volumetric flow rate- Types of Universal Instruments for Measuring Flow Rate

Types of Universal Instruments for Measuring Flow Rate

Volumetric flow rates are an essential instrument in many industries. To get accurate flow rates, make sure to select the best flow meter.

Volumetric flow rates are measured using flow meters. It is the measurement of flow and is the amount of volume transferred in a period. The volumetric flow rate is calculated either directly using a volumetric flow meter or indirectly by finding the speed of the flow or pressure drop.
Volumetric flow rate is measured using different units. The volume and time is convenient for use in particular flow measurements are determined by the following;

· the type of the substance
· the size of the cross-sectional area
· the speed of the flow
· and geographical region.

Types of Universal Flow Instruments

Ultrasonic Meters

Ultrasonic flow meters have two different types. Each type uses sound waves to measure the velocity of the fluid moving through a pipe. Transit time meters send and receive ultrasonic waves joining the transducers in the up and down the pipe.

The difference in the time it takes for the wave to pass through the pipe is directly related to the flow speed. Transit time meters are best for clean fluids. The other type of ultrasonic meters is the dopplers. These meters measure the speed of sound waves as they bounce over particles or air in the flow channel. The doppler type is used to measure the flow of dirty liquids.

Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex flowmeters are also known as oscillatory flow meters. They work when the fluids are allowed to flow in a bluff object. The speed of this meter is directly related to the velocity of the fluid flowing over the r. vortex meters are used to determine the flow of steam. It is also one of the most accurate meters to use.

Turbine Flow Meters

These meters have a bladed rotor put in the center of the flow channel. The moving parts of this meter give a pulse when passing through a sensor. The speed of the pulse is directly related to the velocity of the fluid.

Some designs of turbine flow meters give high levels of accuracy and also measure thick liquids. Also, these meters measure clean water. The common applications for these meters are irrigation and water purification. You can as well use them in oil and gas, utilities, and wastewater industries.

Turbine flow meters are very accurate and do not have pressure drops. If you use them in sanitary connections, they can determine flow in food and beverage applications. They are the best choice for high flow because they have moving parts that may wear due to low flow. Turbine meters are very accurate and have high pressure and temperature capabilities.

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic meters have coils that create a magnetic field. When a conductive liquid passes through the area, energy is made from an electrode in the meter wall. These meters work with conductive fluids, and they do not have moving parts. They are mostly used in the food and beverage applications, mining, water purification, paper, and petroleum industries. They are popular because they are easy to maintain and can handle heavy slurries.

Paddlewheel Meters

Paddlewheel flowmeters are among the most popular flow meters in flow measurement. They are accurate and cost-effective. They consist of a paddle, propeller, and a rotating disk. Some of these meters are easy to install as well. Paddlewheel meters have flexible parts made to produce a pulse. The pulse produced is directly related to the velocity of fluid flowing through the pipe.

Paddlewheel meters are also used in rural areas for irrigation, wastewater, and simple water treatment. They are used in oil and gas industries and can measure thick fluids. They have moving parts, so you will need to maintain them occasionally to avoid damage.


Volumetric flow rates are essential in many industries. To get accurate flow rates, make sure to choose the best meter. Flow meters play a significant role in industrial flow measurements. So, make sure to understand how they operate and install.

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