Run your online massage business with an Uber for massage app

Purchase an affordable Uber for massage clone script and customize it to comply with your online massage business needs. Get in touch right away with the experts at Uber Like App to launch an optimized app solution in a short span of time

Massage services have witnessed a surge in demand thanks to the growing economy, resulting in extraordinary income flow and stress. Although the traditional means involve customers visiting brick & mortar establishments (for the service), the process involves extensive use of time and cost (travel & service). However, with an on-demand massage app, connect customers with professional massage therapists (near their location) in a jiffy. Powered with remarkable features and tech, turbocharge your business offerings anywhere across the globe. So why wait? With the extraordinary app, layback, relax and earn with ease.

In recent times, massage services are one of the most profitable on-demand businesses in the market. Professional massage therapists can be hired via the online platform with a few taps. If you want to launch your massage service, then the Uber for massage app developed by the experts at Uber Like App will be the best choice and the most effective tool that will help you establish your brand in the market. It is a budget-friendly solution using which you can gain customers in a short period. Let us discuss the premium features and the workflow of the app in this article. 

Advanced features of the massage app:

Apart from the essential feature-set, the online massage app we develop will have a few more advanced attributes as listed below:

Saved locations:

Users can save multiple and frequently used locations to their profiles and choose from the saved list when they want to avail the service next time. 

Service charges:

This feature benefits the professional therapists as they will be allowed to add service costs in addition to the base fare when required. 

Payment modes:

The app will include several payment gateways that are secure, and users can pay using any one of them for the service they have availed. 

Cancellation of appointments:

Customers will be able to cancel instant or scheduled appointments under valid circumstances. A cancellation fee will be incurred if required. 

Loyalty packages:

In order to obtain loyal customers, business owners can offer rewards, loyalty programs, discounts, and more. 

Verification of professionals:

Massage therapists have to upload a few documents to the app after they register with the app. After the admin approves them, they can start accepting and serving user requests. 

How does our Uber for massage app work?

The massage app we offer has an optimized workflow to ensure the user-friendliness and easy navigation of the app:


•    In the first step, users have to sign up with the app using their phone numbers or email IDs. Social media account login is also one of the registration options.  

•    Customers have to complete the authentication process by entering the unique code that are sent to their phone numbers or email IDs

•    Therapists should obtain approval from the admin prior to accepting requests. 

•    Users can then select the service they want to avail and wait till a professional therapist is assigned.

•    They can also apply advanced search filters to find a suitable service. 

•    Once therapists accept user requests, their contact details and live location will be visible to each other. 

•    Users and therapists can stay in touch in case they have any queries. 

•    Therapists will reach users’ locations and provide good quality service. 

•    Users can then pay for the service via any one of the payment gateways. 

•    After a successful payment, users can rate and review the service of massage therapists. 

•    The admin will transfer the massage therapist’s earnings after deducting the commission. 

Bottom line:

Consider including the optimized features and simple workflow in your app to become an instant hit in the on-demand market. Call and talk to our experts about your business ideas. They will develop a suitable and feature-rich on-demand massage app for your business. 

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