What are the different types of castor wheels?

They come in various designs and in various materials used for purposes such as food service applications and medical applications. Scene shifter castors are used for theatrical purposes.

They come in various designs and in various materials used for purposes such as food service applications and medical applications. Scene shifter castors are used for theatrical purposes. The simple wheeled devices are used along with varied types on industrial and household devices. Such wheels are constructed in different designs encompassing single, double, compound and undriven. Available in a variety of sizes, castor wheels are constructed from metal components and heavy duty plastic. Certain configurations design castor wheels in such a way that they roll forward and backward. There are various types of castor wheels encompassing simple castor wheels or rigid wheels, swivel castor wheels, locking caster wheels, heavy duty castor wheels, chair castor wheels, steel castor wheels, and adjustable castor wheels.

The manufacturers offer a series of castor wheels that keeps the vehicles and trolleys moving. You can now find castors, tyres, wheels and other accessories of premium brands such as LAG, Tente, Interoll at Castor Solutions. The company manufactures the high capacity, and heavy duty castors for various industrial applications, namely, carts, platform trucks, tow lines in industries and assemblies. Such castors operate smoothly in almost every surface. Industrial castor wheels are manufactured to carry heavy loads which range around ten thousand to thirty thousand pounds. From industrial castor wheels, Swivel castors, rigid castors to locking and breaking castors, the company manufactures everything. Rigid castor is very basic castor which comprises of wheel mounted to stationery fork.

Castors are highly applicable for they may be fixed or attached to roll along the straight line path. They can also be mounted on pivots so that the castor wheels by Reflex Equip automatically align itself to the direction where it has to travel. It also manufactures the swivel castor which is just like a rigid castor and incorporates wheel that is mounted to the fork. In this type of castor wheel an additional swivel joint is there to allow the fork rotate freely about 360 degrees. The wheel can roll in any direction in this way. With the aid if swivel castor wheels, the vehicles can freely move with any change of orientation. Castor wheels using the swivel castor allows the wheel to rotate around the vertical shaft axis and can follow the direction of movement. Such wheels allow the vehicle to travel naturally towards a direction and there is no need for precise steering. It is the work of castor in castor wheels to maintain straight motion.

How are the types of castor wheels suitable for different purposes?

  • Rigid or simple castor wheels are used for rearing of the shopping cart. It restricts the vehicle motion so that the vehicle moves along the straight line.
  • Swivel castors, incorporating wheel mounted on a fork, helps the fork rotate freely about 360 degrees. Such a type helps the wheel roll in the given direction. The vehicles can be moved without any need for orientation change. Perpendicular rotation of the castor helps in smooth turns. You can see this in shopping cart.
  • The heavy duty castors wheels are used for industrial purposes. Industrial castors can carry heaviest loads and can make use of both the rigid and the swivel design. It has flat top, four bolt holes for ensuring the sturdiest connection between the load and the top plate. It is used in assembly turntables, dolly carts, maintenance equipment, holding bins and storage of heavy duty racks.
  • Break featured castor wheels prevents wheels from turning. It makes use of lever that easily presses the brake cam against wheels. Lock castors have additional lock that rotates between vertical shaft and the centre. One can easily break or lock the castor with such castor wheels.

Ergonomic castor wheels are also designed by reflexequip.com.au that helps in minimising the chances of injury caused to the operator. Long-term usage and repetitive actions to resist the castors might contribute unfortunately towards strain injuries. You can collect more information about the variety of castor wheels that are available, once you visit the website.  

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