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What are the highly advanced attributes of an on-demand video streaming app like Netflix?

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The number of users using the on-demand video streaming app has been increasing by each day. Especially considering the current pandemic situation, many people are turning to these apps to push away their boredom. All the well-established brands are witnessing a huge surge in the number of subscriptions they receive every day. Similarly, you can also launch an online video streaming app like Netflix that will help you generate high revenue in a short span of time. This article will provide a complete outline of the essential features of a video streaming app. 

Netflix clone app- premium features to include:

Sign up/log in:

With their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts, users can log in or sign up with the app successfully. 


Users can subscribe to a package of their choice by paying a fixed amount. They have to renew the package as it has a limited period validity. 


The app will contain movies and TV shows from various genres. Users can select a genre of their choice and watch a video related to that category. 

Easy search:

There is a search option available on the homepage of the app that will allow users to search for any video in a few seconds. As they type in the box, suggestions will pop-up to help them. 


Users can key in their preferences, and videos related to that or other similar shows will be put up as recommendations in the app.

Reviews and ratings:

Users will also be allowed to rate and review the shows or movies they have watched, based on which other viewers can decide whether or not to watch that video. 


They are also allowed to maintain a watchlist to which they can add any number of movies or shows and watch them later. 

Secure payment modes:

The app has a number of secure payment gateways integrated to it to help users pay for the subscription package. 

In-built video player:

The Netflix clone app has an in-built video player that will open when you click on a video to watch it. Third-party video players can also be included if required. 


While uploading videos, descriptions can be specified by the admin as it will help people get a glimpse of what the show or movie is about. The description can include the overview, genre, date of release, cast, and more. 

Manage downloads:

Users can download any videos available on the app and save it for offline viewing if required. If they are in a place without the Internet, they can view these downloaded videos effortlessly.

Picture-in-picture display: 

Viewers can also access other apps while watching videos in this app. 

Instant notifications:

Alerts or notifications on payment status, new video additions, offers, and more can be sent via text messages, emails, or push notifications. 


Users can enable these features if they require subtitles to be displayed while watching a video. This will help them watch shows or movies of any language. 

Video sharing:

With the help of the share feature, users can share their favorite videos with their friends and family via any one of the social media or communication platforms.

Password reset:

Users can reset their forgotten password with the help of the forgot password option available on the sign-in page. Followed by the email verification, they can log in to the app securely. 

Technical support:

Viewers can contact the help center or the support team if they have any queries and concerns related to the app via the chat and call facility. 

The powerful admin dashboard:

The panel created for the admin has a different set of features that will make managing the app easier:

Easy log in:

The admin can log in to the dashboard with the help of the credentials provided to them. 

Sub-admin creation:

With this feature, the admin can create several sub-admin profiles to help in the management and monitoring of the app and its functions. 

Access to data:

The admin has access to the complete data related to the app and its users. Whereas, sub-admins can only obtain access privileges to the sections they have access to manage. 

Video approval:

The admin or sub-admins have to approve the TV show or movie before uploading it to the app. Only after obtaining approval, users will be able to view them. 

Offers and subscriptions:

Any offer or subscription available to users will be provided by the admin when needed. Sub-admins will notify details about any such reward via push notifications or text messages. 

Patterns and analytics:

Based on user behavior, search, watchlist, and more, a pattern will be formed, and analytics will be obtained. It will help the admin cater more suitably and efficiently to the users’ needs.

Host ads:

The admin can enter into a paid partnership with other brands that want to launch their ads on the Netflix clone app.  
To conclude:

As a video streaming service owner, you have to make sure that you include all the features mentioned in this article to build a feature-rich and highly optimized app for users. Contact a suitable app development company to launch your online video streaming app in a short period. 

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