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Choose a suitable app development company and launch a successful Netflix clone app

Develop an optimized on-demand video streaming platform for your service

At present, people are stuck at home with very few sources of entertainment around them. As we all know, most countries are still under a nation-wide lockdown due to the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Therefore, people are turning towards on-demand video streaming apps that will help with their boredom. So, if you want to set up your video streaming venture, then this will be a perfect time. Get in touch with a suitable app development company that will help you launch your business with an optimized Netflix clone app

How do you choose the apt app development company?

In order to develop an efficient app, you have to spot a company that offers the following

Skilled developers:
Ensure that the firm you choose has an experienced team of business analysts and developers. This will enable them to build an effective video streaming app for your business. Also, ensure that they are aware of all the latest tools and frameworks. 

Confidentiality of your app idea:
Their team of experts should know the importance of confidentiality and privacy, and so your business idea or any other related details should not be divulged to anyone. Ensure that NDA agreements are signed as an assurance. 

Technologically advanced app:
The app should be built using the most advanced tools, technologies, programming languages, and frameworks. This will ensure that the app runs without any errors successfully.  

Technical support-round the clock:
A dedicated team should provide technical and maintenance support 24x7, post the launch of the app. Any concerns, queries, or requests should be addressed by them effectively. 

Complete customization:
The app should be completely personalized with your business requirements as the base. All features that satisfy the requirements should be available in the app. 

Secure app:
The video streaming app should be built based on the advanced set of security protocols, and no user information should be tracked at any time.

What are the multiple sources of revenue of a Netflix clone app?

The online video streaming app has several sources of income, as mentioned below:

Users can be offered various membership packages in order to view the content in the app. They can pay for the subscription via any one of the payment modes such as credit/debit cards, UPI, e-wallet, and more. This will be a regular source of revenue for you. 

Revenue via pay per view:
Any new movies, series, or TV shows can be provided on a pay per view basis. Customers can pay for the video and watch it when it is telecasted via the app. 

In-app advertising:
You can enter into a paid partnership with other brand owners and display their ads in your video streaming service for a limited period after which, the partnership has to be renewed. 

Another source of revenue can be obtained via paid promotions. You can promote any newly released movies or TV shows on your app. Pre-release paid promotions can also be done via the streaming app. 

Standard features of an on-demand video streaming app:

The app has two major panels: user panel and the admin panel. It has its own set of features and simplified workflow.

Customer/User app:

Social media sign-in:
Users can sign in to the app with their phone numbers, email IDs, or any social media handles such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. 

They can also subscribe to any one of the packages offered in the app and pay securely via the payment gateways integrated into the app. 

Various genres:
This is a special feature that will allow users to filter the videos based on their genre. From the displayed results, users can watch a video of their choice. 

Search option:
The app also contains a search box or option using which users can find a movie or TV show of their choice. Pop-up suggestions will be displayed as they start typing in the search field. 

Profile setup:
Customers can also set up their profile by specifying the necessary details such as name, photo, display language, favorite content type, and more. 

Ratings and reviews:
After watching a show or a movie, users can rate the video and add any reviews about it in the respective section. Other users can get access to the review and proceed to watch the show if it has good ratings.

In-app watchlist:
The app has a wishlist option using which users can save their favorite movies, shows, or other videos and view it later by navigating to the saved content page. They do not have to spend time searching for the same show again. 

Secure payment methods:
The app will also have multiple safe and secure payment gateways to help users pay for the streaming service easily. It will not track any user details at any time. 

In-built video player:
Users can make use of the in-built video player available in the app to stream TV shows and movies quickly. All that viewers have to do is tap the Play button. 

Short descriptions:
Each video will contain a short description that users can read and then decide if they want to watch it or not. 

Easy download:
Customers can also search for a video and download it with the help of the download button available below the video. The downloaded videos will be available on the respective page. 

Picture in picture feature:
This facility will allow users to use other apps while watching any TV show or movie. 

In-app notifications:
Information on newly added videos, offers, subscriptions, and more will be sent to users via emails, text messages, and push notifications. 

Customers can also enable the subtitle feature while they are watching a movie or a show of their choice. 

To conclude:

Build an app that is feature-rich to generate high revenue in a short period. Make use of all the revenue sources effectively and provide good quality service to customers globally to establish your brand. Choose a suitable app development company and obtain their complete assistance to launch an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix. Scale up your business with the right app.

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