What Are The Different Types Of plastic Pipes?

PVC pipe gives excellent flexibility, some smooth surface, and non-toxic properties. These PVC piping are used for some inert, grades which are used inside the food as well as chemical processing.

While home constructions the plumber contractors use different types of plastic piping elements for different applications, including waste drainage, fresh water supply, gas pipes, irrigation and other for home appliances. But you don't have any idea regarding these pipes for what that particular pipes will be utilised and under which application that will be used will depend on the specific age of the plumbing system. In earlier days the plumber used to use the iron as well as galvanized iron pipes, but now the current home constructions they are using most of the plastic pipes which are available in different types that applied almost exclusively at affordable cost .

Why are they using these plastic pipes? They are lightweight, durable, flexible and versatile. All these products are produced with plastics as well as composite materials which are utilized in several ways in the same applications in traditional metal as well as ceramic piping. This plastic pipe allows significant savings under both weights as well as installation, but. Plastic piping appears with the solid wall as well as corrugated configurations also are accessible in a kind of common applications.


Applications for plastic pipe include:

  • chemical fluid handling

  •  fire water sprinklers

  • natural gas distribution

  • floor heating systems

  • potable water distribution


Some of the plastic pipes which are used for drainage, plumbing and wastewater applications; and while culvert pipes as well as DWV pipes to vent, waste, and drain applications. Plastic pipes manufacturers provides several types of plastics pipes there are:


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes:

These are utilised in different kinds of purposes such as health care, building and construction, automobile, electronics and other divisions, in products varying from piping as well as blood bags, siding and tubing, also in cable and wire insulation, windshield method components and other more.


Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC):

It is one which thermoplastic which is produced through PVC paste, which is more flexible also it can endure higher temperatures while compared to standard PVC. In these preparations, they combine hot as well as cold water distribution pipes, including liquid industrial approach.


High-density polyethene (HDPE):

These plastic pipes are used in petroleum denoting substances as well as other various purposes. If you notice the plastic under with the help of a specific microscope, you can recognise one of the large structures, including several branches reaching through its optimal density ratio. Often the result of molecular makeup, that polymer glows brightest in forms where moisture resistance, as well as cost-effectiveness, are required.


Low-density polyethylene (LDPE):

Mostly these types of plastic pipes are used in the manufacturing the wash bottles, tubing, plastic components for computer, dispensing bottles, containers, and several moulded laboratory devices. They are used more commonly for the preparation of plastic bags. Also, other products are made up of this LDPE that includes in Trays and as well as general-purpose containers.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS):

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, widely used for the purpose of auto parts, electronic housings, pipe fittings, consumer products, lego toys and several others. 


PVC pipe gives excellent flexibility, some smooth surface, and non-toxic properties. These PVC piping are used for some inert, grades which are used inside the food as well as chemical processing. And CPVC pipe gives several advantages, and it works as PVC. However, it typically carries more leading temperature degrees. HDPE pipe gives good temperature stability and that utilised in drainage arrangements and systems. The LDPE pipe are utilised in drainage operations and industrial process elements, laboratories, including sprinkler as well as drip irrigation methods. Pipes and fittings manufacturers are provides all these products to utilize in several ways and fields.

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