What if you hold back urine for a long time, what would happen?

What if you hold back urine for a long time, what would happen?

Have you ever held urine for too long? Maybe when you were riding the bus and had no way to stop it.

Have you ever held urine for too long? Maybe when you were riding the bus and had no way to stop it.

Or when you were driving through Motorway?

Or maybe when you were watching a film in cinema and you felt people would be pissed off if you tried to go bathroom now!

Or maybe even you were sitting among guests on that daawat where you ate a lot of Biryani.
What’s common in all above scenarios? You holding back your urine.

What’s wrong with that, you say?

Don’t do it. It’s dangerous.

Why, you say?

Short answer is: it’s unhealthy and can cause a lot of damage to your body and health.

Long answer: Continue to read below.

Before we talk about what will happen, let's pause for just a second. If you or your loved is suffering from any urinary-related problem, then you'll probably find great help in directly to a urologist.

Let’s continue.


If you hold urine for long time or regularly ignore urinating, you might start feeling pain in the bladder or kidneys. Even when you urinate, the experience of urinating may also come as not easily but painful. Visit Marham to find the best possible solution.

Holding urine back regularly or for too long can lead to clenching of muscles even after the release of urine. This can lead to pelvic cramps.

Urinary tract infections

Holding urine for too long, sometimes, can encourage bacterial growth. It means a lot of bacterial will grow in urinary tract leading to urinary tract infections (UTI).

You should avoid holding back urine, especially if you have been infected in the past (history of urinary tract infections). Also, people who don’t drink enough water or liquids have more chances of infections because then your body doesn’t feel the need to urinate often. This may allow bacteria to spread through urinary tract and cause infection.

Some of symptoms urinary infections include: burning/stinging sensation during urination, pain in the pelvis or lower abdomen (tummy), foul-smelling urine, cloudy urine, dark urine.

Bladder Stretching

In the long term, if you regularly hold urine back, it can cause the bladder to stretch making it difficult or impossible for it to contract and release urine. This simply means you’ll have a lot of difficulty releasing urine and you would need to see a doctor, preferably a urologist.

Pelvic floor muscles’ damage

Hold back urine a lot of times can harm pelvic floor muscles. If the muscle that keeps the urine from leaking is damaged, it leads to urinary incontinence. This means you’ll experience leakage of urine and find it difficult to hold urine back.

However,if you experience muscle damage, you can do Kegel exercises to help strengthen these muscles and prevent leakage or repair muscle loss.

Kidney stones

Holding back urine can lead to kidney stones if you have a history of kidney stones. Even people who have high mineral content (urine often contains minerals such as uric acid and calcium oxalate) can develop kidney stones if they hold back urine regularly.

Can bladder burst?

A common misconception in people’s mind is if you hold back urine for too long, your bladder will burst. Although this is rare, but it can happen.

Usually, if you hold back urine too long, then bladder will release the urine causing accidental urination which might be embarrassing.

So next time you feel like urinating, go to the bathroom immediately, don’t hold back. An act of self care is an act toward a better life.

If you or your loved one is facing any problem while urinating or maybe you/your loved is experiencing unusual urine color. You should talk to urologist. Have a video consultation or appointment with the best urologist (skin specialist) in your city.

In these busy times, we have so much cognitive load.

Our jobs, kids, families, friends, so many things are calling our attention.

And among these things is also our body. And often we don’t listen to it.

But if you stop listening to body, your whole life will shut down. Don’t let that happen. Do a small act of care for your body when you feel like urinating next time.

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