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What are the Treatments For Spider Veins on the Face and Legs?

Spider veins are small, thin wavy veins that can be different in color and found just under the surface of your skin. As the name suggests, spider veins remind us of spider webs due to their structure. It can be formed in the leg, face, and hand.  To know more about spider veins in detail, you can contact the doctor at vein treatment NJ.


When damaged valves inside feeder veins let the blood flow backward instead of upwards toward the heart, you suffer from spider veins. Some of these unhealthy valves may stop functioning due to blocked-up blood and appear just below the skin surface. If you are wishing to eliminate them, consult the doctors at vein center NJ


According to the experts at vein centers NJ, people over age fifty are suffering from spider veins that are actually stretched blood vessels that can be seen through the skin of the leg or face. Especially on the face, they are the most visible on the cheeks and around the nose. Mostly they are formed in women due to the prevalence of the female hormone, estrogen.

Thread veins start appearing between the ages of thirty to sixty. Rarely, it can be seen in teens.


Fortunately, there are several options that exist to treat diseased veins. It is known as telangiectasia or sunburst varicosities in medical terms. Although they don’t harm you physically, they can be ugly in appearance affecting your overall look. If you have decided to remove them, visit a qualified vein specialist at spider vein treatment new jersey.


Varicose vein removal with sclerotherapy - CIME Clinic

Spider Vein Treatment near me new jersey:




To perform spider vein treatment, doctors will inject fluids with a solution to make vein walls stick together which will help improve blood circulation and prevent them from reoccurring.

After having the treatment, your legs will function normally with correct blood circulation as the treated veins will be absorbed by the body completely.


Pros: It's observed that the treatment results are fifty to ninety percent.


Cons: it is an effective treatment for enlarged veins formed in legs but not great for delicate parts of the body such as the face.


Laser Treatment:


This type of spider vein treatment near me includes strong bursts of light that are transmitted directly to the veins which fade away eventually.  It takes about two to five treatments to get them disappeared. One thing that you should know that the veins will appear larger and darker immediately after the treatment. This can be a correct choice for facial veins.


Pros: It is considered the most popular and best treatment nowadays.

Cons: If the technique is not done under the supervision of a vein specialist, you may experience burn scars.




This technique is effective in destroying veins by heating them using microwave technology.

Doctors use a fine needle over the veins to make them disappear instantly.


Pros: This treatment is not painful compared to other kinds of treatments and is useful to treat both veins either on the face or the legs.


Cons: If it is not performed properly, may cause scars.




Doctors use pulse light therapy to reduce skin melanin in your skin to fade the spider veins away forever. You may experience redness on the skin for the short term. This treatment takes several sessions to disappear permanently.


Pros: this treatment is also effective for other skin problems, such as port-wine stains and rosacea.

Cons: is effective for the facial veins only.


You can go through the details of the treatments with your vein specialist to eliminate ugly thread veins.


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