Whenever the customers look for their services, the featured list will be shown in the first result. This can be helpful for the dealers to increase their sales and overall revenue of their venture. 

In-app advertisement:

 The in-app advertisements are an effective way to grab the attention of the users. These ads may include business offerings and products, which may be useful for customers. Pop-up ads and attractive ads can be helpful for entrepreneurs to have a steady stream of income.

Bottom line:

   Apart from the optimization of the user interface and features by your alcohol delivery app development to match the user’s requirements, you need to do a thorough research of the market to learn more about the competitors. The geolocation of the application also plays an important role in the business. Make sure that your application will be supported on various mobile platforms to ensure maximum user engagement.

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