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Want to increase traffic? Learn top proven ways!

Every business owner wants more and more customers. As the number increases when it comes to traffic, you get the trill of things and want to bring in more people. Today, we are going to discuss some ways and top tips on how you can increase the traffic on your site without any hassles. Let’s begin!

Every business owner wants more and more customers. As the number increases when it comes to traffic, you get the trill of things and want to bring in more people. Today, we are going to discuss some ways and top tips on how you can increase the traffic on your site without any hassles. Let’s begin!

How can I do SEO for my website?

When thinking about opting for SEO for your site, you have to start putting up content. There is a four-step checklist that you can make.

  1. Target business analysing
  2. Keyword research and developing
  3. Optimization of content
  4. Constant testing, measuring and error elimination.

How do you boost your SEO?


Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of patience and persistence. You have to work day in and out to get the right balance for your website. There will be many challenges on the way, but you can always incorporate vital SEO methods to make your website excellent.


  • Opt for relevant content wherein you aren’t just stuffing in words or keywords, you are writing a good copy for the audience.
  • Add a few pictures with your content, write regularly, input the meta tags, or descriptions and don’t forget alt tags.
  • Besides this, use a keyword research tool to know which word is trending or the most searched on that day or week.
  • You can also use these keywords in your articles and increase the traffic on your website easily.
  • You can turn to various mediums like tools on your website to ensure that you are using enough keywords in your content.
  • When talking about keywords, you need to have at least 30 to 40% of keyword phrases used on all the articles published on your website. This invites more traffic!

How to advertise my website?


Advertising is the easiest way to get traffic and it is a simple method too.


  • With the help of paid search, social media and displaying ads, you can attract a ton of audiences to your site.
  • An excellent way to get the maximum traffic to your site is by getting social. Use various platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and other popular social networking websites.
  • You can have catchy phrases attached with the link to your website as quirky content gets hits these days.
  • You can rope in some guest bloggers, influencers and other social media personalities to advertise your site on their platforms as well. This will enlighten the people about your site and your products which will bring in good traffic.
  • Posting on a regular basis on social media can get you a ton of followers.
  • Search engine listing is a great way to advertise your site. Submit your new content to Google, Bing and Yahoo so that it is indexed.
  • Lastly, you can opt for email marketing, banners and newspaper ads to kick-start the brand.

How to get my website to show on top of Google search?


Your ranking is affecting your visibility on Google’s search page. Once your ranking improves, you will be in the top 3 search results on Google. Alternately, Google also displays ad links on the top of their page before showing actual results. These are mainly paid ads and something that might not work in the long run.


  • To improve your rankings, you need to strengthen your SEO game. You need to have content, right keywords, checking of links, etc.
  • When you are using tools like Google Analytics, you must go through the reports and errors. This can be a reason why you are lagging behind.
  • You can also install useful tools on your backend like webmaster, Moz tools and more to keep a track of your SEO activities. Once you have cleared all the errors, you will see a rise in your rankings. This will ensure you landing on the first and top few results on Google.
  • Other than this, keep a track of your progress and see where you have a downfall so you are aware about what doesn’t work with your target audience.
  • If your website is mobile-friendly and looks just as good when surfing through a phone, you are good to go.
  • Quality content with no mistakes, no copied sentences and informative is always preferred by search engines over a dull copy.

Top 10 tips to increase traffic to your website for free

Headlines are essential –

When you put a blog post, make sure the headlines are irresistible. Keep them simple yet compelling that the person visiting the site has to read it without fail.

Mix it all up –

When writing content, keep a few articles long while the others short filled with pictures. This will make your section appealing and colourful at the same time. It attracts readers and can be beneficial in the long run.

Long tail keywords –

Target towards long tail keywords! Majority of the web searches are due to long keywords and you will be missing out if you are not using the right ones.

Work on the on-page SEO –

Optimization of your content is a must and it is valuable. Create internal links for new content and don’t forget meta descriptions. All these factors are vital when you need to make your SEO game outstanding.

Guest blogging –

You can ask other bloggers to post on your site while you can contribute an article to theirs. In this way, you can put your blog link on their site and get some traffic from their end too. This free and easy method still works! Make sure your content is worth reading and written well.

Go social –

Start posting content on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more. You can put videos, graphics and short snippets of what your website is all about to boost your traffic. Be regular with social media otherwise you may lose traffic quickly. Social media is a powerful tool, and thus, it can make a large impact on the visitors to your site.

Ads on the web –

Facebook and YouTube have countless promoted ads which get a lot of attention. Therefore, you can easily make an ad for your website which will be visible on these sites in between posts. They are a good way to create awareness about your presence.

Schema Microdata –

By implementing schema microdata, you will make it easy for search engine sites to find your pages. You will also enjoy the benefits of rich site snippets that can increase and improve the click-through rates.

Responsive and fast –

Your site needs to be responsive and fast. No matter what device is being used to visit your web page, it should load within seconds! Thus, create a mobile-friendly site as most people use their phones to surf the web these days.

Keep an eye –

Analyse your site and keep a look out for the competition too. With software like BuzzSumo, you can get an idea of what your competitors are doing! This gives you a clear picture of what you are doing wrong and how you can improve.

Conclusion: -

There are easy, quick and free ways to make your website a well-known name on the internet. To do so, follow these tips and do not leave long gaps between uploading articles, as they can support your traffic strategy in a huge way. So, be on the top of every search engine with our brilliant hacks.



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