What are the best kitchen extractor hoods of 2019?

An extractor hood is an essential device in a kitchen to get rid of cooking odours and invasive fats. Its aesthetics can attract you in the first place and it does no harm because it must not be mismatched with your style, but its features are equally important and this is where you have difficulty choosing. Take the time to read this guide that is meant to help you.


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Extractor hood or recycling?

The answer to this question depends on your type of dwelling.

If you live in a house where you can install a vent to the outside, the ideal would be to opt for an exhaust kitchen exhaust hood because it offers the best performance. In addition to eliminating cooking odours and retaining fats that could invade your walls, ceilings, and furniture, it also reduces the humidity. It only uses a permanent anti-grease filter and possibly an engine protection filter.

If, on the other hand, you live in an apartment or rent, it is unlikely that you will get permission to drill the wall to build an evacuation. In this case, nothing is lost because you can still use a recycling hood. As the name suggests it uses a closed-circuit system and helps rid the air of bad odours and grease before returning to your kitchen. However, it does not eliminate excess moisture in your kitchen. It requires the use of a special carbon filter that you will need to replace, usually every year, but the time could be shorter depending on your culinary habit.

Nowadays, most kitchen extractor hoods allow their use in both modes.

Airflow is an important feature of your hood. It must be calculated according to the volume of your kitchen then multiply by 10 for an exhaust hood and by 15 for that to recycling. It can go from 100 m 3 per hour to 500 m 3 per hour or even more.

This flow itself is a function of the power of the device and the number of fans implemented. If you often prepare french fries or grill, the filters saturate faster and the flow decreases accordingly. Be sure to choose a higher power.

Recommended products

Klarstein Lorea

1-klarstein-loreaThe Klarstein Lorea extractor hood has a very modern look that will transform the look of your kitchen. Its facade is in elegant black tempered glass with 5 sensitive keys on the right side that will allow you to control its functions.

Its inclined position prevents you from banging your head. The two 1.5 Watt LED lights are very practical since they allow you to monitor your cooking even if the light from the kitchen is behind your back.

Depending on the volume of steam to suck, you can adjust the ventilation on 3 levels: low, medium and high. The maximum extraction capacity is 360m³ / h. The centre flap can be opened to give you access to the grease filter. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher with a little solvent.

This kitchen hood price in Bangladesh is an easy installation. It is attached to the wall above the cooktop and all mounting accessories and the exhaust hose are supplied with the appliance.

Whirlpool AKR 770 IX

2 whirlpool-AKR-770The Whirlpool AKR 770 IX range hood is a 60 cm wide built-in model and is suitable for most cases. It has two motors that allow it to suck the full width of the grease filter, increasing its efficiency. Its airflow can reach 380 m³ / h. It remains particularly quiet even at the highest ventilation level (53 dB).

If you can get out the end of the exhaust pipe, you can use it in evacuation mode otherwise you can always fall back on the recycling mode because it is able thanks to the charcoal filter which it is equipped.

Its two switchable 40-watt halogen lamps allow you to keep an eye on your pan even if ambient light becomes insufficient.

Its stainless steel front can be cleaned very easily. The aluminium grease filter cassette is dishwasher safe for you to avoid a tedious chore.

Bomann DU 652 IX

3-Bomann du 652Adopting this decorative hood Bomann DU 652 IX, is to give a new look to your kitchen, whether classic or modern. Thanks to its powerful 121-watt motor and perimeter suction system, which gives it a suction capacity of 400 m 3 / h, it will effectively get rid of cooking odours and prevent your walls from being invaded by the fat.

Its standard width of 60 cm and depth of 50 cm make it suitable for most kitchens. It attaches to the wall with great ease and a chimney is provided to hide the drain pipe if you opt for this mode of operation. The charcoal filter is not essential in this case. It is if you are a tenant and you do not have the opportunity to drill the wall in which case the recycling mode should be chosen.

Its two 28-watt, low-consumption lamps offer better visibility of your dishes in preparation.

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