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Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide for SaaS LinkedIn Marketing

SaaS LinkedIn marketing is nowadays one of the most effective channels for driving leads for SaaS companies. All of this is because of features like the ability to see your audience’s industries, companies, and job titles.

In the past tons of money were wasted while throwing up irrelevant ads to the generic audience as specific targeting features and quality scores were not available. But now digital marketing is changing and LinkedIn is coming up in its new avatar stepping up to become the best channel to focus on target enterprise and mid-market prospects. SaaS LinkedIn marketing is nowadays one of the most effective channels for driving leads for SaaS companies. All of this is because of features like the ability to see your audience’s industries, companies, and job titles.

Know Three key areas where SaaS LinkedIn marketing strategies go wrong:

No one can argue upon the fact that LinkedIn Ads is an expensive platform. And one can easily burn a lot of money soon and easily if they are unaware of how to use it effectively. The companies that have already tried and failed with LinkedIn ads can also succeed by modifying their budgeting, targeting, and content.


While evaluating leads through SaaS LinkedIn marketing it is more important to check for quality and not quantity. As SaaS digital marketing especially on LinkedIn as compared to other platforms requires a bigger budget. Henceforth getting fewer better-quality leads, will be cost-effective. And as a result, the cost per acquisition can be the same.


Sometimes being too specific in targeting can limit your results as in multiple cases the same job can fall under various potential job titles. It’s wiser to provide a broad title to work with while doing LinkedIn marketing for SaaS.


Opting for different strategies is the key to success in digital marketing. A lot of marketers think that they need to pitch straight to business as LinkedIn is a professional platform. Rather if you are a start-up SaaS company opting for LinkedIn marketing you must offer a free trial without credit card details. While when you are focusing on demonstrations try to pick a trust-building approach. In short: Different circumstances, different plans.

Three strategies for SaaS you need to optimize LinkedIn Ads

1.        Set up your targeting approach

Choose the right LinkedIn marketing strategy for your SaaS company based on the kind of target audience.

Some targeting approaches are discussed as under:

·         Warm traffic targeting

It is when you target users, who didn’t convert even after being exposed to your brand. For them add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to any page on your website that you want to track. Then build a campaign around your high-impact pages by using LinkedIn’s Website Retargeting functionality. You can test these high-intent pages: Pricing page, contact page, Sign up landing page for your demo or free trial, Landing pages for any gated content, or Comparison pages of your company vs. competitors

·         Cold traffic targeting

An effective way of SaaS marketing for LinkedIn users, who have never heard of your company. It is done using several user facets, especially from targeting by Job Title.

·         Account-Based marketing targeting

This kind of marketing involves going after specific prospects. Those were identified as good candidates for your product by you previously.

2.       Setting LinkedIn Ads campaign budget

Another decision where you might need a Saas Marketing Agency is how to allocate the budget.

If you’re familiar with and have previously done advertising on Facebook or Google Ads, LinkedIn’s platform will not be a tough game.

·         Set the total budget (typically by day)

·         Set the dates your campaign will run

·         Select the bid type

When you’re done with setting your budget, it is time to focus on a long-term strategy. Let the best digital marketing agency do this effectively.

3.       Monitor and analyze your ads performance

If the goal of your campaign is to gather views and interest, check out for clicks, impressions, click-through rates, and average engagement. On the other hand, if the goal is to drive leads, then monitor costs and conversion rates.


To do strategic digital marketing for a B2B SaaS company, LinkedIn is a place to be. Don’t lose this opportunity. As it is a primary channel driver for clients. And for instance, LinkedIn ads have been a failure for you in the past, the above processes will guide you to give it another shot.


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