We Make WordPress Speed Optimization Super Easy!

We Make WordPress Speed Optimization Super Easy!

If your website has load speed issues, then you are on the right page. How do you feel when you visit a site that takes several seconds to load? You lose your cool, click away, and visit some other website. The same applies to your web pages.

Whether it is Google search rankings, Facebook ads, or Adwords, all leads generation is via your business website and related to its speed as well as user experience. Your customers will hate it if your web pages load too slowly as well as Google that clearly stated slow websites would fail to rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is when our WordPress (WP) speed optimization services come into play.

We will fix your slow-loading site and fine-tune it quickly for a super user-experience and higher SERP rankings.

How we fix slow-loading websites?

Website speed test – With our WP speed optimization services, you get detailed information and suggestions concerning your website speed in just 60 seconds! We use avant-garde website- speed test tools to help you determine your site speed.

Website speed audit – Discover how our website speed optimization services could help you with our website speed audit at no extra cost. Our team will review your site and provide you with a detailed report.

Super quick WordPress Hosting – A fast-loading website requires fast hosting, giving you the best site performance at lightning speed!

Our focus on WP speed optimization

Our site speed optimization services involve multiple key website speed factors as well as timings. These include TTFB, DNS resolution speed, LCP timing, FCP timing, page weight, load time or document complete time, and the standard fully loaded time metric.


Website uptime and dependability are the key factors of a constantly quick-loading site and therefore, we have embraced a couple of website security improvements in our speed optimization services as well.

We give you site speed like this!

When it comes to your website speed and what you can expect from our services, we would give you website speed like this:

When it comes to TTFB, it would be like 0.1 seconds to 0.2 seconds in the area where the website is hosted and 0.2 seconds to 0.5 seconds globally.

First contentful paint (FCP) means the site starts rendering to the user at or below 1.5 seconds.

Largest contentful paint (LCP) is when the website rendering is typically complete within 4 seconds and preferably as close to the LCP as possible, usually under 1 second of the LCP, which is quite fast.

As far as load time document complete is concerned, it would be at 1.5 seconds to 2.5 seconds.

What our WP speed optimization services include

We have multiple items when it comes to our speed optimization services making a big difference to your website speed. These include:

  • WP site optimization
  • Web page caching configuration and improvement
  • Browser caching configuration and improvement
  • Database improvement, cleaning, and scheduled maintenance
  • CSS, JavaScript (JS) improvement
  • Theme optimization
  • WP Plugin updates and patching
  • Plugin analysis and snipping
  • Server compression and improvement
  • WP best practices evaluation and execution
  • Photo and video lazy loading configuration
  • Photo compression and improvement
  • Advanced optimization
  • Site-wide page weight tests
  • .HTACCESS file improvement
  • Do you have more questions?

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