Top tips for keeping your family safe in their home

Quality mosquito, insect and security screens now available in Abu Dhabi. Our mesh screens may look like ordinary insect screens.

Keeping your family safe at home is something which we all should be aware of. We spend most of our time at home with our families so keeping safety inside our homes is as important as being safe outside. When we talk about safety, the safety of kids, elderly and pets should be our utmost priority.We’ve  all heard and read about basic safety tips for keeping the home safe and are generally related to electricity boards, gas stoves, heaters, taps, burglar alarms etc where chances of accident are there. But here our safety concerns are more on the mishaps which occur when the boundary between the interior and exterior of the house is removed. Here we are discussing some unconventional safety installations which should be a part of every home In Dubai

Fly screens and mosquito mesh

Sounds very common and basic but many children are scared of flying insects and bugs. These unwanted bugs not only bring antipathy at home but they are carrier of many deadly diseases, like malaria, diarrhoea, etc.Although mosquito mesh Dubai are a part of almost every house in Dubai but because of extreme heat and temperature they do not last very long. fly screen door abu dhabi market has launched high quality screens made of stainless steel, enclosed within aluminium frames for quality and durability. Therefore, the doors and windows should be equipped with fly screens of a high quality so they last for many years.



Child window safety guard

Just like we installed mosquito mesh and fly screens for preventing unwanted bugs coming in, it is also important that small children remain safe if by mistake they peep-out of the windows. Because kids are curious and they want access to the outside world through doors and windows, installation of stainless-steel mesh is very important on the windows to prevent kids from potentially falling out of windows or gaining access through doors. Quality steelchild window safetyguards are the latest means of protection of kids and pets.

Screen doors

Screen doors Dubai  companies explains how the latest screen doors are playing a major role in the safety of Dubai residents. Most of the people in Dubai live in a high-rise apartment and there is always the unfortunate chance of mishaps. Screen doors are an excellent means of keeping all the unwanted intruders from entering the house, be it insects or even humans. These screen doors have the latest stainless-steel mesh unlike the conventional mesh which lasts much longer and does not require replacing every now and then. These screen doors are available in various designs and are perfect for Dubai villas.




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Safety screens for pets

If you have a pet at home and you want it to stay safe in your home or back yard then these screens made of stainless steel can help. You can stop your pet from getting out or into your home with a strong mesh that doesn’t break.

Now we have some unconventional ways of keeping your homes and family safe using stainless steel screens.

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