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Use Of Topical or Evergreen Contents In Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Site

There is no quick solution that brings traffic to your site, so you need to work on well-coordinated approaches through crisp and fresh content.

There is no quick solution that brings traffic to your site, so you need to work on well-coordinated approaches through crisp and fresh content. Expert suggests that enhancing website traffic through the use of topical content is one of the ways you can pull more visitors to your site, although it may not be relevant for all websites. However, the vastness of social media makes topical content pertinent to various sites. However, you have to maximize the usefulness of the seasonal or topical contents and use it properly to ensure the development of traffic and also help you bring back those visitors that have not been there on the site for some time.

Importance of topical content

Today, the profiles of social media are visible on the listings of search engines and a majority of them focus on the significance of these profiles on various networks of social media. The use of relevant and latest content is the reason to get results in the search engines. Search engines try to get information that serves the purpose of visitors. Therefore, using topical content is the most suitable choice today for obtaining more traffic to sites. EJ Dalius

Obtaining success quickly

If you are planning to use topical content on your site, you can take a glimpse at the following.

  • You can popularize the latest posts on social media a part of topical content and get instant success when it comes to driving traffic.
  • Often sites are curious about trending contents and publish it in the way they want with a headline that is socially optimized.
  • Using topical content facilitates traffic from different shares in social media networks even though it may not be the right option to acquire traffic for the long-term.
  • Using a combination of evergreen and topical content is a better option as it targets the goals of your business suitably and the audience to which you want to cater.
  • Even though you will get more opinion in favor of evergreen content, it is hard to drive traffic to your site without integrating the current topics.
  • A few examples of topical content are news about the industry, companies, and a wrap-up post from an event.

Pros and cons of topical content

The primary reason why experts suggest using topical content that it is more recent and has the potential to create the buzz you need around your post. Even though topical content is a clear winner when you are trying to get instant traffic to your site through such posts on social media, the lifespan of such content is short just like news stories. Unless you are working on litigation news that stretches for a long time, nobody will have an interest in the content that is a year old. In terms of website traffic, using topical posts for social media can pay you off as everything here is more current and has a small lifespan. If you are ready to write a post that is current and circulate it through a popular social media network, you can add a specific perspective to the story you create. However, you are aware of how much time it takes to create content. Once you create a post, you have to write and edit the write-up before posting it on various social media platforms and spend a great deal of time promoting it. Putting such enormous efforts for a post that is less likely to have good shelf life is quite a bit.

Catering to industries

When it comes to using topical or seasonal content, you need to make it industry-relevant. Industries such as fashion and technology can respond to topical content more often than as they are based on activities. The finance and betting world also relies on such content, such as the best finance companies of 2019. You can divide topical content into the following categories.

  • Based on events such as Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, concerts, Women’s Day, Easter, and movies.
  • Based on seasons such as summer or winter as it repeats every year.

Often, people talk about the third category of topical content, which stays valid during every season a stays valid for the particular event or season only, such as the annual sale of a store or content based on holidays. If you popularize such content on social media networks, it is similar to getting real Instagram likes with ease. When it comes to reasonable use of topical content, but it may not be seasonal.

Focusing on topical content

While analyzing blogs on social media, you will come across topical and evergreen content at the same time.  Besides this, topical content has a good presence when you analyze the ratio of blog posts. For instance, topical contents may include posts about the trends on the search engines, tweets of Google experts, and Google updates. The following points sum up the key aspects of topical content.

  • Fads and news pick more attention to visitors.
  • General contents and case studies may not generate more speak when compared to write-ups that are not only trendy but fresh as well.
  • While publishing news on social media, you will find it easy to generate interest in consumers instead of an evergreen topic that people have already read several times.

Things to remember

The following are some of the aspects of topical content you need to remember before fetching benefits from such posts on social media.

  • Your brand receives more attention from seasonal or topical contents as it conveys the meaning that you are aware of the industry trends.
  • If any subjects gain significance, your content can come to the limelight once or gets back to the eyes of the public.
  • Topical contents are favorable for selling products as more people look forward to seasonal sale contents, styles that are trending allowing the audience to make better decisions.
  • If you are trying to gain the instant attention of people within a short time, using theme-based content is the right decision.
  • Instagram and Twitter are two of the most trending social media networks that are just right for seasonal content and helps in showcasing everything from food to designs of homes and clothes.

Topical or seasonal contents create ample scope for creating freshness around various topics with a reasonable lifespan.


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